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As many of you have heard and are anticipating, MapPoint 2002 For Dummies should be shipping soon. The book was co-written by Jill T. Freeze and Microsoft's own B.J. Holtgrewe and is the first print documentation to be made available for the product. The book is almost 400 pages and includes CD's filled with sample code and files from the programming chapters of the book, a 60-day trial of MapPoint 2002 North American Edition, and extra goodies including boundary lists.

MP2K is pleased to offer to our readers MapPoint 2002 For Dummies at a significant discount off the cover price at what we believe is and will be the lowest price available anywhere. Pre-orders are already being accepted and for a limited time you can get free shipping.. Less than $15, no additional charges or fees... place orders here:

This week's contents:
    - a summary of recent articles and news
    - tip of the week: tutorials
    - a new contest: Screenshots!

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Pre-orders are being taken for MapPoint 2002 For Dummies
Spatial Data Importer Contest Submission: Export Shapes
Walt Cygan's winning submission for the Spatial Data Importer contest, code for exporting shapes to mif/mid
Accuracy With OSGB Grid References
Nick Hubbard investigates and supplies a solution for using OSGB coordinates accurately with MapPoint 2002
10 Second Tutorial: Screenshots!
In the second installment of the 10 Second Tutorial we share a favorite and very effective use MapPoint, making small screenshot maps. As with the first tutorial, this ends with a challenge to win free software
Extracting the Mappoint 2002 Points of Interest
Extract all 801,171 POIs from the North American version of Mappoint into a database, for subsequent searches
Company Profile: RoutePointe (tm)
MP2K presents a company that has developed a vertical-market school bus routing application using MapPoint

Do you have an add-on tool or solution for MapPoint or Office users? Inquire about promotional opportunities at


Are you looking for some MapPoint training materials for yourself or others? The Microsoft Education web site contains a tutorial in Word format as well as a Powerpoint presentation covering such topics as using drivetime zones, posting your maps to the web, defining territories and importing data, and much more.


We'd like to fill our gallery with more interesting stuff.. toward that end, two free FULL copies of HyperSnap DX-4 will be awarded to people who submit items for the gallery this month. One will be picked randomly and the other will be chosen by MP2K staff. First take a look at the Screenshots! article (above) and e-mail submissions to

Eric Frost
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