MapForums Newsletter - January/February, 2009 Recap
Learn More about MapPointThe MapPoint Team at Microsoft is beginning the planning phase for the next version of MapPoint.

For what I believe is the first time, they are conducting a public survey to solicit input and help them prioritize what new features or enhancements should be developed for the next version. Imagine, if enough people suggest it, you may finally be able to turn off all geographic labels (cities, states, etc.) by using a particular map setting (e.g. set Map Font to No Labels). I think there's a number of relatively easy things for them to enhance with the product, but you have to let them know! Click here to start the survey or see below for more details and information about the incentive!

Need more MapPoint licenses or have not upgraded yet? Both MapPoint 2009 North America and Europe are now shipping, see links below for purchase.

MapPoint 2009 North America $269 - Purchase with credit card via Paypal or Plimus

MapPoint 2009 Europe English $269 - Purchase with credit card via Paypal or Plimus

Get Both for $498 - Save $40! - Purchase with credit card via Paypal

Plimus also accepts orders by phone and other options. Orders include free USPS Priority shipping within the U.S., the MapPoint Power Tools spreadsheet, and a six month MapForums Plus membership which includes special recognition in the forum and access to many other valuable tools and downloads for MapPoint.

Have questions? Contact us at Other language versions (German, Spanish, Italian) available by request. Discounts available for multiple (5+) licenses. FedEx Overnight shipping within the U.S. available for an extra $25.

Microsoft MapPoint User Survey
Amazon Gift CertificatesDear Microsoft MapPoint User:
The MapPoint Team is conducting a short survey to learn more about your organization’s use of Microsoft MapPoint to support your mapping, routing and data analysis needs.
In exchange for your valuable time and feedback, we will include your name in a drawing for a chance to win one of 50 gift certificates valued at $25 each.  To start the survey, just click on the “Begin Survey” link below or paste the following link into your browser’s address field:  Please complete the survey by midnight EST, March 17, 2009.
Begin Survey
If there is another individual within your organization who is more qualified to answer this survey, please forward this email to them.
The MapPoint Team

