MapForums Newsletter - May Recap
Learn More about MapPointThis edition of the newsletter includes summary of activity on MapForums during the month of May, 2008.

The MapForums software platform was upgraded in the last month, see a list of new features.

There are three new articles on MP2K Magazine: "Excel Basics to Blackbelt": A Reference Text for MapPoint Integration, Routene Excel and MapPoint Update, and Using Virtual Earth with OpenLayers. Also, Winwaed released a free Shape Name Utility.

Stay tuned in the coming months and weeks for some exciting news about the next versions of MapPoint North America and MapPoint Europe!

Happy Mapping!
MapForums Team

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"Excel Basics to Blackbelt": A Reference Text for MapPoint Integration
MapAdmin 06-04-2008
Excel Basics to Blackbelt: An Accelerated Guide to Decision Support Designs
Eric Frost 06-04-2008
Push Pin Lat & Long
marlin9199 06-04-2008
Humanitarian Information Centre for Myanmar
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 06-04-2008
Driving Retail Profit with Visualization Technology
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 06-03-2008
MapPoint vs ArcView ?
michaeljamesjohnston 06-03-2008
Realcomm Conference
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 06-02-2008
Pushpin issue
bartj 06-02-2008
Population by Zip Code
chiri 06-02-2008
Custom Point of Intrest
Don Burroughs 06-02-2008
[C#][MapPoint Automation] Z-Order problem
mshadow 06-02-2008
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 06-01-2008
Integrating Excel into MP06
plscahill 06-01-2008
Personal Point of Intrest
Don Burroughs 05-31-2008
Trulia - Snapshot
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-31-2008
Using Mapoint INSIDE a MS Acess database
manayala 05-30-2008
VE Jamaica
BWard 05-30-2008
Virtual Earth Public Sector Customers: Be Heard!
VE For Government 05-30-2008
newbie needs sample VB6 code to insert pins from post codes
microman 05-30-2008
MapPoint Webservice + Silverlight Problem
PTIncubus 05-30-2008
Virtual Earth Satisfaction Survey
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-30-2008
UK Developers - Get Mashed at the Ally Pally
VE Team 05-29-2008
Stamen Design delivers More innovation in UI for Trulia
VE Team 05-29-2008
Mt. Rushmore in Birds Eye
VE Team 05-29-2008
Microsoft's Virtual Earth Platform Selected by Leading State and Regional Agencies in the United States
VE For Government 05-29-2008
Microsoft Virtual Earth: Software Plus Services or SaaS?
VE For Government 05-29-2008
Using 2006 data in 2004
acs680 05-28-2008
Managing City Projects on Virtual Earth
VE For Government 05-28-2008
Zip Codes
xolodno 05-28-2008
Mapping Wizard
mmartin 05-28-2008
[C#] Find a name of a street with Longitude and latitude Or X Y Lambert Positions
black_fox_71 05-28-2008
Getting Location
lakshmi_tirumal 05-27-2008
Virtual Earth features
devnait 05-26-2008
A couple of things (shapes & route calculation)...
jlewis 05-25-2008
how receive data from unit through port
meenu 05-25-2008
Using Virtual Earth with OpenLayers
Eric Frost 05-23-2008
Display distance scale in MP control
kaborka 05-22-2008
Recenter the map
lakshmi_tirumal 05-22-2008
Top 100 Photo Contest - Win $10,000!
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-21-2008
Weather Central and 3D Weather Broadcasts
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-21-2008
Removing a DS from a map
mmartin 05-21-2008
Eric Frost 05-21-2008
Inconsistent results with ObjectsFromPoint
kaborka 05-20-2008
Threading with textbox.text
nasirgul 05-20-2008 Helps Solve Memorial Day Driving Issues
MapAdmin 05-20-2008
NAVTEQ Traffic Mobile™ Powers Verizon Wireless Traffic Application
MapAdmin 05-20-2008
Getting Addresses Using Aerial Photos
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-20-2008
Winwaed announce new product: Shape Name Utility
Winwaed 05-19-2008
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-17-2008
Trips and Pics with Microsoft Virtual Earth
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-16-2008
Does Microsoft still have a plan to release new MapPoint version?
