OSGB Grid Accuracy in MapPoint 2004

(click on the image to view the full screenshot)

The screenshots on this page illustrate how MapPoint 2004 improves the accuracy of OSGB grid reference locations. MapPoint 2002 had some known issues with OSGB coordinates. You can download a file with the coordinates used in preparing the screenshots here.

The picture above shows depicts the OSGB grid coordinate "SH 73490 52410" in MapPoint 2002. The coordinate should be precisely at the intersection of A470 and Church Lane. The following image shows the same location plotted in MapPoint 2004.

As you can see, the location in MapPoint 2004 is much more accurate.

Zooming back a little bit, you can see another location which should be precisely on the bridge over the railroad on A470.

Here are the same grid reference coordinates plotted in MapPoint 2004.

Thanks to Richard Marsden of Winwaed Software Technology in Texas for suggesting the test above and supplying the coordinates. See the original discussion in the newsgroup.

 - Eric Frost