Title: Posted By:  Date:
Route Planner / Nearby Locations
LochyHood 02-27-2009
How to find linked PushPin from Waypoints collection?
willemm 02-27-2009
MapPoint Survey - Help Shape the Next Release of MapPoint!
What's New on MP2Kmag 02-26-2009
What New Features or Changes Would You Like to See in the Next Release of MapPoint? - Three Week Survey Through March 17th!
Eric Frost 02-26-2009
how to manually calibrate a map???
oyeluckyoye 02-26-2009
Problems with trial version of Mappoint 2009
christy 02-26-2009
Issue using virtualearth webservice and mapPoint webservice together
thisisnikz 02-26-2009
Mapping Multiple Data Elements
lkh 02-26-2009
Logical Grouping of Regions
lekha.rajas 02-26-2009
Van der Grinten I projection, need help
Rutenis 02-26-2009
Can version used by be changed
stephenmillington 02-26-2009
Another supression of label question
Santa Monica Realtor 02-25-2009
Zip code -> State code
notaphilic 02-25-2009
Hi from California
signboard 02-25-2009
photo date
JonS 02-25-2009
Pushpins, imported from AutoRoute 2007
MapsUser 02-25-2009
Waypoints.Optimize() help
mic6399 02-25-2009
How to reference the Windows Handle of a MapPoint control in an Access Form?
Eric Frost 02-24-2009
Drive-time radius calculations between 2004 and 2006
Ripken 02-24-2009
Mappopint Online
merrows1 02-24-2009
Should be Simple C#
ocinfo 02-24-2009
access events of form in UserControl
vtelebyteM 02-24-2009
Open Pushpin popup from gridview
Vikas Aggarwal 02-24-2009
Silent installation of Mappoint NorthAmerica 2009
vishwanath_x 02-23-2009
Using zip code data, suppressing zip code labels?
Santa Monica Realtor 02-23-2009
Multiple routes, one dataset - need help!
parpaset 02-23-2009
XML File Of Search Results
Paranoid 02-23-2009
Virtual Earth - Development Platform Direction
tbehr 02-23-2009
Excel VBA function speed
spencerdavis 02-23-2009
Exporting a route from Mappoint 2009
johnnyhanley 02-23-2009
Displaying County Boundries
ddodski 02-23-2009
Pushpin problem
Mani 02-23-2009
Hyperlinks in Callout
Gopinath 02-23-2009
Registry Issues with MapPoint 2009
rshively 02-22-2009
Find all addresses(streets locations) against a UK Post Code?
aalian_noman 02-22-2009
Indicating major earthquake faults?
Santa Monica Realtor 02-21-2009
Single snapshot of weather data?
Santa Monica Realtor 02-21-2009
Embedding desktop MapPoint in a web page - how?
BlackCatBone 02-20-2009
can i utilize mappoint?
mppnt 02-20-2009 02-20-2009
Version 2004 and Newer
Carlos Burgos 02-20-2009
Some good web for you
lindisay 02-20-2009
Import Data to Mappoint dataset
Mani 02-20-2009
Help with Streetaddress
mikebres 02-19-2009
date of roads and zip updates in 2009
Helen 02-19-2009
MapPoint upgrade problems
crowland 02-19-2009
Copying mp to powerpoint
HEIGHTS6 02-19-2009
Moving community name tags?
Santa Monica Realtor 02-18-2009
Creating Drivetime Zone
Gopinath 02-18-2009
ArcMap- document
kardy 02-18-2009
Removing time tag on drive distance radius
Santa Monica Realtor 02-17-2009
staging.common.virtualearth Web reference errors
eringulley 02-17-2009
Noob Virtual Earth Question
Arghknork 02-17-2009
MapPoint 2009 Europe Now Available
Eric Frost 02-17-2009
January 2009 Virtual Earth Newsletter
MapAdmin 02-15-2009
Maponics spatial api - neighborhood data
MapAdmin 02-15-2009
Changing the style of a rendered route
wilfried42x 02-15-2009
Hey all mappoint 2009 euro user in need of help
the gooner 02-15-2009
Start Point
qzhou 02-14-2009
APA Group Implements GPS Extension for Tensing Mobile GIS
Eric Frost 02-14-2009
MapPoint 21-50 Pushpin styles
schlike2000 02-13-2009
Free Virtual Earth Developer Event (UK)
Virtual Earth EMEA & APAC 02-13-2009
Querypolygon problem
Mani 02-13-2009
miles traveled in each state in a route
awalter2r 02-12-2009
HTTP status 401: Unauthorized MapPoint Web Service
sainyam2003 02-12-2009
Define boundaries by streets in MP 2009?
Ella 02-11-2009
Spacial Data Import
alwasl8 02-11-2009
New to MapPoint and have lots of questions
meghan@generatorsolutions 02-11-2009
Credentioals Unauthorized, PLease Help
sainyam2003 02-11-2009
UK Parliamentary Constituencies
markcartwright 02-11-2009
Mappoint Europe 2004 - Territory Planning - How to show Postcode Areas?
johanson 02-11-2009
Lat/Long into a street address?
seeker 02-10-2009
06-09 : Live with both
Gianmaria 02-10-2009
can Mappoint create kml file if we provide county name? 02-10-2009
Terrirory border based on the input data
ramon 02-10-2009
Trying to use c# and 2009 trial
jerry8989 02-10-2009
Mappoint / Driving Directions
jerry8989 02-10-2009
Finding Location of Pushpin Ballon Close button (X).
Gopinath 02-10-2009
