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This section of the magazine will serve as an index to various bits of material related to the Spatial Data Importer scattered around the site.

We've been working on an initial article to introduce the importer for the past couple weeks, but unfortunately that is not ready yet, probably by this weekend.

First, a Microsoft article introducing and explaining the importer is available on MSDN at

See a past, related article on NavGlobe, the Journal of Global Navigation and Wireless Communication.

Along this vein, we would like to announce a contest for a Free Full MapPoint license. At least three types of submissions are welcome:

1. Additional mif/shape data samples.. these may go in our article (if submitted right away) or in a separate section of the site..

2. A .ptm file or screenshot of a project (can be mocked up or fake) that uses the Spatial Data Importer developer sample.

3. An extension or 'fix' to the developer sample or even a review or article explaining further likely avenues for developers to pursue in working with the sample. (expect a lot of these from MP2K's own staff, stay tuned :-)

Send submissions to, the deadline is December 1, 2001.

One Free Full MapPoint 2002 license (or perhaps even two or three if warranted) will be awarded to the best submission(s) which will be routed to the appropriate part of the site. At a minimum you can expect to see your name on MP2K...

You can order the trial version of MapPoint at

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