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 Monday - July 17, 2006
MapPoint 2006 Special Issue 
MapPoint 2006Welcome to a special edition of the MP2Kmag Update focusing on MapPoint 2006. The North American version was released several weeks ago and the European version is slated to come out in just a few weeks. Both versions of MapPoint 2006 include all new street and demographics data, a new map style for night-time driving, and a number of cool GPS features for navigation and driving. Check the features section for more details.

The North American version of MapPoint 2006 is widely available from retailers and some Microsoft MapPoint Partners. You can also purchase directly from our store or pre-order the European version using our secure order form.

Sometime later in August or September we are planning to publish another e-book "MP2Kmag's Guide to What's New in MapPoint 2006" covering both the North American and European versions. If you did not previously read it, take a look at the What's New Guide we published in 2003 for MapPoint 2004 - The new publication will be along these lines but we plan to go more in depth. For a limited time you can pre-order the guide for $8, after publication the price will go up to $15.

MP2K Magazine is your source for independent news and information about MapPoint technologies and products and is home to the popular web forum for MapPoint users and developers. In this issue we feature new articles from Mohanraj Annamalai and Richard Marsden. We also publish a map submitted by Coverpoint MapPoint training from their e-book series of 101 MapPoint usage scenarios for business.

This Issue's Contents at a Glance
 - features: New Features in MapPoint 2006, Coverpoint MapPoint Usage Scenarios, Write for MP2K Magazine
 - articles: Implementing Location-Based Functionalities with the MapPoint Web Service, Using MapPoint with Python Part II
 - news: MapPoint 2006 News Roundup, In the news: PinsToFile2006, Adolys, GridImp, SecuraCom, MapCruncher, WLL Outlook Plugin, MapLinXWeb GIS, Maps4MyApps, Zillow, and more
 - forum: Forum Highlights, Over 13,700 posts and more than 3,750 Registered Users, New Forum Address Coming - Bookmark!

Happy Mapping and please forward this newsletter to anyone who would be interested!

Eric Frost, Editor

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