MapForums Newsletter - April Recap
Learn More about MapPointThis edition of the newsletter includes summary of activity on MapForums during the month of April.

In MapPoint and Virtual Earth news, we would encourage you to check out the really cool new 3D "version 2" cities in Virtual Earth. See the video in Recent News on MP2Kmag. Also on MP2Kmag, see the new article by Richard Marsden, A Simple Add-in for MapPoint API Beginners.

In the forum, we've added a section for "Other Mapping Platforms". Also, we will be upgrading the forum with a number of new features next week.

Also, look for lots of exciting things to start happening in the Map Elves Wiki including a new Company and Product directory. Let us know if you need help with creating an account and to get started with contributing and editing content on the Wiki.

Happy Mapping!


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0day import
linncountysheriff 05-01-2008
Australia and Greece Birds Eye Imagery is Live!
VE Team 05-01-2008
Display Single State: MapPoint 2006
dan.thompson 05-01-2008
April 2008 Microsoft Virtual Earth Newsletter
MapAdmin 05-01-2008
Route Geometry Exposed
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-01-2008
FindNearRoute with Virtual Earth 6.1 and SQL Server 2008
Johannes Kebeck's Blog 05-01-2008
Virtual Earth Imagery Release - April, 2008
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-01-2008
Nouvelle data release pour Virtual Earth
Virtual Earth Europe 04-30-2008

Find the distances between locations in minutes instead of hours.

