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Company Profile: Info Touch

In our continuing series, MP2K profiles a company actively developing a vertical-market solution using MapPoint


Info Touch Technologies Corp. is the award winning kiosk solution provider integrating Microsoft’s MapPoint 2002 active X control into Surfnet Premiere, best-in-class secure kiosk management software platform. The integrated mapping solution enhances the functionality of public access Internet kiosks and empowers the users in prime real estate locations (shopping malls, convenience stores, ferry terminals, airports, etc) to obtain an array of mapping information. The mapping solution will be part of the standard application offering on most kiosks.


In Summer 2001, Info Touch planned for the phase I deployment of ZapLink kiosks at Circle K/Phillips 66 convenience stores. Info Touch, which has been already provisioned some of the largest kiosk deployments in the kiosk history, initiated an evaluation process on how to bring together numerous technology, including a comprehensive mapping solution. We identified technical and practical requirements for choosing the best software solution. These criteria included: cost, accuracy, visual quality of maps, development and integration process, support, etc.


We were also looking for mapping solutions that enable:

  • Users to browse and view detailed maps and directions
  • Users to print, email or receive such maps/directions via infrared to a Pocket PC
  • Users to plan long cross-country trips
  • Anyone to obtain and record detailed directions to a destination point
  • Kiosk operators to enhance their ROI by selling powerful mapping-based advertising
  • Users to find and locate nearby places (i.e. restaurants, hotels, landmarks, etc.)
  • Anyone to obtain and record detailed directions to a destination point
  • Integrating powerful locating services for stores, service depots or dealer locations with channels of communication such as VOIP & E-mail

Furthermore, we were looking an easy to use multifunction solution enabling the delivery of meaningful mapping services at the street level. The embedded solution entails detailed maps of North America and Europe for practical applications in traditional bricks-and-mortar environments, such as restaurants, hotels, landmarks, civic offices, etc. After careful analysis, we decided that Microsoft MapPoint was the most suitable software solution.

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MapPoint is a Microsoft innovation designed for everyday use, and users of any skill level to access interactive and detailed maps of North America. MapPoint 2002 enables business people and average users alike to make informed decisions based on up-to-date mapping, geographic, and statistical information. The agility of the MapPoint solution allows businesses and organizations to customize maps for targeted customers.

About Info Touch:

Info Touch Technologies Corporation is an advanced technology public company with the vision to define the new parameters of the clicks n’ mortar paradigm. Info Touch recognizes the interdependence and synergy between brick and web based business models. Info Touch offers clicks n’ mortar solutions that are highly customizable and applicable in virtually every industry segment with areas of focus including Retail, Finance and Government. Info Touch is shaping the clicks n’ mortar model by assisting to better and more tangibly integrate Internet strategies in their overall operations.

Info Touch has been in operation since 1997, and is a pioneer in Internet kiosk technology. Info Touch has assumed the leadership role in incorporating state-of-the-art software and engineering solutions in the design and manufacturing of public Internet access kiosks. Info Touch has developed Surfnet Premiere, the latest public access kiosk management software, designed to provide an unparalleled level of security.

Over the years, Info Touch has actively and aggressively targeted the North American, European, and Asian market with the worldwide sale of over 8,000 kiosk terminals and Surfnet products. Info Touch has demonstrated a successful record in providing Fortune 1000 companies with highly customized clicks n’ mortar- and Internet kiosk solutions.

Info Touch has an impressive client list, which includes: Cable and Wireless (Caribbean), MCI WorldCom, Telecom Mexico, Telmex, Chapters Indigo Bookstore, Future Shop/Best Buy, Macs/Couchetard, Phillips 66 (Circle K), Chase Manhattan Bank, the U.S. Army, Marines Corps and Navy. Info Touch’s technologies truly enable e-commerce and communication. In order to ensure that it is always on the leading edge, Info Touch has cultivated strong technology partnerships and integrated best-in-class solutions with companies such as Compaq (Hardware & Leasing), Microsoft (Worldwide leader in Software technology), MCI WorldCom (Connectivity Solutions), and alike.

The company's web site is at

Readers are invited to see a screenshot in the gallery.

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