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Virtual Earth Quarterly Technical Briefing - May 13, 2008
Johannes Kebeck of Microsoft recently presented a "Quarterly Technical Briefing" for Virtual Earth. The full presentation was recorded and is available for download (2 hours and 18 minutes, 30MB).

The presentation includes an introduction to Virtual Earth, what's new in Live Search Maps version 6.1, and getting started with development including: resources, adding vector data, importing vector data, database access, adding raster data, transaction counting, and what's new in the Virtual Earth API. The presentation concluded with recent trends and tips & tricks for developers.

Register and download the presentation.

Virtual Earth 2 - April 27, 2008
A new marketing video highlights what Microsoft has been calling "version 2" of the 3D cities feature in Virtual Earth / Live Local.

Video: Microsoft Virtual Earth - Spring 2008 Release

We've done a bit of our own exploring and find you can almost walk into the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas!

Virtual Earth Newsletters - February 14, 2008
All of the Virtual Earth Newsletters for the past year are now published on MapForums. See the accomplishments and major Virtual Earth news events of the past year along with Recent Updates for both Microsoft Virtual Earth and Live Search Maps.

View the complete list here:

Virtual Earth December Updates - December 20, 2007
Virtual Earth has added over 36 TB of data to Live Search Maps and the Virtual Earth platform including bird's eye imagery, aerial and satellite photos, and 6,000 sq. miles of 3D buildings in dozens of cities around the world.

From the VE Team blog:

  • 44 new hi-res orthos (aka aerials) from 3Di using the UltraCam
  • 36 new US areas of Pictometry Bird’s Eye oblique scenes
  • 26 new EU areas of BLOM Bird’s Eye scenes
  • 5 areas of US orthos from GlobeXplorer
  • 17 areas of orthos around the world from GeoEye
  • Updated orthos in England/Wales/Scotland from Getmapping.
  • Holland orthos from DKLN.

For more information see the following Microsoft blog posts:

Create 3D Map Video - Win a Free Zune from Microsoft - November 3, 2007
Microsoft is running a contest to promote the new 3D map videos in Virtual Earth. Record a video using the new feature in Virtual Earth and post to MSN Videos or Youtube.

On November 19, the top three most-viewed videos (from MSN Video and YouTube) plus the top 3 videos as chosen by the Virtual Earth team will be posted and you will be able to vote for your favorite. On December 7 the top two vote getters will receive a 2nd generation 8GB Zune or a $50 Amazon gift certifcate respectively.

More information and details about the contest.

Dassault Systèmes 3D Technology to be Used in Virtual Earth - July 1, 2007
Microsoft and Dassault Systèmes announced the intention to integrate Dassault Systèmes' 3D modeling technology with Virtual Earth. According to the press release "These capabilities will seamlessly integrate with Virtual Earth, facilitating design reuse and modifications for quicker design ramp-ups and innovations."

Bernard Charlès, president and CEO, Dassault Systèmes remarked, “Our lifelike 3D modeling solution will provide a robust dimension to Microsoft’s powerful, immersive online mapping and visualization experience.”

MapPoint Web Service Helper - June 3, 2007
Martin Schray and Richard Born put together a package with helper functions that aid in implementing the MapPoint Web Service. The purpose is to provide and easy to use interface for the MapPoint Web Service and hide parameters to help simplify getting the MapPoint Web Service up and running.

From CopePlex - "The MapPoint Web Service Class library greatly simplifies access to MapPoint Web Services by providing a simple API with a few core arguments. It centralizes access to MapPoint Web Service Find, Render and Route services."

Microsoft Learning Suite - MapPoint - March 6, 2007
This page on Microsoft's site outlines various eductional resources and lesson plans for MapPoint. "Use Microsoft MapPoint in projects, presentations, and preparation for school outings. Take advantage of powerful mapping tools that help you to visualise and analyse geographical information, such as roads, landmarks, or demographics.

Extracting MapPoint images with VB.NET - September 25, 2006
From Tech Republic - "extracting a quality MapPoint image requires some programmatic footwork via Microsoft Office Document Imaging and the .NET Framework."

Streets and Trips 2007 / AutoRoute 2007 - September 24, 2006
Streets and Trips 2007Streets and Trips 2007 as well as AutoRoute 2007 are expected to be released in the next few weeks, in plenty of time for the Christmas season.

According to a Microsoft blog, the new version will be the first desktop product to feature tight integration with local online search results. Other enhancements include a full-screen mode, a better GPS, and updated data.

Paul Larson Develops Free Tool To Set Driving Speeds - September 2, 2006
"The DriveSpeed Add-in adds the ability to enter road speeds as numbers. Microsoft provided this ability in MapPoint 2002 & 2004, but replaced the number entry with sliders in MapPoint 2006.

DriveSpeed is distributed as freeware."

Earthly Delights Article in MSDN Magazine - August 7, 2006
A new article "Code Your Applications To Deliver The World With Virtual Earth APIs" has been published in MSDN Magazine. The article discusses Adding a Virtual Earth map to your site; How the APIs work; Using the various map styles; and Pinpointing locations and points of interest.

Windows Live Local Enhancements - May 25, 2006
Yesterday, Microsoft released a number of new things related to Virtual Earth and Windows Live Local including V3 of the Virtual Earth control, a new free Outlook Add-in the provides seamless integration with Windows Live Local, and a number of new features on Windows Live Local itself such as the ability to store and share landmarks.

Another major enhancement is the addition of real-time traffic data from, see screenshot at left.

Microsoft Releases MapPoint 2006 - May 1, 2006
Microsoft announced the release of the North American version of MapPoint 2006 on Monday. New features delivered to the mobile worker include updated geographic data and a new GPS task pane that uses information from connected, compatible GPS devices to display current location, speed and traveling direction. Also, driving directions for Windows® XP users determine location from a connected GPS device and combine it with route information to deliver voice and text direction information.

Mapping Portal Competition Benefits Satellite Imagery Businesses - April 24, 2006
From SPACE News - "Dulles, Va.-based GeoEye also provides imagery to Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft for Microsoft's Virtual Earth and Windows Local programs. The Microsoft deal dates back to June 2005 - before Orbimage Inc. merged with Space Imaging to form GeoEye—and gives Microsoft exclusive access to the OrbView satellites that were owned by Orbimage."

Zillow Zooms With Microsoft - April 13, 2006
We've reported on Zillow previously in MP2Kmag, now they also using Microsoft Technology for their close up photos.

