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 Wednesday - December 21, 2005
What's New at MP2K Magazine 
Windows Live LocalWelcome to another edition of the MP2Kmag Update. At the top of the news -- MSN Virtual Earth has been re-launched as Windows Live Local powered by Virtual Earth beta ( and a number of new important features have been added such as Bird's Eye view imagery from Pictometry for 11 cities. Also, the first ever book dedicated to MapPoint programming has just been published (we received our boxes last Friday!) and is now shipping.

MP2K Magazine is your source for independent news and information about MapPoint technologies and products and is home to the popular web forum for MapPoint users and developers. In this issue we feature another installment of the Developing with MapPoint and Excel mini-tutorial and pleased to announce our own Virtual Earth (VE) Mashup which is a webmaster tool for depicting the physical locations of web site visitors. It is extremely easy to install and requires only a single line of html code to be pasted into the web site's layout. There are two articles, one about the new features in Streets & Trips 2006 (hint: could this be indicative of new features in the next version of MapPoint?) and a brief article about how to get started with the Virtual Earth control.

This Issue's Contents at a Glance
 - features: Windows Live Local, MapPoint / Excel Tutorial - Drawing Drivetime Zones, "Map Visitors" Webmaster Tool / Mashup
 - articles: What's New in Streets & Trips 2006, Getting Started with the Virtual Earth Control
 - news: Windows Live Local powered by Virtual Earth beta, TourSolver 3 Released, GPS Magic, GEOTAB Checkmate Version 5.0, CARTASITE Teams With Siemens
 - forum: Forum Highlights, Almost 12,500 posts and Over 2,450 Registered Users

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Eric Frost, Editor
Programming MapPoint in .NET

Programming MapPoint in .NET
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Bird's Eye ViewWindows Live Local

Windows Live Local powered by Virtual Earth beta (previously named MSN Virtual Earth beta) has been launched. Several new features are included in this release.

Although, MSN previously announced it’s partnership with Pictometry to bring bird’s eye view imagery to the service in July 2005—they are finally delivering on that promise. The new version of Windows Live Local combines this unique bird’s eye imagery for over 11 US cities with advanced driving directions, Yellow Pages, PushPins, and other local search tools. The features give users useful new ways to map and find directions to various locations and better visualize their surroundings from multiple aerial vantage points and help people to answer the question “What’s it like there?”

What new features are in Windows Live Local?
 · Bird’s Eye: This feature allows users to change to bird’s eye (45 degree) map view.
 · Directions: This feature provides turn by turn directions with route highlights and maneuvers integrated into the map. To and from directions can be created by clicking anywhere on the map, or by traditional methods such as search results and entering and address. Printing option and view directions are also available on the Arial view.
 · Add Pushpin: This feature allows the user to add custom pushpins to the map, Scratchpad and directions. For example, to label your house, “My House, Party starts at 7pm.”
 · Zoom to Street, City, Region level, or center map: This new option allows you to right click on the map and select quick zoom options to the regional, city, or even street level.  Also, allows you center the map on a pinpoint you choose.

What are other notable features?

 · Scratch Pad: The Scratch Pad allows users to select specific search results and create a list of those results, which can be saved, e-mailed or shared with others. The Scratch Pad will enable users to create itineraries, plan activities, and store favorite places and locations. Now customers are able to add more items to the Scratch Pad before it reaches it maximum limit.
 · Multiple searches: Users can conduct multiple local searches and have all the relevant information show up on the map together.
 · Auto-Refreshed Search Results: As users move around the map, the search results refresh dynamically to give them the most relevant information that pertains to the selected map view. 

Drivetime ZonesDeveloping With MapPoint and Excel, Part IV - Drawing Drivetime Zones

This is the fourth installment of an ongoing series on developing with MapPoint and Excel. In this examples we extend previous examples to show how more complicated objects can be depicted using data from an Excel sheet.

First, download this spreadsheet - After unzipping and opening the spreadsheet you will see some columns of data and a large button. The "Draw Drivetime Zones" button will trigger some code that will draw a set of nine drivetime zones using the data in the first six columns. The script expects an address, city, state, zip in columns A-D and the script reads the time from column E and the color used for the fill of drivetime polygon in the last column.

