MapForums Newsletter - June Recap
Learn More about MapPointThis edition of the newsletter includes summary of activity on MapForums during the month of June, 2008.

The biggest news is that MapPoint 2009 North America will be shipping this month and we have started to accept orders. MapPoint 2009 will include all new data (updated streets!) and whole new look to the interface.

More information and ordering page.

MapPoint 2009 Europe is expected to be available in about three months.

Also, after months of very little activity, the Introduce Yourself! section of the forum has suddenly become popular. If you haven't posted yet, drop by and tell us what mapping software you use and what you do with it.

Hurray!Lastly, Wilfried Mestdagh recently passed 2,000 posts on the forum in a thread aptly entitled "question" and is already up to 2,010 posts. Over the years he has literally helped hundreds if not thousands of MapPoint users and developers looking for help Help! and deserves tremendous thanks. Let's all drop by his profile and write him a visitor message ;-).

Happy Mapping!
MapForums Team

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Importing LatLongs and postcodes from excel
apgriffiths 07-01-2008
Side by Side comparison 2006 and 2009
jwellman 07-01-2008
Mappoint failed to load error..
kbtech 07-01-2008
Checking the vertex within the shape
lakshmi_tirumal 06-30-2008
Looking for help with using Virtual Earth for broadcasts
ballywiremedia 06-29-2008
Hi from a broadcaster in Ireland
ballywiremedia 06-28-2008
Bandwidth Exceeded
Eric Frost 06-28-2008
Hi... getting started
jonwhitelaw 06-28-2008
Mappoint 2006 US version
geordie809 06-28-2008
Dear Forum,
2MF1W 06-27-2008
Queryshape not returning all records 06-27-2008
Somebody Steal Your Blog?
dravid 06-27-2008
Viviana 06-26-2008
Batskitz 06-26-2008
United Kingdom addresses map to Lancashire 06-26-2008
Highlighting States by Region
Scott McKinney 06-25-2008
deleting shapes
bartj 06-25-2008
How to add Rail Lines
COPA 06-25-2008
Does MapPoint 2006 export Zip Codes to Excel (if territories are counties)?
SentryEquip 06-25-2008
Set Dataset pushpin before calling ImportData
tfmiltz 06-25-2008
Server busy exception
lakshmi_tirumal 06-25-2008
Find address given hotel name and city
jayati 06-24-2008
Getting House Number
lakshmi_tirumal 06-24-2008
daniel122 06-23-2008
Search Balloon Information
EJONES08 06-23-2008
Historic Weather Data
laoballer 06-23-2008
Old MP2004 User has Returned to the Fold
tmcmullin 06-23-2008
Real-time tracking
Eric Frost 06-23-2008
Hello members
Tolivier 06-22-2008
Introduction Mappoint 2006
Ytsje 06-21-2008
How many significant digits?
dharam 06-21-2008
construction info
andriy 06-20-2008
Turning the map monochrome
stuckinthemud 06-20-2008
MapPoint - Control how it matches a location
stuckinthemud 06-20-2008
Update MP 2004->2006 // Now Problems with VBA-Excel-Makros... 50miles/100miles...
Maik1976 06-19-2008
How To Include the Legend of MapPoint 2006 to Excel File
ZLL 06-18-2008
Navman Wireless Relies on the KORE Telematics Network to Power Its Fleet Management and Navigation Applications
RGC 06-18-2008
Maporama and MapPoint 06-18-2008
Employee Zip Code Map - Question
COPA 06-18-2008
New To the Forum
byronlynch 06-17-2008
City and county boundaries?
N0WRE 06-17-2008
mappoint 2006 help?
c2linguist 06-17-2008
ssalmon 06-17-2008
Display 3-digit zip code boundaries
juilianoj 06-17-2008
routing multiple vehicles
Buffy Hunt 06-17-2008
Shape Vertices slow on accessing large poly
tfmiltz 06-17-2008
How to connect the dots?
63expert 06-16-2008
Not Reading Addresses . . .
Bridget 06-16-2008
Closing Pushpin ballon
lakshmi_tirumal 06-16-2008
Postcodes from Multiple Radius
nick72blue 06-16-2008
Retrive dataRanges names after customize legend
rlisario 06-15-2008
New MapPoint User
ArmySyko 06-14-2008
Active X Control and the web
goldiep 06-13-2008
Mappoint Pushpin problem
benlaw81 06-12-2008
Map point and FEMA Floodmap FIRM data panels.
patplat 06-12-2008
Programmatically Importing ESRI Shape Files
NinadJog 06-12-2008
Give me reason to move to Mappoint from ESRI ArcIMS
haroonsiddiqi 06-12-2008
Route optimization
Lanzo 06-12-2008
I need help please
alsmo 06-11-2008
Create a URL to Live Search Maps without the Welcome Screen...
mapper99 06-11-2008
Add item to MapPoint right menu
tfmiltz 06-11-2008
Spatial Data Improt source no longer in MS download - anyone know where it is ?
tfmiltz 06-11-2008
Drawing ZIP level maps- Troubles
callnishant 06-11-2008
Excel to Mappoint Macro
Paddy1979 06-11-2008
shapes and pushpins
bartj 06-10-2008
Lost my GPS locator. Can I use Garmin 750 as a locator?
irmaries 06-10-2008
Is it possible?
scarlson1211 06-10-2008
Impossible Is Nothing.....
Displaying context menu on right click of pushpin
lakshmi_tirumal 06-09-2008
NAVTEQ Launches Enhanced Traffic Patterns
Eric Frost 06-09-2008
omit hidden rows
Erika 06-09-2008
New to MapPoint
JeffMc 06-09-2008
Network Modelling with MapPoint
John.Sewell 06-09-2008
Programming Question
ryehigh 06-09-2008
Mapping from a spreadsheet
amandolin 06-09-2008
Mappoint 2006 integration with web app
farcaster 06-09-2008
Sum Total by State
davidkralik 06-08-2008
Will MapPoint do this, that, and the other?
pngrata 06-05-2008
Copy Help 06-05-2008
May 2008 Microsoft Virtual Earth Newsletter
MapAdmin 06-05-2008
saibposervices 06-05-2008
Using MapPoint WebService in Mobile application
vimalaa 06-05-2008
avismap 06-04-2008
WPF and Mappoint Control
CSystem 06-04-2008
Can you display Data as Shaded Areas in MapPoint Web Services like you can in MP 2006
kiwibruce 06-04-2008
mark hornick 06-04-2008
"Excel Basics to Blackbelt": A Reference Text for MapPoint Integration
MapAdmin 06-04-2008
Excel Basics to Blackbelt: An Accelerated Guide to Decision Support Designs
Eric Frost 06-04-2008
Push Pin Lat & Long
marlin9199 06-04-2008
MapPoint vs ArcView ?
michaeljamesjohnston 06-03-2008
Pushpin issue
bartj 06-02-2008
Population by Zip Code
chiri 06-02-2008
Custom Point of Intrest
Don Burroughs 06-02-2008
[C#][MapPoint Automation] Z-Order problem
mshadow 06-02-2008
Integrating Excel into MP06
plscahill 06-01-2008

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