From Designtechnica - "Hot Internet property has struck a deal with Microsoft to add a new feature to its real estate research site: low-altitude, bird's-eye views of residential areas."

Boulder-based Vexcel Acquired by Microsoft - March 26, 2006
Vexcel specializes in remote sending and data acquisition and processing. This may seem like a step away from Microsoft's core competency which is selling software. Vexcel is more of a hardware, services, and data (imagery) company. However, the acquisition should help Microsoft compete in providing the freshest and most detailed imagery for Windows Live Local and Virtual Earth.

Partner Readiness Briefing for Virtual Earth - March 16, 2006
"Join the Virtual Earth Briefing for Partners to hear the latest information on the Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping platform. With traditional road maps, aerial photo views and birds eye imagery, Virtual Earth provides unique options for developers to incorporate both location and local search capabilities into Web applications. This briefing will include an overview of the functionality of the Virtual Earth Commercial Control, a pricing and licensing review, and will explore the kinds of new opportunities Virtual Earth provides for partners." Presented by Alex Daley

Maps.MSN.Com Gets A New Destination - March 4, 2006
Microsoft has switched over the public site for Microsoft's main map delivery url address to Windows Live Local. The anticipated move is the culmination of more than a year's worth of high profile and high priority work within MS to keep up with rival technologies.

MapPoint Web Service 4.1 Released - February 7, 2006
From Telematics Update - "Microsoft has announced the launch of Microsoft® MapPoint® Web Service 4.1 with expanded map coverage, worldwide city-to-city routing and improved frequency of ZIP code updates.

With new data sources for Central and Eastern Europe provided by AND Automotive Navigation Data, MapPoint Web Service 4.1 will enable partners and customers to build applications that will determine the location of places worldwide and routes between them, including routing across waterways, continents or country boundaries, company officials said."

Two Part Article on Working With Version 2 of the VE Control - December 28, 2005
ViaVirtualEarthViaVirtualEarth has published a new articles entitled "Creating Your First Virtual Earth v2 Page" in two parts. The first part helps "you understand how to get started using version 2 of the Virtual Earth Map Control. The map control used in Virtual Earth is a JScript control and a cascading style sheet. Together these can be used to present a great user experience for online map content."

Windows Live Local Launched - December 10, 2005
Windows Live Local The latest incarnation of the "Virtual Earth" product project launched earlier this year is now live with detailed aerial imagery and has been dubbed Windows Live Local powered by Virtual Earth beta.

"Eagle Eye" imagery, driving directions, and user pushpins are all features in the new release.

Windows Live Local Announced - December 8, 2005
The new version of Virtual Earth was announced and has taken the Live monikor in line with several other products annouced recently. Virtual Earth is now the preferred platform name and will power the MapPoint Web Service and a future mobile product code-named Caravel.

Microsoft Gives Local Search a New View - December 7, 2005
From IDG News Service - "Microsoft Corp. has added an enhanced satellite view along with other new user features to its local search product, which was rebranded this week from Virtual Earth to Windows Live Local."

Windows Live Local Goes Aerial - December 7, 2005
From Microsoft Watch - "Microsoft is making available a beta version of Windows Live Local, an online map searching tool developed on the heels of the Virtual Earth platform."

"Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday introduced a beta version of Windows Live Local, its latest interactive search and mapping tool. The service offers localized online capabilities including multiple aerial vantage points, driving directions and customizable maps."

Accepting Pre-orders for Programming MapPoint in .NET - December 6, 2005
Orders for Chandu Thota's Programming MapPoint in .NET are now being accepted. The book covers MapPoint 2004, the MapPoint Web Service, MapPoint Location Server, and the new Virtual Earth API's. "The book provides a jumpstart for working with these technologies, including in-depth discussions about the core concepts and sample code provided in C#. It's ideal for anyone who wants to develop locations-based applications with MapPoint technologies."

Programming MapPoint in .NET Appears in O'Reilly Catalog - October 5, 2005
This long awaited book has finally appeared in O'Reilly online catalog and it is estimated to be available in December. The list price is $49.95.

"This comprehensive guide shows you how to use MapPoint's interactive mapping abilities to improve your company's bottom line. Learn how to build custom applications for the desktop, web, and mobile devices. Perfect for anyone who wants to render maps, calculate routes, obtain real-time location information, and analyze map data."

Pre-orders Now Being Accepted

Virtual Earth Application on MSNBC Shows Katrina Devastation - September 15, 2005
A new MSNBC feature shows Katrina hurricane damage using MSN Virtual Earth. Aerial photos from helicopters depict before and after pictures of large swaths of the affected area.

Maps On The Move - Mobile Mapping - September 12, 2005
From InformationWeek - "Microsoft MSN this week will introduce a mapping API for its Virtual Earth satellite-image and mapping site that will let software developers and businesses embed the Microsoft functionality in commercial apps and Web sites to create "mash-ups," or maps that have been infused with other kinds of information. Next year, Microsoft plans to offer developers who use the API the option to receive ads from MSN on their sites and share ad revenue with the company..."

New MSN APIs To Be Offered - September 11, 2005
In a recent annoucement, Microsoft stated thay they are introducing a new development API for MSN Messenger, MapPoint, Virtual Earth, and MSN Search. Regarding Virtual Earth Microsoft's strategy is becoming clearer. From InformationWeek -- "The API for Virtual Earth, which is in beta, would let developers embed the service into an application. The API is available at no charge, even for commercial use. The only requirement is that developers use VE's local search capabilities, Trina Seinfeld, lead product manager for MapPoint, said. While third-party applications don't have to carry advertising from MSN, a shared-revenue option is available."

Virtual Earth Platform to Replace MapPoint Web Service - August 23, 2005
According to an article in eWeek, Microsoft eventually plans to migrate the MapPoint Web Service to the Virtual Earth Platform.

Virtual Earth Video - August 19, 2005
Learn how the MapPoint team contructed virtual earth in record time after getting the go ahead in this eye-opening video. As a special treat, see Steve Lombardi in a butterfly suit.

Almost The Entire MapPoint Team Moved To MSN - August 18, 2005
Through a blogger, Microsoft has made clear the "rearrangement" of the MapPoint Team announced earlier this year and as reported here first in more detail on MP2Kmag. It is in fact nearly the entire MapPoint team and suite of products that moved to MSN.

