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New at MP2K Magazine, 2/18/2013
Split up and Prioritize a Mailing List, Forum Highlights, Super Bowl Animation, MapPoint 2013 Bugs/Errors and Workarounds, Using MapPoint's Territory Feature and Demographics Together, Print Large Multiple Page MapPoint Maps
New at MP2K Magazine, 1/11/2013
MapPoint 2013 Tips & Articles, Latest MapPoint Discussions, Share Your Mapping Goals for 2013, Use Map Settings to Clean Up Your Map, Setting Up and Developing the State Identification Game, Recent Forum Highlights
New at MP2K Magazine, 11/1/2012
MapPoint 2013 North America and Europe, MapPoint Game - U.S. State Identification, Adding Dynamic MapPoint Maps to an Excel Dashboard, Exploring Map Accuracy in Bing Maps and MapPoint, What's New in MapPoint 2013, Surface, TypeScript, Windows 8, iOS 6, NAVTEQ Maps
New at MP2K Magazine, 4/12/2012
Forum Highlights, Programming Challenge, April 2012 POI Megafile, MPMileCharter Example: Finding only the Three Closest Stores to each Customer, Using ImportData and DisplayDataMap, The ImportData Method, Introducing DisplayDataMap, and DisplayDataMap Parameters
New at MP2K Magazine, 7/18/2011
TIP: POI Megafile Downloads from the Streets & Trips Team Blog, Using MPMileCharter to create Mileage Charts with Microsoft MapPoint, Using MapPoint in a Routing Application Part 3 - Lessons Learned
New at MP2K Magazine, 5/5/2011
Using MapPoint in a Routing Application Part 1 - Route Factory Spreadsheet and Part 2 - Required MapPoint Functionality, MapPoint Videos on Youtube, MapForums Downloads Section, Extracting Coordinates of a Route, Import a Route with Stoptimes and Depart Times
New at MP2K Magazine, 3/19/2011
MapPoint 2011 North America Released!, Add City Coverage to MapPoint using the GeoNames Database, Find Coupons Feature Gone In MapPoint 2011, MapPoint 2010 / MapPoint 2011 Road Comparison, MapPoint 2011 Geocoding Improvement
New at MP2K Magazine, 1/18/2011
Publishing MapPoint Maps To Mobile Devices, TIP 1: What Is and Isn't Exported to GPX Format, TIP 2: Programming MapPoint Shape Colors, BONUS TIP: How to Export Route Coordinates, Fast Geocoding of Addresses in C# with MapPoint, Finding a Replacement for ESRI BusinessMap
New at MP2K Magazine, 12/30/2010
Nominate Your Favorite MapPoint Addin or Extension, MapPoint and Visual Studio 2010 Tutorial, Using the New Windows 7 Location API, Maps Created with MapPoint 2010 and ESRI BusinessMap 5.0 Side-by-Side, New MapForums Twitter Integration
New at MP2K Magazine, 11/30/2009
MapPoint 2010 Europe Released, Replacing Your Default MapPoint Template, Performing Forward/Back with MapPoint 2006/2009/2010, Taking Advantage of the Map Settings Pane (MapPoint 2010 Only), Bing Maps Articles From Geoweb Guru
New at MP2K Magazine, 10/02/2009
MapPoint 2010 Released, MapPoint 2010 New Features and Articles, Automating MapPoint with Excel VBA - Tutorial 7, List of MapPoint 2010 API Changes - New Methods, Objects, and Properties, Using the New MapFeatures Collection and MapFeature Objects
New at MP2K Magazine, 03/24/2009
MapPoint User Survey Extended, Developing with MapPoint and F# - Part II, MP2K Magazine Twitter Channel, Programming with MapPoint and Excel VBA Tutorial #6, New MapPoint Consultant and Products Directories
New at MP2K Magazine, 03/13/2009
MapPoint User Survey, MapPoint 2009 North America and Europe, Developing with MapPoint and F#, Calling MapPoint with Late Binding, Shape Name Utility, Roll Your Own Commercial Routing System with MapPoint
MapForums Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2009 Recap, 2/27/2009
Microsoft MapPoint User Survey, Both MapPoint 2009 North America and Europe Now Shipping, summary of all recent posts
MapForums Newsletter - Fall Recap, 12/04/2008
Now taking orders for MapPoint 2009 Europe with Free MapForums Plus subscription, summary of all recent posts, Happy Holiday, Happy New Year, Happy Mapping!
