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First off, MapPoint .NET is about to be launched officially at the Tech Ed conference April 10th. MapPoint .NET is the first web service to be rolled out by Microsoft as part of the company's massive .NET initiative. More news below and more to come shortly.. stay tuned.

We recently migrated the list server for MP2K over to a fully automated system which is still being integrated into the site. Now for instance, if you know someone who could benefit from our news service, forward them this e-mail and/or have them send an e-mail to

Finally, you can order the book MapPoint 2002 for Dummies book if you haven't already at This is the only print publication or manual in existence for the product.

This week's contents:
   - a summary of recent articles and news
   - a new mappoint contest: mdb circus
   - the latest tip: Directions news service

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Programming MapPoint via .NET
While we will create an improved location sensor in this article, the focus is not replacing the existing location sensor, but illustrating how to program MapPoint using VB.NET - using a free copy of the latter.

Using MapPoint In Delphi
Jack Melgers explains how developers can go about using MapPoint within Delphi and provides several code snippets.

Microsoft President/COO to Step Down
Rick Belluzzo, who was named to the post just over a year ago, will be leaving Microsoft as part of a broader reorganization. How does this effect Microsoft's Geography Team?

MapPoint .NET Evaluation Accounts
Microsoft recently began accepting requests for MapPoint .NET evaluation accounts.

Review of MapPoint European Edition
GeoInformatic's writes "With Microsoft's MapPoint, mapping and GIS-functionality will come closer to a wider audience of potential map users. Microsoft aims at real estate agents, business managers, sales managers, and business travellers."

Another MapPoint chat slated for later this month
This is a log of the MapPoint chat we hosted in January. We plan to host another chat in late April and are looking forward to more on the MapPoint team (managers and engineers) being on hand to answer your questions!

Finally, another official MapPoint newsletter was sent out last week. If you missed it, let us know and we'll forward.

Directions Magazine announced a new service earlier this week. The "online project marketplace takes aim to connect project managers with service providers of geographic information management systems and solutions." View the announcement and press release:


We are assembling a feature on how to use MapPoint with Access and looking for submissions of simple tips, code examples, examples of solutions, and anything other news about integrating Access and MapPoint. Send submissions in MDB format to[AccessContest]. All submissions will be credited and one random winner will be awarded a free full copy of MapPoint 2002. See a past article at for help in getting started.


Directions Magazine is the premiere GIS/mapping news service and recently expanded their newsletter to both Mondays and Wednesdays (dividing the content between news on Monday and features on Wednesday thereby providing two unique information resources that did not clutter email boxes nor appear too imposing to read given busy, time-constrained schedules).

The MP2K Magazine is generously hosted by Directions and you may notice we often link to their articles pertaining to MapPoint. For timely coverage of MapPoint and other GIS/mapping news, you can subscribe to Directions newsletter by sending an e-mail to

Again, consider writing for us. A description of a recent solution or project you've worked on, an innovative code sample, a tutorial, anything is welcome and will be reviewed and edited for publication. Join the ranks of the MP2K Authors!

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