Virtual Earth Unveiled! - July 26, 2005
Microsoft unveiled the first phase of the multi-year Virtual Earth project on Monday with innovative features such as the "Locate Me" button which uses the MAC address of Wi-fi access points to fix the location of your computer.

MP2Kmag hosts a full round-up of Virtual Earth News including links to articles from Bloomberg, Microsoft Watch, and the Seattle Times.

Schnucks cuts costs with wireless delivery system - July 25, 2005
From BizJournals - "In what Steve Carroll, the grocer's director of transportation, called 'almost a mini air-traffic-control system,' he and other workers at the company's distribution facility in Bridgeton now can monitor deliveries on large television screens. They can track where every Schnucks driver delivering goods to grocery stores is in its seven-state delivery area."

Web services take differing paths on maps - July 17, 2005
From the International Herald Tribune - "Later in the summer, Microsoft plans to introduce a competing service, Virtual Earth, with software that will enable programmers to use it in similarly creative ways. So far, the uses have been noncommercial. But Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are creating the services in the expectation that they will become a focal point in one of the next significant growth areas in Internet advertising: contextual advertisements tied to specific locations."

MSN Local Search and Virtual Earth - July 3, 2005
Two news summaries have been posted to round up the recent flurry of articles regarding Virtual Earth and MSN Local Search. We will continue to add articles as the services develop. Let us know if you see a mention of Virtual Earth or MSN Local Search in the press so we can add it to the list!

Orbimage To Provide Microsoft With Imagery For MSN Virtual Earth - July 1, 2005
From - "Orbimage Holdings announced Wednesday that its subsidiary Orbimage signed an agreement with Microsoft to supply high resolution global satellite image data for MSN Virtual Earth, a key component of MSN Search."

ORBIMAGE to Supply Satellite Images for Virtual Earth - June 29, 2005
Microsoft and ORBIMAGE announced plans to deliver expanded international satellite coverage for MSN Virtual Earth at the O’Reilly Where 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.

Microsoft launches beta version of MSN Local Search - June 23, 2005
From - "The Redmond-based software giant has announced an improved version of its search wherein results are delivered to the user depending on his/her location. The MSN Local Search will debut as a beta. Besides providing geographically targeted search results about businesses and other local information, the local search software will also provide online street and aerial maps that would accurately pinpoint the search. The maps are a part of the Microsoft MapPoint Web Service."

Mapping-Tools Releases GridImp v2.0 - June 22, 2005
"GridImp is designed to plot gridded data in MapPoint - a type of data that cannot normally be plotted in MapPoint. Gridded data can be indexed in various coordinate systems and text file formats."

MSN Adds Local Search - June 21, 2005
From -"Results show up as pins on a map provided via a Web services call to Microsoft MapPoint; when available, digital aerial images for U.S. locations will be offered."

Tech firms compete to conquer the globe - June 19, 2005
From the Detroit News - "A war of the virtual worlds is starting between search engine company Google Inc. and software maker Microsoft Corp., as the two tech rivals race to bring competing digital versions of planet Earth onto the World Wide Web."

Review Data2Map Trial Download - June 17, 2005
Looking to try out a state-of-the-art MapPoint extension? CARTASITE recently posted in the forum that they are looking for reviews of their new MapPoint extension and is offering five free full licenses for experienced MapPoint users who compile a review.

Give it a whirl and let fellow MapPoint users know what you think. Is it a worthwhile add-on?

Sprint Wireless Users Get Location Services - June 9, 2005
From RedNova - "Sprint recently launched its first location-based wireless service for business users. Called Business Mobility Framework, the service lets users locate and track assets and employees. The carrier is using Microsoft's MapPoint Location Server software to support the service."

Ballmer Stumped on MapPoint Expansion - June 5, 2005
From Addict 3d - "Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confessed the software giant's .NET strategy has come to a standstill, says he's accepted SQL Server's shortcomings, and vowed to keep fighting search giant Google."

Chandu Thota Talks About Virtual Earth at TechEd - June 3, 2005
Chandu Writes -- "I'm talking (session MLB251) about Programming MapPoint in general (contrary to the session title: What's new with MapPoint Web Service); so I'm planning to talk about MapPoint 2004, MapPoint Web Service and MapPoint Location Server and how it all ties together to have a great location platform for building cool applications. Of course I can talk about Virtual Earth if you want me to, but please don't make me talk too much! :)"

Tech students win at Microsoft Imagine Cup - June 2, 2005
From Technique - "Peter Pesti and John Gibby, first and second-year master’s students in Computer Science respectively, developed and submitted a mobile location-based application called mGraffiti. This program allows users to store text messages at any point on a global map covered by Microsoft’s Terra Server, creating virtual “hot spots” that can be accessed and read by other users."

Bill Gates Demos Virtual Earth - May 23, 2005
Today at “D” Conference in Carlsbad, CA, Microsoft founder Bill Gates presented his vision of MSN Virtual Earth, an exciting new component of Microsoft’s Search vision that gives consumers a deeply immersive search experience where they see what it’s like to be in a location and explore what they can do there.

Sprint Signs up with Microsoft MapPoint Location Server - May 21, 2005
From - "A U.S.-based carrier is onboard with Microsoft's MapPoint Location Server, providing a major boost to Microsoft's fledgling server software for real-time tracking and management of vehicle fleets and highly mobile employees."

Microsoft Touts Real-time Location Service - May 20, 2005
From - "Microsoft is making the package available in the United States through cell phone operator Sprint, which has integrated the MapPoint Location Server into its network and sells handsets with GPS (Global Positioning System) location capabilities."

Sprint, Microsoft Launch New Vehicle Tracking Capabilities - May 19, 2005
From Telematics Journal - "Immediately on the heels of today's national market launch of Sprint Business Mobility Framework, Microsoft Corp. announced the available integration of the Microsoft MapPoint Location Server (MLS) and Cubistix unveiled its SecureTrakker."

Sprint, Microsoft Join on MapPoint Location Services - May 18, 2005
From Sci-Tech Today - "Businesses are continually looking to improve their competitive edge, streamline processes and reduce costs," said Michael Graff, general manager of the Mobile Experience Team at Microsoft

Sprint Launches Tracking Service - May 17, 2005
From eWeek - "Sprint Corp. this week will launch a set of mobility services designed to help enterprises better control their employees in the field through location, presence and messaging technologies."

