Auto Thefts and Recoveries

(click on the image to view the full screenshot)

This map was generated dynamically by Richard Fedora using CrimePoint 2002. CrimePoint 2002 is a crime analysis product developed by CPAL Crime Prevention Analysis Lab Inc. which uses the MapPoint 2002 ActiveX control. The map took approximately 1 minute to produce.

Steps used to create the map:

1. Retrieve auto theft suspects for display on map (small black faces).
2. Enter new Ford Mustang auto theft event and rank known auto thieves for M.O. match.
3. Search around highest ranked auto thief's home address using triple "as crow flies" buffer for Ford Mustang auto thefts (triple colored circle).
4. Find and map corresponding auto recoveries (small blue cars) for Ford Mustang auto thefts with case status of still open (arrows drawn from theft to the matching recovery).
5. Search using single "as crow flies" buffer around auto recovery for all auto thefts and known auto thieves (single orange circle).

Note: data is fictional