MapForums Newsletter - July Recap, 8/04/2008
MapPoint 2009 New and Improved Featues, MapPoint 2009 Ordering Page, MapForums Plus Membership and Downloads Page, MapForums reaches 20,000 posts, summary of all posts in July
New at MP2K Magazine - Articles, 07/10/2008
Nine new articles including Handling Pushpin Collisions, Building an Animated Map with Flash Demo Builder, A Simple Add-in for MapPoint API Beginners, Using Virtual Earth with OpenLayers, Routene Excel and MapPoint Update
MapForums Newsletter - June Recap, 07/02/2008
Now taking orders for MapPoint 2009, Wilfried Mestdagh passes Two Thousand posts, Introduce Yourself! section takes off, summary of all posts in June
MapForums Newsletter - May Recap, 06/04/2008
Review of all posts in May, MapForums software upgraded - many new features, three new articles, free Shape Name utility, textbook "Excel Basics to Blackbelt"
MapForums Newsletter - April Recap, 05/01/2008
MapForum April Post Recap, 3D "version 2" cities in Virtual Earth, A Simple Add-in for MapPoint API Beginners, Map Elves Wiki, MileCharter v2.5
MapForums Newsletter - March Recap, 04/10/2008
MapForum March Post Recap, What's New on MapForums
New at MP2K Magazine - Articles, 04/10/2007
MapPoint VBA Tutorial, Virtual Earth via Vista Gadgets, Determing Whether A Point Is Located Inside Polygon, Web Site Visitors Map, MapPoint GPS API, Supply Chain Management, Geocoding Exceptions
MapPoint 2006 Special Issue, 07/17/2006
New Features in MapPoint 2006, Coverpoint MapPoint Usage Scenarios, Implementing Location-Based Functionalities with the MapPoint Web Service, Using MapPoint with Python Part II
New at MP2K Magazine, 04/04/2006
MapPoint Business Unit Becomes Virtual Earth Business Unit, Snap to A Road
New at MP2K Magazine, 12/21/2005
Windows Live Local, New Developer API's, Viewing Drivetime Zones, "Map Visitors" Mashup, Programming MapPoint in .NET, What's New in Streets & Trips 2006, MapPoint and Excel Tutorial
MapPoint Web Service 4.0 Special Issue, 10/18/2005
MapPoint Web Service 4.0 Regional Coverage, New Features in MWS 4.0, MapPoint Partner Spotlight - SpatialPoint, MWS 4.0 FAQ and Fact Sheet, MWS and VE New, Forum Highlights
New at MP2K Magazine, 07/21/2005
MapPoint Automation with C/C++ Part 2, Excel User-Defined Functions and MapPoint, CARTASITE Launches Data2Map, GridImp, Virtual Earth Previewed, MSN Local Search Beta Launched
New at MP2K Magazine, 04/28/2005
Virtual Earth Proposal, MapPoint Automation with C/C++, Mapping Earthquake Data, MapPoint Group Job Openings, MileCharter v1.2, Locarta's Dashboard v3.1, TerraViewer for MapPoint
New at MP2K Magazine, 04/26/2005
Special Edition MapPoint / Excel Tutorial Part III - Calculating the Distance Between Two Zip Codes Using MapPoint and Excel
New at MP2K Magazine, 01/12/2005
Creating a MapPoint Add-in With VS .NET, MapPoint E-mail Discussion List, Caravel, VRP for Vehicle Optimization, Terraviewer for MapPoint, MileCharter, Reverse Geocoding, Geography Olympics
New at MP2K Magazine, 11/04/2004
Pocket Streets 2005, CacheMinder, The House of Dubya, Upcoming Articles, Winner in Reader Poll, MapPoint Location Server Integration, Pocket Streets 2005 FAQ, Interview with Michael Graff
New at MP2K Magazine, 9/30/2004
MWS for Australia, Mapping Earthquake and Hazard Data, Streets & Trips 2005, Grid Imp, Cubistix Product Releases, Getting Started with MapPoint and Excel, Our First Programming Challenge
New at MP2K Magazine, 5/21/2004
MapPoint Binary Files, Licensing Changes, Geographic Codes, Emergency Services, Action Engine, Gaming Almanac, TomTom/NMEA GPS Log
New at MP2K Magazine, 4/16/2004
Programming with the MapPoint Location Server, Tax Burden by State, Locations of Forum Users, Microsoft Research, Upcoming in MP2Kmag
New at MP2K Magazine, 3/26/2004