MLS Arrives in The U.S. - May 16, 2005
In conjunction with the national market launch of Sprint Business Mobility Framework by Sprint, Microsoft Corp. announced the available integration of the Microsoft® MapPoint® Location Server (MLS) with Sprint's network. Sprint becomes the first U.S.-based mobile operator to deliver real-time location services with MLS.

Location-Based Services Are Finding Their Place - May 11, 2005
From destinationCRM - "GPS and similar technologies' versatility and power will help the segment see significant growth, despite slow consumer and business adoption."

Ship2Save Uses MapPoint Web Service for Tracking Goods - May 4, 2005
From Frontline Solutions - "Ship2Save has developed a system for tracking goods in transit using a combination of active and passive RFID, cellular communications, and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology."

The RFID-based Unit-in-Transit System "is based on Microsoft's MapPoint Web Service and a Bell Mobility Microsoft MapPoint Location Server. RFID tags on individual goods or pallets are linked to a UITS system in the truck, and constantly monitored over cellular and GPS technology."

Bill Gates Considers Virtual Earth Proposal During Think Week - March 29, 2005
Yesterday the Wall Street Journal ran an article on Bill Gate's twice-yearly retreat known as "Think Week" during which time he considers technology trends and papers prepared by various groups at Microsoft. During the latest Think Week, Bill Gates is reported to have reviewed a paper entitled "Virtual Earth" prepared by the MapPoint group.

MapPoint Fleet Edition 2004 - March 22, 2005
"Microsoft Corp.’s MapPoint Business Unit today released Microsoft® MapPoint® Fleet Edition 2004, providing new licensing options for customers who locate, track and manage their fleets with MapPoint 2004... Edition licensing was created so Microsoft development partners and customers could cost-effectively incorporate MapPoint 2004 location acquisition, visualization and data analysis capabilities into their fleet solutions and business processes."

Corporate Express Canada, Cardinal Couriers and Orkin Manage Fleets with MapPoint - March 22, 2005
According to a recent article in ENT News, Corporate Express Canada, Cardinal Couriers, and Orkin are among those managing fleets with MapPoint technology and third party integration.

MapPoint Gets New General Manager - March 15, 2005
Stephen Lawler has taken on the role of General Manager of the MapPoint Business Unit. As General Manager, Stephen oversees the worldwide development, localization, and marketing of Microsoft’s consumer and business mapping software.

CartaSite Exhibits at GITA Conference 28 - March 10, 2005
The Denver-based startup demonstrated Data2Map, a application using Microsoft MapPoint 2004 as the mapping system for managing a geospatial features. The company highlighted their experience in implementing the application for a large truck rental company.

MapPoint Group Job Openings - March 1, 2005
The MapPoint Group is hiring. Openings are listed on their careers page in both Lebanon, NH and Redmond, WA and include Product Manager, Business Development, Software Development Engineers and Test Engineer, and Program Manager.

GIS Web Services and Microsoft Word - February 1, 2005
Dr. Dobb's Journal recently published an article on using Word Macros to consume a GIS web service such as MapPoint.

MapPoint Web Service Enhancements - January 25, 2005
A number of enhancements were made to the MapPoint Web Service since MWS 3.5 was launched in March, 2004 including both data updates as well as API changes.

January Issue of the MP2Kmag Update - January 12, 2005
MapPointCreating a MapPoint Add-in With VS .NET, MapPoint E-mail Discussion List, Caravel, VRP for Vehicle Optimization, Terraviewer for MapPoint, MileCharter, Reverse Geocoding, Geography Olympics

Caravel - Next Generation Platform for Mobile Mapping - November 23, 2004
WindowsforDevices reports that Steve Lombardi will be discussing "Caravel", MapPoint's next generation platform for maps and navigation on mobile devices, at an upcoming WE-DIG user meeting on Microsoft's campus Seattle next Wednesday (Dec. 1st).

MapPoint Technology May Be Featured in New MSN Search - November 11, 2004
From ClickZ News - "Microsoft is expected today to take the wraps off the beta of its new search engine, which incorporates natural language, local and personalized search features. The new search engine -- which lets users select tabs for Web, images, news or music searches -- is the result of two years of development work at the software giant." Microsoft will likely "continue to build its own proprietary content -- such as from Microsoft Money and Microsoft MapPoint -- into the search engine."

Mapping Hacks Available for Pre-order from Amazon - November 2, 2004
A new book from O'Reilly in the "Hacks" series is now available for pre-order from Amazon. "GPS units are nearly everywhere, integrated into cars and even mobile phones. With this collection of mostly free techniques, you can create and share useful digital mapping services of your own...". Authors include Schuyler Erle, Rich Gibson, and Jo Walsh. The book is 304 pages and is scheduled to be available December 2004.

MapPoint Location Server Gets Plug in InformationWeek - October 31, 2004
From InformationWeek - "Before year's end, Sprint is expected to introduce a service that uses Microsoft's MapPoint Web Service and MapPoint Location Server to let companies track field-service representatives, vehicles, or other assets as they move around the United States. Businesses can expect to see a growing number of similar offerings from other location-service providers..."

Pocket Streets 2005 Now for Smartphones and Pocket PC's - October 25, 2004
Pocket Streets 2005From - Pocket Streets 2005 "is an ideal companion for any tourist visiting a city for the first time. You can locate the nearest ATM or service garage, in fact Pocket Streets has an extensive in-built list of bank ATMs and public transportation sites. You can customize maps with personal points of interest, and a new measurement scale feature is expected to determine the distance between locations more accurately."

Keynote Helps MapPoint Web Service Performance - October 19, 2004
Keynote Systems (KEYN)Keynote Systems announced that the MapPoint Business Unit has chosen Keynote Performance Scoreboard and Keynote Diagnostic Service (KDS) to track service level compliance in the unit's MapPoint Web Service operations center. Keynote Performance Scoreboard allows operations centers to visually track service levels using a simple, easy-to-use portal to stay on top of performance and facilitate communications with other IT functional teams.

Pocket Street 2005 Available As Stand-Alone Product - October 18, 2004
The latest version of Pockets Streets is now available as a stand-alone boxed product. While originally introduced as a free product, it was later available for purchase as a software download through Handango.Notably, the map areas available for Pocket Streets continues to expand internationally.

CacheMinder Released By Geotenacity - October 16, 2004
CacheMinder is a database application based on Microsoft® ADO.NET® technology that is capable of performing database operations with geocache data. It is designed to assist you in managing geocaches located anywhere in North America while catering to your personal preferences and criteria.