Simple state or country level reports
QuickRch 02-09-2009
Canada Postal Code Limitations?
sandi 02-09-2009
navaneetha 02-09-2009
as a webpage
Tomm 02-09-2009
PreferredArrival - Time Window
taras 02-08-2009
MS Virtual Eath map save as image
Smeagol 02-08-2009
Limits of MP 2009
damike 02-08-2009
vehicle fleet tracking system
gudivada213 02-07-2009
TokenWebReference Error
kushalbb 02-07-2009
claim center 5.0
vicky4gw 02-06-2009
Mappoint 2009 v MapInfo
todd_k 02-06-2009
issues with spatial data import
RickLeon 02-06-2009
Maintenance - ISP Changing Servers
Eric Frost 02-06-2009
Mappoint add-in doesn't works fine
soso78 02-06-2009
How to find number of push pins on map?
Sharan 02-06-2009
importing a 3d model
matiz333matiz 02-05-2009
Disable automatic updates for MapPoint 2009
Keyath 02-05-2009
5 Mile radius
genny 02-05-2009
Worldwide Airport Database
Eric Frost 02-05-2009
[WE-DIG] February 2009 Meeting Announcement
Eric Frost 02-05-2009
Saveas Issue
Mani 02-05-2009
Multiple mappoint licenses and terminal services
joe the pro 02-04-2009
Help with pushpin text balloons
Sue 02-04-2009
European Map Postal Codes
Rich Winters 02-04-2009
New to micro map point - query about Java
bobbys 02-04-2009
Heighlight the Specific area on Map
Sucheta 02-04-2009
GPS in Hawaii
Kennj 02-03-2009
Importing "other data" from Excel
Downstream 02-03-2009
Pause a Map?
Jarmin 02-03-2009
Baby Name Mapper
Eric Frost 02-03-2009
Heighlight the Specific area on Map
Sucheta 02-03-2009
Hi from Spain
Jedah 02-03-2009
Latitude&Lontidue in SelectionChange
Mani 02-03-2009
Print USA full map on HP DesignJet 800
Satoshi Kawamura 02-02-2009
QueryShape Question
tuktuk 02-02-2009
Fill in Territories
twdavis 02-02-2009
Link in Pushpins to other Office Applications
Betty Bossi 02-02-2009
Hello World of MapPoint
Betty Bossi 02-02-2009
Hello Every one
hailusha 02-02-2009
how to start
Yang101896 02-01-2009
Growth of Walmart in United States over the Years
Eric Frost 02-01-2009
Why so little C#?
ocinfo 02-01-2009
Export pushpins by state
alwasl8 02-01-2009
MapPoint + VISTA issue 2
Don Burroughs 01-30-2009
How to print in color from a Mac
Assistant 01-30-2009
Need help with getting 2 sets of data on 1 map
Rebecca New 01-30-2009
How to Map stores from competitors
aalfredogq 01-30-2009
Microsoft Dropping Flight Simulator - and Popfly?
Eric Frost 01-30-2009
Pushpin notes - Non editable option
Gopinath 01-29-2009
Pushpins? Where'd They go?
Trav23 01-29-2009
Drawing a polygon on a map in MapXtreme ?
boston_ma 01-29-2009
How to find a location in a specific language
giuseppunk 01-29-2009
Adjusting MapPoint 2006 Scale Bar
Massif 01-29-2009
Getting a ZipCode out from a point in MapMarker or MapXtreme 2005
boston_ma 01-29-2009
Closing the pushpin Ballon
Gopinath 01-29-2009
Tools required for making gis applications
wepool 01-29-2009
Digital map format
ISHAK MOHAMAD 01-28-2009
MapPoint 2006: Mapping using GPS coordinates
jhamann 01-28-2009
Extracting Database Members
ytestt 01-28-2009
Mulitple polygon
Mani 01-28-2009
Yahoo maps tool tip
nithyaprakashmsc 01-28-2009
Failed to open MapPoint construction routing file
Eric Frost 01-28-2009
Mappoint 2006 unregistered class error on import
hullstorage 01-28-2009
Mani 01-28-2009
pushpin on tile
vedev01 01-28-2009
Show Territories and regions and display data on map
misses99 01-27-2009
Licensing Questions (is this doable?)
sam nage 01-27-2009
Jim Duffy's Article About Virtual Earth in CoDe Magazine
Eric Frost 01-26-2009
HomeLocator Demo ....selecting and click events
subcortex 01-26-2009
polyline with latitude and longtitude
Mani 01-26-2009
Start local Mapapoint 2009
gradykn 01-25-2009
How to add layers using
vipul kumar agrawal 01-24-2009
Territories in Mappoint
Dogan Aral 01-24-2009
UK Local Authorities
trevorjdaniel 01-24-2009
Extreme Temperatures 2009
Eric Frost 01-24-2009
MapPoint & VE News
MapPoint & VE News 01-24-2009
New member saying hello
monaro427 01-23-2009
Extra Feature?
skyriderdk 01-23-2009
Whising extra feautures
skyriderdk 01-23-2009
Can I use Virtual Earth offline?
Bashir2 01-23-2009
Address label question
uhomebody 01-23-2009
MapPoint 2009 - Mapping a Line on Consecutive Waypoints
TC2009 01-23-2009
Map Point for Dummies 2002
cHANGEUP 01-23-2009
Example Custom Data Source File
trevorjdaniel 01-23-2009
Twenty ways to use the Virtual Earth Platform as a developer
Winwaed 01-23-2009
FindNearby Method
trevorjdaniel 01-23-2009
Mobile Map API (source code included)
GUIDEBEE 01-22-2009
there is a runtime?
pileggi 01-22-2009
how to customize pushpins on virtual earth webservice v1.0?
benXB 01-22-2009