Find the distances between locations in minutes instead of hours.
Find your closest offices to each of your customers.
Create atlas-style mileage tables, compute travel times and estimate costs.
Requires Microsoft MapPoint 2002 or later.
Prices from $60 (electronic), $75 (CD-ROM). Logo 
 Tools and Add-ins for Microsoft MapPoint
Another Update for Virtual Earth Imagery
Johannes Kebeck's Blog 04-30-2008
Probleme with access 2003 and MapPoint 2006
black_fox_71 04-30-2008
Tracking Virtual Earth Tile Usage
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-29-2008
hosting providers of mapxtreme2005
meenu 04-29-2008
Where in the World is Matt Lauer?
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-28-2008
New Virtual Earth 3D Techno Movie
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-28-2008
Microsoft Virtual Earth Partner Webinar and Offer for Free Training
VE For Government 04-28-2008
Navman Wireless Attains Gold Certified Partner Status In Microsoft Partner Program
RGC 04-28-2008
Associated Press article about the GPS Device Market
MapAdmin 04-28-2008
order mappoint 2009
Wilfried 04-28-2008
A Simple Add-in for MapPoint API Beginners
Eric Frost 04-28-2008
Calculating automatically with matrix
kikolino 04-28-2008
Using MapPoint WebSerice in Silverlight 2
OlafG 04-27-2008
Location Intelligence - VE + SQL Server 2008 Spatial
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-25-2008
c# - Map location to application
Dvonrick 04-25-2008
Mr. Excel Shows MapPoint
Eric Frost 04-25-2008
Take a Video Tour of Virtual Earth 3D
VE For Government 04-24-2008
BC Hydro
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-24-2008
New Version of Virtual Earth Intellisense Helper
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-24-2008
Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-24-2008
Virtual Casino
Eric Frost 04-24-2008
Yellow route?
nringdahl 04-24-2008
MapPoint 2006 Europe Plugin for Googe Earth
Textlink 04-24-2008
problem while read NMEA.txt file
nasirgul 04-24-2008
It's Music Festival Time!
VE Team 04-24-2008
Using your new Portable Navigation System with Web Mapping sites - Addendum
VE Team 04-23-2008
Virtual Earth Developer News
VE Team 04-23-2008
New User: Converting to ShapeFiles?
startyde 04-23-2008
Merging Mappoint Files
AgDawg 04-23-2008
Travel of India Delhi,Taj Mahal Agra,Goa Tours,Kerala Travel
shashi 04-23-2008
Happy Earth Day, 2008
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-22-2008
Mappoint Web Service Distance and direction between two points
aks81 04-22-2008
Drawing Multiple Radius Circles
AgDawg 04-22-2008
Problems with Mappoint using xcel 2007
shodan 04-22-2008
problems to load a card with visual c# 2005
black_fox_71 04-22-2008
Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D Data Labs Featured on Denver Channel 9 News
VE For Government 04-21-2008
problem in GetLocation();
nasirgul 04-21-2008
Navman Wireless Hires Director of Sales and Marketing
RGC 04-21-2008
Sungevity Uses Virtual Earth to help sell Solar Panels
VE Team 04-21-2008
Virtual Earth Data Center now powered by Wind
VE Team 04-19-2008
Using your new Portable Navigation System with Web Mapping sites
VE Team 04-19-2008
Why not use Microsoft Streets & Trips?
Marathon Man 04-19-2008
Microsoft Unveils Wind Powered Virtual Earth 3D Data Lab
VE For Government 04-18-2008
Generating map of particular area
TKW 04-18-2008
Any MapServer users out there?
Winwaed 04-17-2008
Virtual Earth 3D on WISC TV 3
VE For Government 04-17-2008
Eric Frost 04-17-2008
Allow for County Line Visibility
anon 04-17-2008
Trying to integrate Excel data into MapPoint
checkedout 04-17-2008
Programming individual territories and mapping data
devnait 04-17-2008
Books and/or Training Manuals
Sco 04-17-2008 using MultiMap in the UK
VE Team 04-16-2008
Keyhole Markup Language (KML) - Now standardized. Plus some KML/GML debate.
VE Team 04-16-2008
Safari and iPhone get the Birds Eye Treatment
VE Team 04-16-2008
Place Categories
a_m 04-16-2008
Optimize performance
andrea 04-16-2008
Delete previous pushpins
nasirgul 04-15-2008
Can Mappoint distinguish truck routes?
ProServ 04-15-2008
DataSource Name
Amokrane 04-15-2008
DreamSpark - Professional Dev Tools for Students. FREE!
VE Team 04-15-2008
Any updates for 2006?
Integraoligist 04-15-2008
FindNearBy --> Postal code around a point
andrea 04-15-2008
MP Access DB Demographic Data use
mmartin 04-14-2008
Open Source solution for viewing ESRI .SHP files with Virtual Earth
VE Team 04-14-2008
Live Maps is back in the UK!
VE Team 04-14-2008
Mappoint 2006 --> how to set start/end/stop point
andrea 04-14-2008
delete previous pushpin toadd new one.
nasirgul 04-13-2008
Free Web Cast for Virtual Earth Developers
Eric Frost 04-12-2008
Virtual Earth v6.1 Map Control API Released!
Keith Kinnan's Weblog 04-12-2008
Virtual Earth Technical Briefing
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-12-2008
Live Search Maps Update!
Keith Kinnan's Weblog 04-12-2008
Walking Directions Sample in VE 6.1
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-11-2008
My First Virtual Earth 6.1 Application
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-11-2008
shared access to mappoint data via terminal server
jcasteel 04-11-2008
Limiting Your View
Homes 04-11-2008
Impressive Virtual Earth Update
Eric Frost 04-11-2008
Virtual Earth NEW & IMPROVED!
VE For Government 04-11-2008
Top MapPoint Knowledge Base Articles
Eric Frost 04-11-2008
How to obtain totals by Custom Territory?
Andrea_Dainese 04-11-2008
What's new in Virtual Earth version 6.1?
Johannes Kebeck's Blog 04-11-2008
Wrong ZIP Codes on Map point 2006 Pleaaaase HELP !!!
jawad 04-11-2008
New Virtual Earth API Release - Virtual Earth 6.1
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-11-2008
The New Release of Live Maps and Virtual Earth 3D is now Live!
VE Team 04-10-2008
Environmental Support Solutions Conference
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-10-2008
Catching up on VE news
VE Team 04-10-2008
NY Times covers new Traffic feature due to launch today
VE Team 04-10-2008
Map Point Web Service & Sonic Wall Firewall
KMarshall 04-10-2008
MapPoint WebService & MapPoint -- > SDK
andrea 04-10-2008
Pushpin Find
JoeBo 04-10-2008
GIS Solutions
sreejas 04-10-2008
Live Search Maps API
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-10-2008
Virtual Bird's Eye
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-10-2008
Microsoft Virtual Earth for Scorecard Views
VE For Government 04-09-2008
Rotate Map Programatically?
Cincinnatus 04-09-2008
Lazy Loading the Virtual Earth MapControl
Johannes Kebeck's Blog 04-09-2008
Drawing Custom Regions
stuby085 04-09-2008
MapPoint 2006 integrated with SQL Server Reporting Services
nirajpatel 04-09-2008
Back to excel
Kees Kaag 04-09-2008
Microsoft Partners With Institut Géographique National to Advance Digital Mapping in France
Virtual Earth Europe 04-09-2008
Microsoft annonce un partenariat avec l’Institut Géographique National pour une cartographie numérique avancée en France
Virtual Earth Europe 04-09-2008
Geocoding with Virtual Earth
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-08-2008
Geospatially Enabling Microsoft SharePoint with Visual Fusion Suite
VE For Government 04-07-2008
birds eye view
derknchelle 04-06-2008
How many points can you add to Virtual Earth?
Johannes Kebeck's Blog 04-06-2008
Mappoint Demographic Data translasion
mmartin 04-05-2008
GeoWeb 2008
Eric Frost 04-05-2008
Showing GPS position?
alexus 04-04-2008
Lat/Lons of the Corners of a Rectangle Object
Eric Frost 04-04-2008
What type of value is returned by DistanceTo?
OOT 04-04-2008
MapPoint is Awesome
Eric Frost 04-04-2008
Expand or Change Topics
Eric Frost 04-03-2008
Virtual Earth as a geosocial networking platform: 5 Questions About ((Echo))MyPlace
VE For Government 04-03-2008
Silverlight 2.0 + Flickr + Virtual Earth Mashup
Eric Frost 04-03-2008
GPS Tracking and Child Safety
persona2020 04-03-2008
FindAddress method loses data
mpgrewal 04-03-2008
Accès à Virtual Earth via Live Search Maps en France
Virtual Earth Europe 04-02-2008
March 2008 Virtual Earth Newsletter
MapAdmin 04-02-2008
SQL Server 2008
Eric Frost 04-02-2008
Virtual Earth Technical Briefing
Johannes Kebeck's Blog 04-02-2008
Virtual Earth as Gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar
Johannes Kebeck's Blog 04-02-2008
National Association of Broadcasters Conference
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-01-2008
Virtual Earth Plug-in for Wordpress
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 04-01-2008
Live Search for Mobile
Eric Frost 04-01-2008
DriveMILE Zones
ekrupa25 04-01-2008