Free Developer Seminar from MSDN - October 12, 2004
MapPoint TrainingMicrosoft will be offering a free demonstration on how developers can get started with the MapPoint Web Service as part of the the MSDN Web Application Development Series that is sweeping the nation in Oct/Nov/Dec. In addition to covering aspects of ASP.NET and VS.NET development, this half-day seminar will dedicate a full hour on how to unleash power of location with the MapPoint Web Service.

Pocket Streets 2005 Downloadable Maps - October 4, 2004
Several hundred maps for Pocket Streets 2005 are now available from the download center. Maps for Australia, Brazil, and also Athens, Greece are among the maps available in .mps format.

Mapping Your Data - August 15, 2004
From PC Magazine - When you're working with geographical data, sooner or later you'll probably want to plot it on a map. Prior to Excel 2002, Excel contained a tool to create maps from its data. But with newer versions, you need special software such as Microsoft MapPoint 2004 to create map-based charts. MapPoint can work both within Excel and on its own; here we will explore MapPoint's integration with Excel.

Microsoft Maps Out its Future - August 11, 2004
From The Sydney Morning Herald - The MapPoint database is becoming Microsoft's sole source of geographic data, using web services to supply maps to its Encarta encyclopedia software and online portals such as Carpoint and other businesses. Using standards such as SOAP and XML, MapPoint is open to developers working on non-Microsoft platforms such as Java and Linux.

Channel Development Strategy in Australia - August 10, 2004
From ARNnet - Microsoft launched a new developer platform at this year’s TechEd conference and is canvassing partner support. MapPoint has been available in the US and Europe for more than two years. It allows partners to build mapping applications such as online store locators.

MLS for Australia, MWS for New Zealand - August 5, 2004
From ZDNet Australia - Microsoft Australia announced the local launch of MapPoint Web Service 3.5 with the bold guarantee of uptime of 99.9 percent. Microsoft told delegates at the Tech Ed event in Canberra that they could guarantee the near 100 percent uptime or customers could be reimbursed five times the transactions missed.

Microsoft Launches MapPoint Web Service for Australia - August 4, 2004
Microsoft announced the Australian launch of Microsoft MapPoint Web Service 3.5. The MapPoint Web Service is Microsoft’s hosted platform for integrating maps, driving directions, proximity search, geocoding and other location-based functionality into applications and business processes.

MLS One of Many Technologies Workers Use To Stay Connected - July 26, 2004
From MLive: "Smart phones are attempting to replace GPS devices, using a technology called assisted GPS... MS plans to create new services for assisted GPS that allow businesses to locate workers or deliveries by tracking their phone signals."

Mobile and Embedded Devices Group Reports Increased Revenue - July 23, 2004
The Mobile and Embedded Devices group at Microsoft which includes MapPoint recently announced an increase in revenue of 59% for the April to June quarter and the group lost $26 million less than last year.

Streets & Trips 2005 Release Date - July 4, 2004
It has been variously reported that the next version of Streets & Trips is slated to be released August 16th. There will also be a version with an included GPS device.

After Slow Start, Location-Based Services Are on the Map - July 1, 2004
From eWeek - Hampered by the lack of killer applications and primitive handheld hardware, location-based services did not take off as predicted during the technology boom of the late 1990s.

MapPoint Australia Coming Within 12 Months - April 20, 2004
ZDNet Australia reports that a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed Microsoft is working on adding Australia to the MapPoint Web Service. Presumably it will be part of the next MWS release.

Software Review: Pocket Streets for MS Smartphone - April 10, 2004
From - "Pocket Streets has been available for Pocket PC for quite some time, but most MS Smartphone users have no prior experiences with the Pocket PC platform."

Symbian Falters in Battle With Microsoft - March 31, 2004
From the Register - "The battle between Nokia and Microsoft to dominate the mobile operating system was thrown into sharp relief this week as both upgraded their software platforms."

Cubistix Announces Results of Pechter's Test Application - March 23, 2004
Cubistix, an independent software developer located in New Jersey, has successfully completed a year of testing their Location Analytics software with Pechter's Baking Group, LLC.

MapPoint Location Server - March 22, 2004
Some information regarding the soon to be announced MapPoint Location Server product recently appeared in the MapPoint Web Service FAQ

Zipcar Driven by MapPoint Web Service - February 18, 2004
"Zipcar is not a Microsoft shop, he explained. Its servers run Linux with open-source middleware. Still, Russell said his search for map software led him to select MapPoint."

Sir Bill and His Dragons - February 11, 2004
From the Economist - Having survived a gruelling battle with America's trustbusters, Microsoft now faces a showdown in Europe. Meanwhile, another battle looms on the horizon

MapPoint Web Service 3.5 Released - February 10, 2004
The latest version of the MapPoint web service adds additional countries and new Find capability. The SDK includes new sample applications and automated POI uploads are now possible.

Bush Cheney '04 Web Site Using MapPoint - January 26, 2004 is using the MapPoint web service to help direct voters to their nearest polling station. MP2Kmag hears that additional applications are in the works.

Football Player Producing States - January 21, 2004
A feature article on a sports web site uses MapPoint to visually display locations from which football players originate with greater frequency. Six maps created with MapPoint 2002 images help to tell the story.

Microsoft Unveils the "Connected Car" - January 15, 2004
Microsoft has announced its first Connected Concept Cars -- using a Hummer H2, Cadillac CTS and BMW X5 -- at the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show in the USA.

MapPoint Gets a New Marketing Director - January 12, 2004
Tom Bailey replaces Andrew Mackles as Director of Marketing for the MapPoint Business Unit effective today. Tom Bailey was formerly a FrontPage product manager and lead product manager for Office.

SharedTrips Application Idea - December 30, 2003
Mark Sigal shares an application concept incorporating such disparate elements as Friendster, the MapPoint Web Service (MWS), Fodor's, and Expedia. Useful?

MapPoint Partner Tracking "Mad Cows" - December 29, 2003
Digital Angel Corporation stated that its proprietary, microchip meat safety systems are specifically designed to completely fulfill the livestock tracking and tracing needs necessary to minimize the human and animal health effects of “mad cow” disease

MapPoint A Platinum Sponsor of Mobile DevCon - December 17, 2003
Microsoft Mobile DevCon to be held March 23 - 27 in San Francisco is billed as the premier developer event for building and bringing to market mobile applications, content and services for the Windows Mobile and Windows platforms

Warflyers Seek Out Vulnerabilities with MapPoint - December 12, 2003
Kallahar writes "We went warflying over Los Angeles and Orange counties yesterday. Flying in a small plane at 1400 feet we detected 2013 802.11b APs in 75 minutes, 71% had no WEP encryption. A map and some pretty pictures are up at my writeup."