Now take a look at the code. If you need a refresher or are just joining this set of tutorials, take a look back at Getting StartedMapping an Address, and Distance Between Zip Codes. The complete set of code is copied below --

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

  Set oApp = CreateObject("MapPoint.Application.NA.11")
  oApp.Visible = True
  Set objMap = oApp.NewMap
  'start reading on row 2 of spreadsheet
  nReadRow = 2
  nShapeIndex = 1
  'test to see if there is an address in column 1 (A) for the current row
  Do While Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(nReadRow, 1) <> ""
    szAddress = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(nReadRow, 1)
    szCity = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(nReadRow, 2)
    szState = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(nReadRow, 3)
    szZip = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(nReadRow, 4)
    fDriveTime = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(nReadRow, 5)
    nColor = AssignColor(Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(nReadRow, 6))
    Set objLoc = objMap.FindAddressResults( _
      szAddress, szCity, szState, szZip)(1)
    objMap.AddPushpin objLoc, _
      Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(2, 1)

    objMap.Shapes.AddDrivetimeZone objLoc, fDriveTime * geoOneMinute
    objMap.Shapes.Item(nShapeIndex).Fill.Visible = True
    objMap.Shapes.Item(nShapeIndex).ZOrder (geoSendBehindRoads)
    objMap.Shapes.Item(nShapeIndex).Fill.ForeColor = nColor
    objMap.Shapes.Item(nShapeIndex).Line.ForeColor = vbBlack
    objMap.Shapes.Item(nShapeIndex).Line.Weight = 1
    nShapeIndex = nShapeIndex + 1
    nReadRow = nReadRow + 1
End Sub

Although only sparsely documented, the code should be fairly self-explanatory. If you have any questions, suggestions, or enhancements you would like to share such as a C# or Delphi port of the code, please post in the MapPoint / Excel discussion thread. Keep an eye out for a continuation of this series in future issues.

"Map Visitors" Virtual Earth Webmaster Tool / Mashup

MP2Kmag is now hosting a Free tool for webmasters to depict the physical locations of web site visitors. The tool works by reading the referrer and host header fields and writes to a database. The tool is still very much in development. Additional features to be added soon include incorporation of an additional geodatabase for lat/lon lookups, ability to use custom graphics, improving the layout and look of the map, and more -- send us your feature requests. This is the html code to paste into your web site layout --

<a href=''><img src='' alt='Map Visitors' style='border:0'></a>

If you would like a custom graphic that uses a different button or image that better fits into your web site design, send it to me and I will get it ready right away and provide you with the new html code. Inquire about a custom implementation of this tool for your web site.

Large MapPoint MugGet Published in MP2K Magazine

If you have a MapPoint presentation, neat programming technique, or would simply like to share the ways in which you are using MapPoint technology or any other ideas, contact us to discuss how we can turn your knowledge into an article and share your experience with the rest of the MapPoint community of users and developers.

Writers often plug their consulting service or other business interest through their bio which appears at the bottom of the article. Others do it for the Large MapPoint Mug (see right!). Whatever the reason, it is rewarding to share and take credit for the knowledge you share with the rest of the community.


SpatialPointMake MapPoint Work Harder for You

Extend MapPoint’s functionality. Add new data layers and menu items. Get expert technical assistance and training. Develop more robust applications. SpatialPoint is staffed with MapPoint and spatial technology experts. We’ve built our business helping customers make the most of MapPoint platforms. From MapPoint 2004 to MapPoint Web Service, from locator applications to decision-support, we’re your source for all matters MapPoint.

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Streets and Trips 2006 What's New in Streets and Trips 2006

Marvin Hlavac shares a summary of the useful new features and highlights of the consumer product Streets and Trips 2006 including GPS navigation features, Virtual Earth integration and the new Night View.

"Voice direction prompts feature has been added, making the product easier to use for in-car GPS navigation. My wish for the next version of S&T would be pre-recorded real human voice (as used by most leading navigation products manufacturers). Here is a sample of how S&T 06 sounds now: MP3 format or WMA format and compare it to iGuidance navigation software for PC and PPC by iNav Corporation: MP3 format or WMA format.

GPS Task pane, which was first introduced last year in Streets & Trips 2005, now has added functionality. "

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Virtual Earth Getting Started with the Virtual Earth Map Control

Eric shares a very bare-bones example of adding the Virtual Earth control to a web page leaving it to the reader who can hack away with Javascript and html to create a more fully-fledged implementation.

"Although I consider myself multi-lingual professional programmer, I must admit that when it comes to web development, there are some gaping holes in my reportoire including Java, consumption of web services in general, and notably for the experiment to be outlined here -- Javascript. Nonetheless, as any programmer can probably relate, picking up a new computer language is much easier than learning a new spoken language i.e. more like picking up a new Cannondale mountain bike (e.g. .NET) having mastered bike riding on a single-speed Huffy (C64 BASIC) as a kid.

