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New at MP2K Magazine - 8/22/2003
We are now less than a month away from the official release of MapPoint 2004. For many of us who originally anticipated a late summer or mid-August release (see last issue) it seemed like this day would never arrive. There's been some posts in the forums outlining the new features, presumably in violation of the non-disclosure agreement. Be assured, as soon as we're allowed to share details we will. Expect a special issue in conjunction with Directions Magazine on September 16th.
MapPoint 2004

This month we are featuring an article from Nico Bontenbal who shares a technique for obtaining the starting point of a route by examining the pixels of the map image using Windows API calls. The technique is not perfect and Nico is hoping for some feedback and collaboration with other programmers to refine the technique. The approach, using Windows API calls to iteratively analyze the map image, is novel and should have many other applications besides determining the starting point of a route. Serious GIS/MapPoint developers would do well to add the technique to their arsenal of programming tricks. A second article this month shows how to automate MapPoint from a Perl script using the Win32::OLE module.

Finally, take a look at the editorial calendar at the end of this newsletter. If you've been wanting to submit an article but waiting for the right time or looking for a topic, use the calendar to gel some ideas.

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Pushpin Tool

Working with pushpins in MapPoint? Get the MapPoint 2002 Pushpin Tool for just $75. The latest features include the ability to export lat/lon coordinates of pushpins to Excel and advanced find Pushpin functionality. Read more and purchase the tool here or go directly to paypal.

Finding the Starting Point of a Route
Nico Bontenbal shares a method for determining the starting point of a route by examining the pixels in the map image using Window API calls.

"For some time I have tried to find a way to determine the coordinates of the starting point of route segments. I want to be able to send these coordinates to my basic Garmin GPS. I've written code that sends the points of a polyline to my GPS, but I always have to trace a route by hand because MapPoint only returns the middle of a route segment and not the start."

Read the full article, only on MP2K Magazine.

Finding the Starting Point of a Route

Automating MapPoint with Perl
This article shows how to access the MapPoint API from Perl using the Win32::OLE module. Topics include basic Perl syntax, how to call MapPoint methods, and how to set MapPoint API properties.

"One of the Perl modules is a library for calling programs via Windows OLE. Windows applications including Microsoft Office and MapPoint can be accessed programmatically and controlled from Perl."

Perl Camel

Target: Microsoft
From the Economist. It's been a nasty couple of weeks for corporate network managers and home users alike as a slew of viruses and worms have made rounds attacking vulnerabilities in Windows computers.

Protect your computer by regularly updating your system via Microsoft's Windows Update accessible by going to Tools | Windows Update from within Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Target: Microsoft


Wireless carriers currently offer services that allow information to be "pushed" to your phone or accessed from your phone such as weather, stock quotes, news, traffic, and sports updates. With web services, phones now have the potential to actually consume useful services.

Locarta 2020i® Vehicle Tracking System
Locarta Technologies, Inc. introduces the Locarta 2020i® vehicle tracking system. Using the latest in vehicle location technology, Locarta's solution for the emerging field of Automated Vehicle Location utilizes the Global Positioning System, Geographic Information Systems, and Nextel's wireless iDEN network.

Web Services Enter the Mainstream
Because Web services allow different systems to talk to each other, making decisions and transactions based solely on machine communication, humans must be smarter than the machines. In short, we must know when to interfere.

MarketPoint Rolls Out Yamaha Geomarketing Solution
After a thorough pilot study in France, MarketPoint and Yamaha Motor Europe are implementing a pan-European Geomarketing solution based on Microsoft MapPoint European edition. In effect, this is the first roll-out of its kind to use all-standard tools (such as Microsoft Excel, Access) to facilitate a spatial analysis of the market.

MP 2004 Release Schedule
More discussion on the upcoming release of MapPoint 2004. The release is scheduled to be available on September 16th

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