MapPoint to Use Computer Associates WSDM - December 9, 2003
Based on the Web Services Management Framework (WSMF) specification CA created in conjunction with IBM, Tcherevik said WSDM automatically discovers, tests and monitors J2EE- and .NET-based Web services, sending real-time alerts in case of a problem.

Microsoft to Pull MapPoint 2002 Off MSDN - December 8, 2003
On December 15, Microsoft will retire a range of legacy products from its MSDN Subscriber Downloads service, which the company designed to provide developer subscribers with access to its latest technologies and products.

Lombardi Discusses the Highlights of MapPoint 2004 - December 1, 2003
"The basemap, demographic, and point-of-interest data in the product is all new. A mapping tool is only as good as the data that ships with it. MapPoint 2004 includes the latest data available from our data suppliers."

MapPoint in MSDN Magazine - October 29, 2003
The December issue of MSDN magazine includes a brief interview with Steve Lombardi and another article providing an overview of Microsoft's public XML web services including MapPoint

Hypercubed Announces Coordinate Exchange 0.6 - October 22, 2003
Enhancements include better turn-by-turn route data extraction, the ability to import MapInfo data points, and improved GPS communication

GPS NavStar Version 3.0.0 Released - October 16, 2003
Mobile GPS Online announced the release of GPS NavStar version 3.0.0. GPS NavStar is an advanced GPS vehicle navigation system which uses MapPoint

SwissCom Launches 'HotSpot Locator' with MapPoint - October 13, 2003
Building on the .NET application server and development platform, Swisscom recently introduced its HotSpot Locator, an application that quickly finds the nearest public wireless LAN hotspot and displays its location using the MapPoint Web Service.

SARS App To Be Extended With MapPoint - October 12, 2003
The Best In Show - Enterprise application at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans is being extended with Microsoft MapPoint, to provide enhanced geographic reporting.

MapLinX Pro Advanced Query Tools Now Available - October 11, 2003
Linxoft Solutions Inc., creator of MapLinX Pro, a MapPoint Add-in tool for interactive query management and visualization of enterprise data from different data sources, recently announced the release of the software for commerical use.

Microsoft Announces MapPoint 2004 - September 18, 2003
Microsoft Corp. recently announced the availability of Microsoft MapPoint 2004 North America and Microsoft MapPoint 2004 European Edition, the latest versions of its business mapping and location-based data visualization software

Microsoft MapPoint Web Service Notice - September 3, 2003
A notification was recently sent out to MapPoint web service customers regarding an enhancement to their load balancing system.

AMD Hosts Virtual Geocaching Contest - August 28, 2003
AMD recently announced the High-Tech Treasure Hunt, a virtual GeoCaching contest where participants answer clues to find 64 global locations which have significance to technology, 64-bit computing or AMD.

MSN Premium Service for Broadband - August 28, 2003
MSN's recently announced premium service for broadband subscribers will feature MapPoint traffic reports. Beta testing is slated to begin next week with thousands of customers.

Web Services for Mobile Phones - August 20, 2003
Wireless carriers currently offer services that allow information to be "pushed" to your phone or accessed from your phone such as weather, stock quotes, news, traffic, and sports updates.

MapPoint 2004 Evaluation Edition - August 20, 2003
Sign up to register for notification of the MapPoint® 2004 Evaluation Edition consumer launch.

Move Over MapPoint - August 20, 2003
"In June, DeLorme sold nearly $1.2 million in mapping software and equipment, equaling Microsoft, which had dominated the market as it dominates most of the software markets it enters."

MP2Kmag Newsletter Now On-line - August 11, 2003
The latest MP2K Newsletter is now available on-line. Topics include MapPoint 2004 availability, an interview with Rik Temmink, and FCCJ teaches MapPoint. Subscribe by sending an e-mail here.

Web Services Enter the Mainstream - August 10, 2003
Because Web services allow different systems to talk to each other, making decisions and transactions based solely on machine communication, humans must be smarter than the machines. In short, we must know when to interfere.

MapPoint Apps in Web Mapping Contest - July 23, 2003
MapPoint Web Services applications took 1st and 2nd place in the Miscellaneous category in Direction Magazine's recent Web Mapping Contest.

Microsoft’s Kashmir Map Prompts Online Confrontation - June 17, 2003
From the Daily Times: "Certain Indian extremists in the United States have launched a campaign to protest against an alleged error in India’s map published in the Microsoft MapPoint 2002 software."

Manifold 5.5 Update Includes Support for MapPoint 2002 - June 16, 2003
If Microsoft MapPoint is installed on the same computer as Manifold System, Manifold can use the MapPoint geocoding engine to provide geocoding services to Manifold.

Outtask Integrates MapPoint Web Service - June 12, 2003
By integrating maps, driving directions, distance calculators and proximity searching capabilities, Cliqbook simplifies logistics for global travelers preparing for their next business trip.

Map-In-A-Box for ESRI ArcGIS Users - June 6, 2003
Map-In-A-Box offers cost-effective street data, geocoding and drive-time creation for ESRI ArcGIS users.

SEDONA Corporation Releases Intarsia V4.1 - June 2, 2003
Intarsia v4.1, a CRM application, features built-in analytical capabilities as well as support for Microsoft's SQL Server database and Microsoft's MapPoint office mapping and data visualization application platform.

Universal Alphanumeric Postal Code Proposed - June 2, 2003
With backing from Microsoft Corp., a Toronto company's dream of a universal addressing system is taking a step closer to reality.

FlyteComm Announces FlyteTrax II - May 29, 2003
The next generation browser-based flight tracking and weather display system from Flytecomm utilitzes Microsoft's MapPoint technology and offers nine detailed map options that continuously update aircraft position and flight status.

Mobile GPS Online Releases GPSTrackP - May 28, 2003
Mobile GPS Online recently released GPSTrackP, a vehicle tracking and management system that combines the low-cost passive data transfer of traditional tachograph-based systems with the tracking capability of GSM-based real-time tracking systems.

MapPoint Web Services and the Smarter Web - May 16, 2003
The web service version of MapPoint is one of many new technologies being incorporated into today's "High-IQ" web sites.

