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 Monday, March 22, 2004 What's New at MP2K Magazine 
The big news: the MapPoint Location Server (MLS) was announced this morning at the CTIA Wireless 2004 in Atlanta and a special workshop for MLS will be held on Tuesday during the Microsoft Mobile DevCon at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco. In a special issue later this week we will cover the new product including a description of the service and usage scenarios, in the meantime check the web site.

Also announced today, the MapPoint Web Service is now available for one year to all MSDN subscribers, both for development and commercial use. The number of transactions is limited to 50,000 or about $800 worth.

Here on MP2Kmag we've continued to make some additional enhancements to the web site, the latest forum topics are now visible throughout the magazine in the upper right side and the number of forum areas has been reduced making navigation easier. A milestone was reached this past month as the 1,000 user registered in the forums.

In this issue, we talk to Joe Francica regarding the upcoming Location Technology and Business Intelligence conference and publish an interview with Steve Lombardi regarding the MapPoint Location Server.

Also in this issue Richard Marsden shows how to control MapPoint from C++ using ATL/WTL – i.e. without relying on MFC. A round-up of MapPoint and technology news and discussion forum topics complete this month's newsletter.

Eric Frost
Editor, MP2K Magazine
An Executive Symposium About
Expanding the Role of Location Technology in Business

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
May 10-11, 2004

The Wharton School and Directions Magazine invite you to attend an executive symposium convened to discuss the applications of location technology and business intelligence. The conference will feature a single track with panelists from both industry and the technology community to focus on the competitive advantages afforded by location-based intelligence and geographic information.


Location Technology and Business Intelligence Conference
March 17, 2004

Joe FrancicaWe recently asked Joe Francica of Directions Magazine some questions regarding the upcoming Location Technology and Business Intelligence Conference. Here is an excerpt.

MP2Kmag: As Direction's first conference, what challenges do you face?

JRF: The challenge is to gain immediate credibility with sponsors. This is often a Catch 22 situation since the conference has never before been held. So, we demonstrated by way of a unique statement of goals and objectives, plus some personal selling, and an unusual perspective on how topics should be presented in each plenary that this conference would be different. The format is somewhat different as well with speakers giving case studies, and then having technology providers respond with a panel discussion. Then, we had to sell attendees to invest time and money into coming. The results will not be known until May 10th. But the combination of companies from GIS, location determination technology, and business intelligence, who are sponsors, plus those companies who signed on to present case studies, makes this a truly worthwhile event. All you have to do is look at the agenda.
MP2Kmag: Do you see this as the successor to the Business Geographics conference?

JRF: Maybe. But we're in a different point on the technology adoption curve. That's what makes it different. Back in 1993 when the Business Geographics conference started, it was a milestone event. Software companies finally met demographic and geographic data providers and the next few years after that experienced a boom in the market. The same is true now as we enter a new era where companies are looking to leverage location technology in many different facets of their business to gain market intelligence and thus a strategic advantage. We're in a global economy and companies need a global perspective: international data, mobile workforces, enterprise interoperability across IT platforms and applications. Location is a major component of a company's assets; they need to start leveraging the assets better. That's where this conference will be focusing its attention. The CIO needs to be more aware of how location technology can be useful within major enterprise applications. We think this forum presents an opportunity for that discussion to take place.

One Thousandth User Registers in MP2Kmag Forums
March 2, 2004

Mark LaCore of the Voyageur Bus Company became the 1,000th user to register in the MP2Kmag Discussion Forums this past month. I asked Mark how he uses MapPoint and if he could share his experiences.

"That would be fine with me, but the truth is I don't yet use MapPoint! It's on order and I just checked online to find that it should be here today. I have been on the MP2Kmag site frequently to research mapping programs, and registered on the forum to better research some questions I have.

Minnesota Coaches, Inc."I work for a bus contractor in Duluth, MN called Voyageur Bus Company, part of Minnesota Coaches, Inc. Most of the routes that we operate are managed by the school districts we service, using either Edulog or Versatrans routing software. However, there are 3 area charter schools and a Day Activity Center for handicapped adults, with about 800 students/clients altogether, for which we are responsible for all routing. Those routes have been handled using an absolute bare minimum of computer technology, and I have now been assigned the job of modernizing our systems for managing them. We do not need, nor can we afford, a full-scale routing program. After researching our options, I concluded that Access together with MapPoint, was our best bet for managing our student/client, stop, and route information. We also operate a motorcoach service that runs nationwide, so MapPoint will fit into that operation eventually, as well.

"For nine years - until January of 2003 - I worked as the transportation director for one of those local school districts, where I implemented and managed Edulog. It was time to get out of that line of work, so I quit to begin my own business designing web sites, newsletters, and such. I'm back in transportation with Voyageur only part-time to give me a steady paycheck. I have considerable experience creating school bus routes via computer, having also put Edulog into service in a school district in Colorado. Using Access and MapPoint will be a new experience for me, but it appears to be the best fit for our purposes at this time. The boss has been good, buying me a brand-new machine to do this on, and I'm looking forward to the task ahead."

