Here is a MapPoint screenshot gallery with works contributed by you, our readers. Also see a MapPoint 2000 gallery.

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Lucassen Consulting Logistics Map
Paul Lucassen submitted this map which shows locations, clusters created by MPCluster, drivetime zones generated by MapPoint, and warehouse depots.
Where should I open my next restaurant?
CoverPoint MapPoint Training poses the scenario: "Business is doing well and the time has come to open another restaurant."
World View of Global Gaming Almanac
This screenshot is from the .ptm distributed with the Global Gaming Almanac.
Las Vegas Casinos Map
This map from the World Gaming Almanac shows casinos around the Las Vegas area.
Northeast U.S. Gaming Map
This map of the northeast U.S. and southeast Canada shows the different types and distribution of gaming establishments.
Internet Via Satellite in Africa
BusinessCom map showing Satellite Internet coverage in Central and Southern Africa
Real-time Gas Price and Station Location Map
This screenshot of an application which shows station locations and gas prices in real-time
Icon Collision Avoidance in MWS
Icon collision avoidance was recently added we a feature to the MapPoint Web Service.
PoleTrack Application Images
This submission by Dave Chaney includes three screenshots and illustrates many ways in which MapPoint can be used as a component in a complex business application.
Parkfield, CA Earthquake
On September 28, 2004 there was a magnitude 6.0 earthquake near Parkfield, CA. Over the next 26 hours the surrounding area experienced 554 additional earthquakes.
MSDN Web Application Development Series
This map depicts the locations and months of the free MSDN training seminars being offered around the country during the last three months of 2004.
Number of Days Working to Pay U.S. Federal Income Taxes
This maps of the U.S. states is shaded by the average number of days residents must work to pay federal income taxes
Locations of MP2Kmag Forum Participants
This map depicts the locations of the last 50 people who registered in the MP2K Magazine forums and filled in that bit of optional information
New Zealand LOTR Map
This screenshot show filming locations for Lord of The Rings around New Zealand
OSGB Grid Accuracy in MapPoint 2004
MapPoint 2004 improves the accuracy of OSGB grid reference locations
Radii Around Charlotte, NC
This is a demonstration of the radii drawing capability of MapPoint 2004
Map of SARS in the United States
This map depicts suspected SARS cases in the U.S. using data from the CDC
Chicago Sister Cities
World-wide map of Chicago's sister cities and source data
Pocket Real Estate Mapping
This image shows a Pocket Real Estate property detail and the associated Pocket Streets map.
Parallels and Meridians Display in MapPoint 2002
A COM add-in that displays parallels and meridians, with 15 degree separation, on any MapPoint 2002 map.
Coverage of Sweden
MapPoint 2003 may add additional data for Sweden
Info Touch Display Panel
This image is a snapshot of the shows the Info Touch kiosk screen
Orlando, Florida Population Growth
This maps shows population growth in Orlando, Florida
Population Growth and Traffic in Indianapolis, Indiana
This map shows population growth and traffic counts in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Tornado Severity in Northern Alabama
This map depicts tornado occurences in Northern Alabama
ChessBase Users
This map shows the distribution of ChessBase users over the past three months.
European Common Currency
This map shows the countries participating in the adoption of the European common currency
Homicides in the East Bay Area
This map shows average household income and homicides by census tract
Auto Thefts and Recoveries
This map is a fictional depiction of auto thefts and recoveries using a MapPoint application
Population Growth
This map shows mean income by postcode sector along with circles depicting estimated % population growth by 2011
Mean Income By Postcode Sector
Map of the UK showing mean income distribution
Comparison Goods Spending by Shopping Center
Another map from CACI UK
Ratio of Average House Price to Income
Again a map of the UK, this one displaying relative residential real estate costs
Median Income
This map displays median income by postcode area in the UK
Annual Leisure Spending Per Household
This is a map of showing household leisure spending across the UK
District of Greenwich: Annual Household Income
This is a map of mean annual household income for the postcode sectors which approximate to the local authority District of Greenwich.