MapPoint 2004 Beta - May 5, 2003
We have heard reports that there exist beta builds of the next versions of MapPoint -- and they're called MapPoint 2004!

UK Retailer Combats Credit Card Fraud With MapPoint - April 28, 2003
Marks & Spencer, an UK-based retailer, is using MapPoint Web Services to detect and thwart credit card fraud by using drive time analysis.

MP2Kmag Newsletter Published - April 18, 2003
The latest MP2K Newsletter is now available on-line. Topics include Extending the ActiveX Control, Iraq War Maps, a SARS map, and much more. Subscribe by sending an e-mail here.

AGI Conference at GeoSolutions 2003 - April 14, 2003
Rik Temmink, EMEA Group Business Development Manager - Microsoft MapPoint of Microsoft will speak on day two at the upcoming AGI Conference in London.

Wireless Poised to Explode - April 11, 2003
By and large, we remain tethered — to our cable modems, DSL lines, wireline phones. But that will change in a big way, say experts.

MapPoint Loses .NET From its Name - April 8, 2003
As first reported by Directions Magazine last month and covered here in our newsletter, MapPoint .NET has been re-named MapPoint Web Services.

Mobile Location-Based Services - Part 1 - March 26, 2003
Directions Magazine recently published on article written by Steve Lombardi about his experience and past barriers to wide-spread of location-based services.

Bill Gates Keynote Speaker at Microsoft Mobility Developer Conference - March 21, 2003
Held in conjunction with CTIA Wireless 2003, the Microsoft Mobility Developer Conference featured SmartPhone and MapPoint Web Service technology.

Mobile GPS Online Releases New NavStar Release - March 19, 2003
Mobile GPS Online, a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Ontario recently announced the release of Laptop NavStar version 2.5.0.

Pocket Streets Conversion Tool Made Available - March 18, 2003
PSConvert is free allows you to "downgrade" into Pocket Streets 2002 and 2003 maps into Pocket Streets 2001 format.

MapLinX Pro Beta Released - March 17, 2003
Linxoft Solutions Inc., creator of MapLinX Pro™, a MapPoint Add-in tool for interactive query management and visualization of enterprise data from multiple databases, released the beta version of the software.

SRC Names Mapping Analytics Partner of the Year - March 16, 2003
SRC named Mapping Analytics its North American partner of the year for 2002. SRC recognized Mapping Analytics for its outstanding sales achievements as well as its creativity for building unique applications with SRC technology.

MapPoint .NET Announcements at CTIA - March 15, 2003
Microsoft's MapPoint Business Unit plans to make announcements regarding the MapPoint .NET Web Service at CTIA Wireless 2003 this week in New Orleans.

Office 2003 Beta 2 May Break MapPoint 2002 - March 11, 2003
Be forewarned, installing beta 2 of Office 2003 may conflict with MapPoint 2002 according to a ZDNet reviewer's experience.

MapPoint Large-Format Printing - March 10, 2003
Mattys Consulting recently announced a large-format printing service catering to the MapPoint community.

Two MapPoint .NET E-books Published - February 26, 2003
Siddharth Sharangpani' e-book is entitled "Providing GIS support to your applications using MapPoint .NET" and Costas Hadjisotiriou's is "Wireless MapPoint.NET services". Both are available for purchase and download on Amazon.

Intrado Teams With Microsoft - February 25, 2003
Intrado has formed an alliance with the Microsoft MapPoint Business Unit to develop and market services that integrate maps, driving directions and other location intelligence into mobile applications for business and consumer users.

MapPoint Featured in NASA Report - February 14, 2003
A top news item on NASA's Columbia web site includes a series of MapPoint maps depicting the shuttle's trajectory during re-entry.

Satellite Imagery of Shuttle Debris Area - February 5, 2003
Space Imaging's IKONOS Satellite captures debris area in Nacogdoches, Texas minutes after shuttle tumbles to earth.

MapPoint .NET Version 3.0 - November 23, 2002
An article on Advisor encourages readers to "download the MapPoint .NET software development kit (SDK) and access the MapPoint .NET Web service to add maps, location finding, and routing to an application."

MapPoint Mentioned in Gate's Comdex Address - November 19, 2002
A solution for Kinko's including MapPoint .NET technology was recently featured in Bill Gate's far-ranging Comdex fall keynote address. Gates was joined onstage by Gary Kusin, president and CEO of Kinko's to announce the new service.

MS Selects AGS Data To Power MapPoint Data Service - November 11, 2002
Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc. (AGS) is proud to announce an agreement that will enable Microsoft Corporation to distribute AGS’s market leading demographic and consumer marketing data through Microsoft’s Excel 11 spreadsheet application.

MapPoint .NET V3 to be released soon - October 29, 2002
According to the MapPoint .NET newsgroup, the public release of MapPoint .NET version 3.0 is expected in the first week of November. A preview of the feature list was recently made available to MP2KMag.

Microsoft Announces Intention to Acquire Vicinity - October 22, 2002
Microsoft will fold Vicinity into the MapPoint Business Unit in a deal valued at $96 million - a 33% to 49% premium to Vicinity's recent market valuations. The merger is expected to be completed before March 2003.

Mobile GPS Online Releases NavStar 2002 - October 14, 2002
Mobile GPS Online, a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, has released an Advanced GPS Vehicle Navigation System based on Microsoft MapPoint Technology – NavStar 2002.

Online mapmakers: Popular, prolific, not perfect - October 10, 2002
A recent article in USA Today reviews several on-line mapping sites including MSN MapPoint, MapBlast, MapQuest, and Yahoo! Maps.

Java Sample Application for MapPoint .NET - October 9, 2002
Developers building Location based applications with the Java programming language now have a feature rich MapPoint .NET sample application to get them started.

Mapping Solutions releases Map-In-A-Box - October 1, 2002
The new Map-In-A-Box product aims to make desktop mapping more user-friendly and productive by providing MapPoint functionality within the MapInfo Professional interface.

Epiphany helps Microsoft shine .Net light - September 30, 2002
Microsoft and CRM software company Epiphany aim to show how open Web services standards can lead to fruitful collaboration.

MapPoint Feature Available On-line in PDF format - September 26, 2002
A MapPoint supplement recently appeared in a European GIS magazine featuring tutorials, partner solutions, and a clear explanation of MapPoint and MapPoint .NET strategy.

Microsoft and AT&T Unveil Mobile Map Services - September 18, 2002
The two companies aim to deliver location-based services (LBS) such as driving directions, locations of other users and business contacts, and more.