So what is this I am talking about? Microsoft has made available a Javascript API or interface for manipulating their new Virtual Earth service which includes vector map data and aerial photographs along with many other neat features including "Locate Me" using a database of Wi-fi MAC addresses and the incredibly useful Scratchpad. As we announced many months ago, Bill Gates reviewed the proposal for Virtual Earth during his most recent Think Week and fast-tracked the project."
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Virtual Earth and Windows Live Local News

Windows Live Local Announced
The new version of Virtual Earth was announced and has taken the Live moniker in line with several other products announced recently. Virtual Earth is now the preferred platform name and will power the MapPoint Web Service and a future mobile product code-named Caravel.

Windows Live Local Launched
The latest incarnation of the "Virtual Earth" product project launched earlier this year is now live with detailed aerial imagery and has been dubbed Windows Live Local powered by Virtual Earth beta. "Eagle Eye" imagery, driving directions, and user pushpins are all features in the new release.

Windows Live Local SDK
This software development kit (SDK) provides programming references and how-to topics for getting started with the standard map control for Virtual Earth™. You can use this control to build your own Web sites that use Virtual Earth maps..

MSNBC KatrinaVirtual Earth Application on MSNBC Shows Katrina Devastation
A new MSNBC feature shows Katrina hurricane damage using MSN Virtual Earth. Aerial photos from helicopters depict before and after pictures of large swaths of the affected area.

Microsoft Gives Local Search a New View
From IDG News Service - "Microsoft Corp. has added an enhanced satellite view along with other new user features to its local search product, which was rebranded this week from Virtual Earth to Windows Live Local."

Windows Live Local Goes Aerial
From Microsoft Watch - "Microsoft is making available a beta version of Windows Live Local, an online map searching tool developed on the heels of the Virtual Earth platform."

Microsoft Offers New Window to the World
From The Seattle Times - "A few months ago, the pilot of a small Cessna flew low in the skies over Seattle, taking pictures from 3,000 feet. The images were detailed enough to show people on tennis courts and the colors of cars on the street. Starting today, those images — and others collected from a dozen or so other cities — will be available on a new online search and mapping service from Microsoft."

Microsoft Launches Mapping Beta
From ZDNet - "Windows Live Local offers a 45° birds-eye view and a range of viewing angles, but currently only covers parts of the US. Microsoft on Thursday will unveil a beta version of Windows Live Local, which is based on its Virtual Earth aerial image application and integrates local search, mapping, driving directions and yellow pages with a bird's-eye view of major US cities."

Virtual Earth Competition Results
From ViaVirtualEarth -"The winner was the MapStats application. MapStats is a counter which visualizes the visitors of a website. The red squares indicate where visitors came from. The less opaque they are, the less visitors came from that location. We received many great apps that made judging hard, and among these CREMaps and Zoom To Hotels were especially notable."

Microsoft Offers Range Of Programs That Run Off Web, Not Hard Disk
From The Wall Street Journal -" This is a local search and mapping service, complete with aerial photos of cities and towns. Built on an earlier Microsoft project called Virtual Earth, it's intended to compete with the local search and mapping features of Google and Yahoo."

MapPoint and Technology News

Magellan Ingénierie’s TourSolver Keeps Vehicles on Track
Magellan Ingénierie of France, a specialist in fleet-management technology, has launched a new version of its multi-vehicle scheduling and route optimization software – TourSolver 3. Using TourSolver to plan vehicle routes can save businesses up to 40% of their total logistics costs, providing an affordable and simple solution to complex problems.

Circulation Tacticians Shows Potential Newspaper Subscribers
Circulation Tactician excels because it merges a newspaper’s existing circulation data with Experían’s INSOURCE™ database of over 120 million U.S. Households and delivers it on Simmons software including Microsoft’s MapPoint.

Reduce Logisitics Costs with TourSolver 3 for MapPoint
With an array of new constraints in version 3, TourSolver manages over 60 total for handling even the most complex scheduling problems. New constraints include: enhanced management of delivery days and time slots, frequency of visits, distinct places of departure and arrival, variable mileage costs, new legal constraints, and speed weighting. In a few clicks, TourSolver calculates cost-effective routes for an entire fleet, taking all the variables into account.

MapPoint Project Guides Posted on Microsoft Partner Program Site
The projects in this category provide your business with the opportunity to deliver location-based solutions using MapPoint, the MapPoint Web Service, and the MapPoint Location Server. Projects include: "Building a Store Locator with MapPoint Web Service", "Building a Tracking and Dispatch Solution with Microsoft MapPoint Location Server", and "Fleet Analysis with Microsoft MapPoint 2004".