If you see Mark in the forums, say hello!


Interview with Steve Lombardi Steve Lombardi
by Jacek Rutkowski, February 24, 2004 Could you introduce yourself?

Steve Lombardi: I work for MapPoint group, my title is "technical evangelist", my name is Steve Lombardi and I cover all the mapping products: Pocket Streets, MapPoint Web Service, and the new MapPoint Location Server. You cover all geographical.. maps?

Steve Lombardi: Yes, anything mapping related I cover... so what we wanted to talk to you about today primarily was the Location Server - the new product for getting real time location from operator networks.

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Calling MapPoint From C++ Without the MFC Safety NetCalling MapPoint From C++

by Richard Marsden, March 6, 2004

Richard Marsden of Winwaed Software Technology shows you how to access the MapPoint COM interface from C++ without using MFC. The code has been tested with Visual C++, Intel C++ Compiler, and C++Builder.

If you wish to use MapPoint’s COM interface from C++, then you will quickly find that documentation and tutorials are virtually non-existent. The few examples that do exist use a handful of COM functions and classes from MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes); but many Win32 C++ programmers use non-Microsoft compilers and development environments. Also, many of those who do use such environments are moving away from MFC.

MFC was great when it appeared about ten years ago, but now it is a proverbial dinosaur: old and lumbering. Standard libraries such as the STL have superseded much of the MFC. For a while now, MFC has only really been necessary for its object oriented GUI interface. With the advent of the much smaller WTL (Windows Template Library), we can finally say goodbye to MFC.

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MapPoint News

Microsoft Mobile DevCon 2004: March 23-27
DevCon will be held next week in San Francico at the Moscone Center West where the MapPoint Location Server (MLS) will be introduced.

Map-In-A-Box 2.0 Brings Affordable Routing and Proximity Analysis to MapInfo Professional
Mapping Solutions LLC announced the release of version 2.0 of its flagship product, Map-In-A-Box for MapInfo Professional. This new release includes street-level routing and proximity analysis harnessing the Microsoft MapPoint routing engine.

SMARTLocator - BETA 2
"SMARTLocator is the world's first Location Based Application for the Microsoft SmartPhone platform. It enables you to find out your location anywhere in the UK, providing detailed zoomable maps. You can also locate your 'Buddys' too - as well as view 'My Nearest' points of interest - all without the expense of a GPS."

Apptera Deploys Packaged Speech Application for Leading U.S. Bank
Apptera announced that its voice-driven ATM/branch locator application has been deployed this month by one of the largest U.S. banks. This deployment of Apptera Locator utilizes Microsoft MapPoint Web Service location technology and runs on a voice self-service platform from Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories.

Microsoft MapPoint Looking for Pricing Advice
Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO of O'Reilly & Associates, comments on the MapPoint Web Service, "After giving up on seeing location-related web services from AOL/MapQuest (I started nagging them years ago), I've switched my evangelism to Microsoft, who at least understands that location-based services are one of the great next generation platform opportunities."

Microsoft Steps up Auto Software Push
From the Detroit Free Press"A voice command can open another connection that goes to Microsoft's MapPoint or MSN Autos Web sites for navigation information. A global-positioning satellite navigation system on the vehicle establishes the vehicle's exact location and then displays live traffic conditions for the route being traveled or a list of, say, the closest Chinese restaurant or the gas station with the cheapest pump price."

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Microsoft and Technology News

Microsoft To Unveil Preview 2 Of Visual Studio 2005 Next Week
From CRN – "At VSLive next week, Microsoft will release Preview 2, or the second alpha version of the Visual Studio 2005, code-named Whidbey. While Microsoft acknowledged that the release date for the newly named Visual Studio 2005 has slipped until early next year, the software giant also is readying the first beta of Visual Studio 2005 for release at Tech Ed 2004 in May."

Wi-Fi's Big Brother: The Future of Mobile Technology?
From the Economist – "Is WiMax a promising new wireless technology, or just a load of hot air? This week investors pumped $20m into Aperto Networks of Milpitas, California, one of several firms planning to launch WiMax products this year. Heavyweights such as Intel, Nokia and AT&T are lining up behind the standard. Sean Maloney, the head of Intel's telecoms division, says it will put “the next 5 billion users” on the internet."

EU, Microsoft Wrangle as March 24 Deadline Nears
From Reuters – "Microsoft neared the end of intensive talks to try to settle a landmark EU antitrust suit that hinges on whether it is willing to make binding, broad commitments to change the way it does business in Europe."
MapLinx Pro
MapLinX Pro: The Ultimate Database Tool
for Microsoft MapPoint!

MapLinX Pro is a full-fledged add-on query tool that is seamlessly integrated with MapPoint. This scalable solution is designed to meet the needs of any sized business, whether you are a single proprietary user or part of a large-scale global enterprise it can help you provide extensive business intelligence capabilities including the ability to geocode, query, map and analyze corporate information upon virtual maps with minimum effort. Read more


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