New at MP2K Magazine, 9/5/2002

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First off, there have been a number of changes on the site, largely related to integration of the new discussion forum into the rest of the site. See the details in this month's tip.

This week's contents:
   - a summary of recent articles and news
   - contest: result: we have a winner!
   - the latest tip: mp2kmag site changes

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Uploading MapPoint Locations To Your GPS
"Having found the address with MapPoint, how do you get it into your GPS? Very often I have faced this problem," writes Evert Mouw.

Home Locator Sample Application
John Washenberger writes, "In the spirit of the MDB 'Circus' Contest, the application I have submitted could be considered a 'three-ring extravaganza'."

Steve Lombardi on the Microsoft/AT&T Alliance
An interview was recently published with Steve Lombardi, technical product manager of the Microsoft MapPoint Business Unit about the Microsoft/AT&T Alliance.

Microsoft, AT&T Announce Wireless Alliance
Microsoft and communications giant AT&T announced a strategic alliance that includes MapPoint .NET mapping and location services and the .NET Compact Framework.

New GPS Add-in at The MapPoint Toolbox. Tom Thomas has released GPS Plus for MapPoint 2002, a custom GPS tracking tool that reads data from a GPS device and plots the data in MapPoint 2002.


John Washenberger of Airbiquity won our MapPoint / Access integration contest with his entry demonstrating a home locator using some innovative techniques. View the submission here:

Stay tuned for our next contest.


Last month we announced a replacement for our old Q/A section. The new forum offers optional registration, a "watch" feature, the ability to edit your own posts, and much more. Join in here:

In the meantime, we migrated all of the old questions and answers into a new searchable archive: Previously, it was tedious, if not nearly impossible, to scan all of the old content. Just click on search to use the full search options.

The Wishlist now links to a forum devoted to MapPoint development requests and related queries. Also, there is now a link at the bottom of each article for comments and updates. Participate in the new forums at:

Finally, consider writing for us. A description of a recent solution or project you've worked on, an innovative code sample, a tutorial, anything is welcome and will be reviewed and edited for publication. Join the ranks of the MP2K Authors:

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