MapForums Newsletter - July Recap
Learn More about MapPointThis edition of the newsletter includes summary of activity on MapForums during the month of July, 2008.

The biggest news is that we will be shipping MapPoint 2009 North America with our MapPoint Power Tools Spreadsheet September 1st.

MapPoint 2009 information has now appeared on Microsoft's web site (click banner above to the right) including a list of New and Improved Features (scroll down). Of course most people will want the new version for the updated street/cartographic and demographic data, but the new GPS / Navigation features and sleek modern interface will also appeal to users.

The price is the same as MapPoint 2006, there is once again a retail SKU with GPS, and nothing has changed in the API so there should be minimal if any intervention needed to adapt existing programs or swap MapPoint 2009 into applications integrated with MapPoint. Our first article about New Features in MapPoint 2009 was published yesterday along with a couple other new articles which will be announced in an upcoming MP2K Magazine Newsletter. Links to all of the articles and the discussion area for the articles is here.

Probably the second biggest news is that we have launched a MapForums Plus membership option which includes Data Downloads and also includes access to updates of the MapPoint Power Tools spreadsheet. A six month subscription is included with MapPoint 2009 if you order through us or a three month subscription can be purchased for $19.95.

More information and MapPoint 2009 ordering page.

MapPoint 2009 Europe is expected to be available in 2009.

Finally, MapForums shot past 20,000 posts in this past month! Thanks to everyone who has made the board in its various forms a success over the years. In the interest of achieving 100,000 posts sometime during my lifetime, we will be awarding free three-month MapForums Plus memberships or extensions to whoever writes the most posts each month during the rest of the year.

Listed below are all the topics/threads which were started -OR- replied to during the month of July sorted by the number of replies with the thread having the most number of replies on top.

Happy Mapping!
MapForums Team

Title: Thread Starter: Thread Start Date:
-- Threads with the most replies --
MapPoint 2006 object initialization fails in ASP.NET 2.0
dawa 08-20-2007
Mappoint 2004 slowness on dual processor/dual core machines
Matt Foroughi 03-01-2006
MappointControl 2004/2006 compatible ?
marcick 07-24-2008
"invalid argument; input argument 'latitude' is not a valid 'float' value"
hgeek 07-04-2008
Pepperwhite Map OCX
BWard 05-01-2008
Using mappoint with a USB gps unit?
zb61 10-19-2007
Help with Routing
razprod 07-03-2008
deleting shapes
bartj 06-25-2008
how to get a MapPoint Web Service ID?
hrp313 07-30-2008
Map point crashes on heavy traffic
mbafekr 07-29-2008
Run-Time Error help
cadehuff 07-28-2008
Open Access Record via Mappoint Pin
k2man 07-27-2008
multiple distance queries
bryanscott53 07-02-2008
School - Multiple Bus Routes.
Shragel 06-28-2007
Work with mapinfo by VB6, help me!!!
Anonymous 03-01-2004
Utility to move pushpins to correct side of street
Anonymous 01-30-2003
Calculate area of territory
BEPLUNAG 07-23-2008
Problem with the QueryShape method
occellad 07-17-2008
problems with reading in excel files in Mappoint 2006
muralik 07-17-2008
how to zoom to a specific area ?
marcick 07-11-2008
How To Include the Legend of MapPoint 2006 to Excel File
ZLL 06-18-2008
Reverse Geocoding Request.
rainmanjam 01-15-2008
Using longitude and latitude to find adress
Edward_Carnby 09-04-2003
which is the transformation that MP use to convert....
Anonymous 03-28-2002
Installation errors in Microsoft MapPoint NA 2009
romesh 08-04-2008
Problem calling AddPolyline in C++
moonlit 07-23-2008
Looking for Mappoint Freelancer
Tarobi 07-22-2008
arrows problem...
flaviomota12 07-21-2008
.GetLocation gives Phone Number not Address sometimes
mastermind 07-18-2008
Automatic update in mappoint from excel changes
nhodges 07-18-2008
No Pop Data for Zip Codes
hruhe 07-14-2008
Hello, Dear all
AunMgis 07-14-2008
MapPoint 2006 C# - No class implementing 'Application'-interface?
STSJohn 07-10-2008
Displaying scroll bars on zooming the map
lakshmi_tirumal 07-09-2008
Black ring around added shapes
bartj 07-07-2008
Importing LatLongs and postcodes from excel
apgriffiths 07-01-2008
routing multiple vehicles
Buffy Hunt 06-17-2008
Is it possible?
scarlson1211 06-10-2008
GPS Tracking and Child Safety
persona2020 04-03-2008
find Location Name through Longitude Latitude
Anonymous 01-31-2005
Preventing selection of shape on the map
lakshmi_tirumal 07-29-2008
Toolbar event?
joerg3011 07-23-2008
Almost 20,000 posts
Eric Frost 07-21-2008
Registering MapPoint 2006 through code
Nunezilla 07-17-2008
250,000+ Locations
Dingo1Dave 07-17-2008
Export Long/Lat from MP 2004
JeffMc123 07-16-2008
how get the current zoom level ?
marcick 07-15-2008
C# need to get driving miles
oran 07-10-2008
Mappoint 2006 US version
geordie809 06-28-2008
Queryshape not returning all records 06-27-2008
How to add Rail Lines
COPA 06-25-2008
Find address given hotel name and city
jayati 06-24-2008
Programmatically Importing ESRI Shape Files
NinadJog 06-12-2008
Route optimization
Lanzo 06-12-2008
Mappoint Installation issue
jacky3212 11-20-2006
Data transfer MP/Excel
Anonymous 11-25-2004
Access denied trying to set waypoint.preferredarrival
stephenmillington 06-15-2004
Sales Trends example
coutinhor 08-02-2008
mappoint 6 manual
Jennifer 07-29-2008
hiiiiiiiiii every one
troy_yy 07-26-2008
Best way to print/view maps with pushpins and balloon information
za6000 07-24-2008
ARRIVE time ranges instead of single time
StephenJay 07-23-2008
Data Spatial Import
fjaviergb 07-23-2008
programatically close a ballon
wpc458 07-23-2008
How to import traffic census data from Excel into MapPoint?
Sheldon 07-22-2008
map.FindAddressResults Problems
voelkl25 07-22-2008
olifallon 07-22-2008
mac1234mac 07-22-2008
Adolys pushpin manager
mslanham 07-21-2008
GPS trail line color
onelegna 07-17-2008
c# create custom symbols
wpc458 07-16-2008
oran 07-16-2008
MapPoint 2006 vista problem
dluper 07-11-2008
Export data within a territory
meganmjohnson1 07-11-2008
Pocket Streets maps
JL Taylor 07-09-2008
Territory definition
mr4tno 07-08-2008
Mappoint 2006 runaway?
EvetsMostel 07-08-2008
Using calculations from MapPoint
nringdahl 07-07-2008
Postcode Data- Northern Ireland
pmgkuma 07-03-2008
Side by Side comparison 2006 and 2009
jwellman 07-01-2008
Mappoint failed to load error..
kbtech 07-01-2008
Checking the vertex within the shape
lakshmi_tirumal 06-30-2008
Introduction Mappoint 2006
Ytsje 06-21-2008
Give me reason to move to Mappoint from ESRI ArcIMS
haroonsiddiqi 06-12-2008
Spatial Data Improt source no longer in MS download - anyone know where it is ?
tfmiltz 06-11-2008
MapPoint vs ArcView ?
michaeljamesjohnston 06-03-2008
RouteWriter v2 Released
Winwaed 11-19-2007

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