MapPoint Location Server Special Issue, MLS FAQ, Extensive MLS News Roundup, Pocket Streets for SmartPhone released
New at MP2K Magazine, 3/22/2004
MapPoint Location Server Launch, Location Technology & Business Intelligence, Steve Lombardi on the MapPoint Location Server
New at MP2K Magazine, 2/27/2004
Focus on MapPoint Web Service: MPWS for All, Investigating the MapPoint Web Service 3.5 SDK, Determining the Time Zone in MapPoint
New at MP2K Magazine, 2/11/2004
MapPoint Web Service 3.5 Roundup, Programming with MapPoint 2004 using the .NET Framework, Uses MapPoint Web Service, Tom Bailey
New at MP2K Magazine, 12/19/2003
Guide to MapPoint 2004, LOTR New Zealand Map, Bitmap Editor Tip, OSGB Grid Accuracy, Lots of News Items, Updated Editorial Calendar, MapLinx for MapPoint
MapPoint 2004 Partner Special Issue, 11/14/2003
MapPoint 2004 - Technology and Applications, A Special Issue on the Applications, Technology, and Partners of Microsoft MapPoint
New at MP2K Magazine, 8/22/2003
Finding the Starting Point of a Route, Automating MapPoint with Perl, Web Services for Mobile Phones, MarketPoint Rolls Out Yamaha Geomarketing Solution
New at MP2K Magazine, 7/25/2003
MapPoint 2004 Availability, Interview With Rik Temmink, FCCJ Teaches MapPoint, Delphi ActiveX Wrapper, TracWise GPS Datalogger
New at MP2K Magazine, 6/20/2003
FlyteComm Announces FlyteTrax II, Manifold 5.5 Update Includes Support for MapPoint 2002, Making Pushpin Locations Immoveable
New at MP2K Magazine, 5/16/2003
MapPoint 2004 Beta, Improving On The MapPoint Geocoding Algorithm, Extending the ActiveX Control Part II, MP2Kmag Discussion Forums
New at MP2K Magazine, 4/18/2003
Newsletters Now on Fridays, Iraq War Map, SARS Map, Extending the ActiveX Control, Grid Code, Map-In-A-Box for ArcGIS
New at MP2K Magazine, 3/24/2003
MapPoint at CTIA Wireless, MapLinx Pro Beta, MapPoint .NET E-Books, Large Format Printing, AutoRoute 2003 Data in MapPoint
New at MP2K Magazine, 2/19/2003
NASA Uses MapPoint Maps, Satellite Imagery of Shuttle Debris, Submit Press Releases, and MapPoint Review and Perspective
New at MP2K Magazine, 12/16/2002
Pushpin Tool Download, Gate's Comdex Address, Waypoint Importer, Address Verifier, and Java Sample Application
New at MP2K Magazine, 11/7/2002
Mapping Analytics's MapBridge, MapPoint .NET Acquires Vicinity, Mobile GPS, and MapPoint 2003 EULA
New at MP2K Magazine, 10/3/2002
Mapping Analytics's MapBridge, Mapping Solution's Map-In-A-Box, Epiphany, and Norman, OK map
New at MP2K Magazine, 9/5/2002
Forum Enhancements, Uploading Pushpins to Your GPS, Home Locator Sample Application, AT&T Announcement
New at MP2K Magazine, 7/23/2002
New Discussion Forum, Geodesy Library, Merging Routes, Sample MapPoint .NET Application
New at MP2K Magazine, 6/17/2002
MP2K MapPoint Forum, Dollar Rent A Car, Tracking P.F. Chang's, Google-ing the newsgroups
New at MP2K Magazine, 5/16/2002
Automating MapPoint, Interview with Michael Graff, introduction to the MapPoint .NET newsgroup
New at MP2K Magazine, 4/10/2002
Programming MapPoint with the .NET Framework, Delphi examples, MapPoint .NET, MDB Circus
New at MP2K Magazine, 3/19/2002
MapPoint chat transcript, Alliance Program, using MapPoint with SDE and Excel XP
New at MP2K Magazine, 2/5/2002
MSN MapPoint and MapPoint .NET Beta, FME Importer, and chat with B.J. Holtgrewe
New at MP2K Magazine, 1/7/2002
Formatting coordinates with DmsFormat, linking to weather data, three new utilities
New at MP2K Magazine, 12/10/2001
MapPoint 2002 For Dummies, instructive articles including Export Shapes, and Screenshots! contest
New at MP2K Magazine, 11/26/2001
More on reverse geocoding, MapPoint on MSDN, and contest round-up
New at MP2K Magazine, 10/25/2001
Spatial Data Importer, gallery section updated, and introduction to the newsgroup
New at MP2K Magazine, 10/08/2001
Our first MP2K Update.. articles, tip, and introduction to site layout