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MP2K Magazine sends out the MP2K Update monthly which summarizes articles, news, and other developments on the site readers. This is a very effective medium for advertising your solution or company's services. There are presently over 4,000 subscribers.

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This ad space appears near the top of the e-mail newsletter just below the summary of contents.

The premium ad gives you an opportunity to describe or introduce your company's product or service and contains an image of your organization or product logo. Placement subject to availability, there is only one premium ad space available in each issue!

MapLinx Pro
MapLinX Pro: The Ultimate Database Tool
for Microsoft MapPoint!

MapLinX Pro is a full-fledged add-on query tool that is seamlessly integrated with MapPoint 2002/2004. This scalable solution is designed to meet the needs of any sized business, whether you are a single proprietary user or part of a large-scale global enterprise it can help you provide extensive business intelligence capabilities including the ability to geocode, query, map and analyze corporate information upon virtual maps with minimum effort.

Standard ad
Standard ads follow the same format as the premium ad but appear lower in the body of the newsletter. Up to two standard ad spaces are available per issue.

AutoRoute 2004Microsoft AutoRoute 2004 Clearance - Need European Maps?

In North America and traveling to Europe or have a need for European maps? Our remaining inventory of AutoRoute 2004 is being offered at a clearance price of just $37.99. Free shipping to  North America only. You must click here to take advantage of the special offer.  There will never be a more ideal time to get European maps.MapPoint 2004 European Maps

We also have two copies of MapPoint 2004 European maps available for $299. The European maps are not generally available from retailers in North America and can be very hard to find. Click here to order, first come first serve.

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Premium $525 $445 $355 $320
Standard $400 $320 $260 $220

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