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The MapPoint .NET webservice was launched this past month and already appears poised to be a major force introducing GIS (geographic information systems) technologies to the masses.. In the past week, MapPoint .NET articles appeared on both the and home pages.. For more information visit

On a different .NET front, the first article below builds off Gilles Kohl's earlier article showing how to automate MapPoint with the free .NET SDK. This is an easy way for a non-programmer with free disk space and bandwidth (125+ MB) to dabble.. Have fun!

This week's contents:
   - a summary of recent articles and news
   - continuing contest: .mbd circus
   - the latest tip: mappoint .net newsgroup

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Automating MapPoint with the .NET SDK
As Gilles Kohl showed in a previous article, it's possible to program MapPoint with only the free .NET Framework SDK. This article illustrates a simple program using this technique for generating images from MapPoint.

LGPMap Uses MapPoint and AutoRoute
MP2K talks with Nik Aves, developer of the web site, which adopted Microsoft's Geography product formats for download on their web site.
[Nik asks for suggestions on how to use MapPoint in a more sophisticated manner, this would be an excellent exercise that could win you a free, full copy of MapPoint 2002, details in the MDB Circus below.]

Interview with Michael Graff
Directions Magazine recently published an interview with Michael Graff, General Manager of the MapPoint Group.

Company Profile: Pocket Real Estate
Hand e Corp's Pocket Real Estate is a suite of products that enable real estate professionals and consumers to access real estate information, including MLS data, via handheld computers and mobile devices.
[Also, see their contribution in the gallery:]

MapPoint .NET Demonstrations
Microsoft posted a store Locator demonstration for Fourth Coffee, a fictitious coffee retailer, along with more samples.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is a project marketplace for GIS professionals to post projects and bid for work. In just one month, has attained a membership of over 750 GIS professionals. It has extensive resources to review RFPs and other projects, as well as links to statewide bid websites. is a complete source for information on worldwide GIS projects. Post your projects for FREE! Go to TODAY!


We are assembling a feature on how to use MapPoint with Access and looking for submissions of simple tips, code examples, examples of solutions, and anything other news about integrating Access and MapPoint. Send submissions in MDB format to[AccessContest]. All submissions will be credited and one winner will be awarded a free full copy of MapPoint 2002. See a past article at for help in getting started.


Microsoft launched a new newsgroup last month devoted to the MapPoint .NET webservice.

The MapPoint team (especially the new Technical Product Manager Steve Lombardi) has been very active helping and introducing users to this new service, here's the link: news:///

CORRECTION: Last month, our link to subscribe to Directions news service was flawed, sorry for the inconvenience. The correct link is

Finally, consider writing for us. A description of a recent solution or project you've worked on, an innovative code sample, a tutorial, anything is welcome and will be reviewed and edited for publication. Join the ranks of the MP2K Authors!

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