bluefireball 05-16-2008
Live Maps for China - New release is Live today!
VE Team 05-16-2008
China Mashups with Virtual Earth
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-16-2008
I just flew in from Where 2.0...
VE Team 05-16-2008
Virtual Earth Case Study: Regional Government Alliance Builds Connections with Integrated Mapping
VE For Government 05-15-2008
Helping out after the China quakes
VE Team 05-15-2008
Virtual Earth on CSI: New York
VE For Government 05-15-2008
Coastal Boundaries
Steve Wenck 05-15-2008
Mapping Earthquakes in China
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-15-2008
An invalid argument was encountered.
EdB 05-14-2008
Navman Wireless Oem Solutions Enhances Leading Line Of Gps Receiver Modules
RGC 05-14-2008
Virtual Earth and OpenLayers
Winwaed 05-13-2008
Reminder: Microsoft Virtual Earth Partner Webinar and Offer for Free Training
VE For Government 05-13-2008
Virtual Earth Quarterly Technical Briefing
Eric Frost 05-13-2008
Customize User Page
Eric Frost 05-13-2008
Information about area
looney_doc 05-13-2008
Territory information
looney_doc 05-13-2008
Gps task pane in ActiveX
renatoa 05-13-2008
Worldwide Telescope Now Available!
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-13-2008
c++ - setting the color of a line
leopoldB 05-12-2008
Initial Costa Rica MapServer map is up & running!
Winwaed 05-12-2008
Satellite Images of Myanmar Cyclone Damage
Eric Frost 05-12-2008
Virtual Earth Loyalist: Aerial View
VE For Government 05-11-2008
Virtual Earth Webcast: Adding Mapping Capabilities to your Applications with Virtual Earth
VE For Government 05-11-2008
Leaving messages on the Virtual Earth for Government blog site
VE For Government 05-11-2008
Get new Lat & Lon from speed
nasirgul 05-11-2008
Integrating Virtual Earth Maps and Excel 2007
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-09-2008
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-09-2008
ADODB Recordset to MapPoint.DataSet
devnait 05-09-2008
Why my new phone isn't an iPhone
VE Team 05-08-2008
Version 6.0 to 6.1 Auto-Upgrade Alert & V 3-5 Deprecation Reminder
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-08-2008
Accessing MultiMap in the UK. Plus a comparison of UK mapping sites.
VE Team 05-08-2008
Duplicate double-clicking State name in code?
OOT 05-08-2008
Multi-multi-core AMD chips
Eric Frost 05-07-2008
Graticule Grids in Virtual Earth
VE Team 05-07-2008
Location & FindResults not always returning City/State/etc.?
OOT 05-07-2008
findout centre of location from a set of long and lat
meenu 05-07-2008
How to terminate the process of async webservice method
Derfson 05-07-2008
Microsoft Spatial
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-07-2008
Virtual Earth Updates for April 2008
VE For Government 05-06-2008
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-06-2008
Virtual Earth - Now Hiring
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-05-2008
Where 2.0
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-05-2008
searching for a map control
elven_cris 05-05-2008
NAVTEQ Announces Semifinalists for the 2008 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge® - APAC
MapAdmin 05-05-2008
How to detect a particular pushpin
Gerhard Faber 05-05-2008
Photosynth featured on CSI
VE Team 05-04-2008
mmartin 05-04-2008
Microsoft Abandoning Yahoo Acquisition
Eric Frost 05-03-2008
Microsoft Pro Photo Tools
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-02-2008
Explore Wikipedia with Live Maps
VE Team 05-02-2008
Pepperwhite Map OCX
BWard 05-01-2008
The EcoMap CostaRica website is now up!
Winwaed 05-01-2008
Forum Upgrade
Eric Frost 05-01-2008
0day import
linncountysheriff 05-01-2008
Australia and Greece Birds Eye Imagery is Live!
VE Team 05-01-2008
Display Single State: MapPoint 2006
dan.thompson 05-01-2008
April 2008 Microsoft Virtual Earth Newsletter
MapAdmin 05-01-2008
Route Geometry Exposed
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-01-2008
FindNearRoute with Virtual Earth 6.1 and SQL Server 2008
Johannes Kebeck's Blog 05-01-2008
Virtual Earth Imagery Release - April, 2008
VirtualEarth MSDN Blog 05-01-2008