MapPoint B2B Launched
MapPoint B2B is a blog that focuses on MapPoint's Business to Business customers and how Microsoft mapping products can be used in different enterprise scenarios. One of its recent entries describes how to integrate MSN Virtual Earth and MapPoint Web Service.

GPS Magic Plus Gets New Features
"The ultimate software add-on for Microsoft MapPoint 2002 onwards just some of the features are: audible and visual warnings on route of junctions roundabouts & over 35,500 traffic cameras in the U.K."

GEOTAB Checkmate Version 5.0 Available for Download
CHECKMATE 5 is an off-the-shelf, fully featured software package for small through large business: All-in-one compatibility for Geotab GO Key, Radio Wireless, NEW Live cellular AVL and NEW GPS2go Mobile.

Programming MapPoint .NET Support Site Launched
"On this site, you can find resources that compliment the book's contents, such as sample code, tips & tricks and latest product information; in any case if you can't find the information you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact me via email."

Microsoft, 7-Eleven, and JC Penney Award Scholarships
Participating students will each receive their own copy of Microsoft MapPoint 2004, an application that allows users to visualize trends and opportunities by combining maps, valuable demographics and their own business data. Simmons will also provide students with SimmonsLOCAL, a software program that allows affordable access to detailed information about local consumers including their purchasing habits, lifestyles and psychographics.

Web Site Visitor Mapping App Using Virtual Earth (beta)
Virtual Earth (VE) Mashup is webmaster tool for viewing realtime locations of web site visitors.

Trimble Navigator Sample Provides Mobile Workers with LBS
Trimble and Connected Innovation LLC have worked together to develop Trimble® Navigator Sample Application software that provides mobile workers with in-field access to the real-time maps and driving directions capabilities of the Microsoft MapPoint Web Service.

Pharos Supplies Microsoft GPS for AutoRoute 2006
Pharos Science and Applications Inc. has announced their supply agreement with Microsoft. Pharos will supply an advanced highly sensitive SiRFXTrac powered GPS receiver to be combined with the latest version of Microsoft's AutoRoute 2006 with GPS Locator.

Maximizer Software Delivers Feature-Rich Release
Maximizer Enterprise 9 includes improved Integration with Microsoft Office: instant export of data to Excel®; improved integration with Word; access to MapPoint® directly from the address book for global maps and directions.

Mobile Tech Pilot Delivers Exceptional Customer Benefits
"We anticipate that the final product will include the most highly requested features, as well as some additional functionality we are considering such as location-aware capabilities and integration with Microsoft MapPoint®."

CARTASITE Teams with Siemens to Provide Telemetry Solutions
"To take a further leadership role in the emerging market for automated remote asset management, known as machine-to-machine (M2M) telemetry technology, Siemens and CARTASITE announced the intent to form a new strategic alliance that will combine CARTASITE’s remote asset management software and monitoring capabilities with the Siemens M2M One portfolio of wireless solutions."

MileCharter v1.4 Now Available on CD-ROM
MileCharter quickly and efficiently calculates mileage tables using Microsoft MapPoint. MileCharter can be quickly set with a few clicks to batch compute hundreds if not thousands of route calculations. Both distances and times can be calculated. All output is to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

HawkEye for MapPoint Now Supports Virtual Earth
"NEW! HawkEye now includes an option to use Virtual Earth for the Aerial views instead of Google Earth."

Adolys Provides New MapPoint Software (Freeware / Shareware)
GeOptim Marketing: full featured geomarketing tool. Create your own custom catchment areas (drawing, travel time or distance). Manage and analyze your data layers as you could with any Geographic Information System (GIS). Import data from Business Objects reports. Make any data or cartographic selection. Find the nearest points.

Web Mapping Services Expand
From Cape Cod Times - "Stephen Lawler, general manager of Microsoft's MapPoint unit, says users want to be able to ask a search engine not only to find places for them but also to provide a rich visual environment to explore on their own."

The Model of Mapping
From Mercury News - "...Meanwhile, MSN Virtual Earth from Microsoft was teaming with MSNBC to offer maps with before-and-after aerial images of the Gulf Coast clear enough to make out front porches and power lines. MapQuest had once offered satellite images, but scrapped them after executives deemed them fun but not that useful."

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Active forum participants are encouraged to claim your free copy of MP2Kmag's Guide to What's New in MapPoint 2004. Also, stay tuned as as plan another edition of the popular What's New Guide for the next version of MapPoint.

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