Changes in MapPoint 2003 EULA - August 26, 2002
Microsoft recently sent a letter to registered MapPoint Partners regarding a clause that will appear in the MapPoint 2003 EULA affecting fleet management and vehicle tracking applications.

Steve Lombardi on the Microsoft/AT&T Alliance - August 25, 2002
An interview was recently published with Steve Lombardi, technical product manager of the Microsoft MapPoint Business Unit about the Microsoft/AT&T Alliance

Microsoft, AT&T Announce Wireless Alliance - July 31, 2002
Microsoft and communications giant AT&T announced a strategic alliance that includes MapPoint .NET mapping and location services and the .NET Compact Framework.

MapPoint Forum Evolution - July 18, 2002
MP2K is in the process of testing a new discussion forum. Among the new features are e-mail notification, statistics, private messages, and much more.

MapPoint .NET Sample Application - July 11, 2002
The MapPoint .NET sample application for devices allows the user to retrieve interactive maps, driving directions, and to find points of interest such as hotels or service stations on their Pocket PC.

MSN MapPoint Upgrades - June 12, 2002
The update adds support for European address matching, new map content (i.e. the same maps as MapPoint 2002, not 2001 as before), improved usability, route highlighting, turn by turn route maps, and more.

Dollar Does MapPoint .NET - June 10, 2002
Dollar Rent A Car implemented MapPoint .NET to power the location finder on their website

Magellan Ingenierie announces TourSolver - May 28, 2002
Last week, Magellan Ingenierie announced TourSolver, a product developed in exclusivity for Microsoft MapPoint 2002 in co-operation with Navigation Technologies

Interview with Michael Graff - May 8, 2002
Directions Magazine recently published an interview with Michael Graff, General Manager of the MapPoint Group.

Microsoft .NET Best Awards - April 22, 2002
Nearly half a million dollars in cash and prizes is being awarded in the .NET Best Awards, but time is running out.

MapPoint .NET Newsgroup Opened - April 18, 2002
A second MapPoint newsgroup was opened yesterday to focus on MapPoint .NET support.

Store Locator Demo - April 12, 2002
Microsoft posted a store Locator demo for Fourth Coffee, a ficticious coffee retailer.

Microsoft President/COO to Step Down - April 5, 2002
Rick Belluzzo, who was named to the post just over a year ago, will be leaving Microsoft as part of a broader reorganization. How does this effect Microsoft's Geography Team?

MapPoint .NET Evaluation Accounts - April 5, 2002
Microsoft recently began accepting requests for MapPoint .NET evaluation accounts.

Review of MapPoint European Edition - March 28, 2002
GeoInformatic's writes "With Microsoft's MapPoint, mapping and GIS-functionality will come closer to a wider audience of potential map users. Microsoft aims at real estate agents, business managers, sales managers, and business travellers."

MapPoint discussed on MapInfo-L - March 20, 2002
MapPoint 2002 was recently the topic of a popular thread on the MapInfo-L list hosted by Directions Magazine and moderated by Bill Thoen

Using MapPoint With Visual Basic .NET - February 18, 2002
An article on automating MapPoint in VB .NET appeared recently in the KnowledgeBase

MapPoint Geography Challenged By Indian Group - February 4, 2002
An Indian activist group is developing a petition to change the representation of areas currently designated as disputed.

Tech Ed Productivity Awards - February 3, 2002
The MapPoint Team asked us to tell you about the upcoming Tech Ed Business Productivity Awards, MapPoint as an Office product is of course eligible and they are hoping to see a MapPoint solution featured, there are many categories.

MapPoint .NET Beta Announced - January 30, 2002
Microsoft is now accepting applications to participate in their MapPoint .NET beta program

MSN MapPoint Launched - January 25, 2002
Yesterday, Microsoft launched MSN MapPoint, clearly positioned as an alternative to AOL's site

New MapPoint Evangelist? - January 23, 2002
Sources tell us Steve Lombardi will be replacing B.J. Holtgrewe as the MapPoint Evanglist

MapPoint .NET Defined, Beta Program Announced - January 21, 2002
Microsoft's MapPoint .NET site has been launched. MapPoint .NET is defined as "a SOAP programmable web service developed and hosted by Microsoft."

MapPoint .NET Partner Meeting Held - January 17, 2002
It has been reported that over 100 people attended a partner conference yesterday showcasing MapPoint .NET.

MapPoint 2002 Find Sample - December 10, 2001
There is a new code sample on MSDN that illustrates how to use the Microsoft MapPoint 2002 ActiveX Control and VB to replicate the find address, find place/data, and find latitude/longitude functionality of the stand-alone MapPoint 2002 application.

Hackers Leverage MapPoint Functionality - December 6, 2001
I think it's safe to say you won't see this reported on Microsoft's press page for MapPoint. The myriad uses people have found for MapPoint continues to astound.

A report and some images from New York - November 28, 2001
The new editor of Directions Magazine (which graciously hosts our community site) has published a first-hand account of the New York tragedy.

Spatial Data Importer Article on MSDN - November 1, 2001
The article explaining the spatial data importer developer sample has been spotted on MSDN.

MapPoint Europe Available in the U.S. - October 26, 2001
MapPoint Europe is now available through Microsoft for order in the U.S.

Review of MapPoint 2002 European Edition - September 11, 2001
Author says it should be called AutoRoute 2002 Plus Plus Plus

Microsoft MapPoint Alliance Program Launched - September 6, 2001
Besides being free, the program also has less legal requirements than the certified partner program

PocketStreets Update Released - August 27, 2001
Adds support for GPS and Outlook integration.

MapPoint on MSDN - August 11, 2001
MapPoint has been added to the MSDN library and includes comprehensive documentation and support for MapPoint developers.

Business Insight With MapPoint 2002 - April 23, 2001
Location-based information can be turned into business insight with Microsoft MapPoint 2002

Industry Press Releases - March 22, 2001
New version of MapPoint2002 revolutionizes business analysis

Pushpin Tool
Working with pushpins in MapPoint? Get the Microsoft MapPoint Pushpin Tool for just $75. The latest features include the ability to export lat/lon coordinates of pushpins to Excel and advanced find Pushpin functionality. Read more and purchase the tool here or go directly to paypal.

Affordable volume licensing now available for organizations wishing to distribute the Pushpin Tool to 5, 10, 20, or 50 or more users.

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