Adding desktop MapPoint software to a web page - can it be done?
BlackCatBone 01-21-2009
realtime gps in MapInfo ?
3lad3 01-21-2009
Help! Selecting & Deleting Multiple Items
sschoen 01-21-2009
Mappoint 2009 Europe pushpins
yves 01-21-2009
Mappoint and a smartphone
jeangr 01-21-2009
Problem with the automation of Mappoint
stan 01-21-2009
Asia Maps
bartj 01-20-2009
Missing the location under MP 2009
yshg 01-20-2009
Query polygon
Mani 01-20-2009
MapPoint 2009 Trial - how to change install drive
caldersj 01-20-2009
Looking for Workarounds
ineedmaps 01-19-2009
Help with Pushpin Sets PLEASEEE!!
sipi41 01-19-2009
Interop.Mappoint disappears from C++ project references
patg 01-19-2009
Virtual Conference on Agile Development
techiefreak 01-19-2009
Mappoint 2009 and Analysis Services 2005/2008
Prognose85 01-18-2009
How do I link MP to Access Contacts
ssranchnp 01-17-2009
marker movement
atulpawar 01-17-2009
MapPoint 2009 backwards compatible?
CanonT 01-16-2009
Query Shape- returning umber of pushpins in a shape
alexramo 01-16-2009
Deep Earth
pankajsa 01-16-2009
dted JAVA Netbeans and openmap
zihatzik 01-16-2009
Mani 01-16-2009
ESRI Wants Bailout Measures?
Eric Frost 01-15-2009
new to MapPoint with lots of questions
smileygirlkim 01-15-2009
Consuming Virtual Earth WS in PHP
Eric Frost 01-15-2009
Spatial Data Import Utility fails on UK data
davidb 01-15-2009
Mani 01-15-2009
Could not add Mappoint 2009 references to VS 2008
seenhzj 01-14-2009
Display Optimized Route - VBA and Excel
mikebres 01-14-2009
Map Point for South America
jhamann 01-14-2009
Map a Single County
Eric Frost 01-14-2009
Highlighting/shading counties/regions
Tomm 01-14-2009
December 2008 Virtual Earth Newsletter
MapAdmin 01-14-2009
export from MP 2001 to MP 2006
antonyemerge 01-14-2009
Mappoint control and Voice Guidance from Direction
phirki 01-13-2009
A Newbie on MapForums
Bill McTaggart 01-13-2009
Map Point Integrate to Sql Server Database and GPS enabled phone and devices
jhamann 01-13-2009
Just joined to the Map Forums
jhamann 01-13-2009
Map Point Integrate with Sql Server Database/GPS Enabled phone and devices
jhamann 01-13-2009
Set driving speed with AddDriveTimeZone
Forumatic 01-13-2009
Determine which Mappoint version is installed - 2009/2006
cocoflipper 01-13-2009
I need fortable Vb6 installer of my project
macel25 01-12-2009
Export to Mappoint 2009
mfranmapforums 01-12-2009
County borders/colors
SLP1110 01-12-2009
ParcelAtlas 01-12-2009
Just Joined saying hello
Traveller_HA5_3DOM 01-12-2009
MP 2009 Mutiple Symbol
johnsz 01-12-2009
MP 2009 - Improving Data Import/Mapping?
jtrump 01-12-2009
Checking out MapPoint.... here with questions :)
jtrump 01-12-2009
Exception "Import failed"!
VC_Man 01-12-2009
Hawaiin addresses? Cant find things?
jimsturtZ 01-12-2009
Giant Map Being Used to Explain Inauguration Plans
Eric Frost 01-12-2009
Zoom into a selected area - Mappoint 2009
lacja 01-11-2009
A GPS vehicle tracking device with pooled acces?
4xForward 01-10-2009
Palm Pre
Eric Frost 01-10-2009
Analytical Programmer Position Available - Chicago
bayser 01-09-2009
Store Locator based on SQL Database
Schmakt 01-09-2009
Can Mappoint do this?
Annie C 01-09-2009
cannot create activex component in c#
arunkumar.16583 01-09-2009 defaults to
pledden 01-08-2009
Windows Live Local
jlewis 01-08-2009
Hi people
macel25 01-08-2009
Drive Times Return Wrong Result
Corby 01-07-2009
Winwaed announce the Geoweb Guru site
Winwaed 01-07-2009
jbh_blue 01-07-2009
Displaying Single County
glennp 01-07-2009
AirLink ATA Vehicle Tracking System
Eric Frost 01-07-2009
server terminated abnormally before or while processing the request the connection to the server was lost :attempting reset :failed
vikasdubey 01-07-2009
Drive Zones
Corby 01-06-2009
Can desktop MapPoint be displayed within a web page?
BlackCatBone 01-06-2009
Can graphic files be improted into MapPoint Europe 2006 ?
IanW 01-06-2009
Mappoint 2006 - Dealing with importing incorrect postcodes
tomevans 01-06-2009
AddPolyline with Javascript
callapa 01-06-2009
Missing Symbols/Markers
hannac 01-05-2009
Detect Mappoint when User has closed the Window, VBA (Access 2003)
PeterLeeds 01-05-2009
Points of interest
zanifu 01-05-2009
uninstall Mappoint 2009 error message 1606 could not access network location
blastoff 01-04-2009
Enaikoon MapPoint Route Manual
Eric Frost 01-04-2009
JOpt.AAS - Advanced Vehicle Route Optimization Web Service
dnaevolutions 01-03-2009
Map Point 2009 on a terminal server
cameronrm 01-02-2009
Performance with many pushpins
roccap 01-02-2009

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