New at MP2K Magazine, 7/23/2002

Our new MapPoint Forum announced last month was a success, with over 65 new questions and answers. We've decided to go one better and introduce a newly scripted forum which we are still testing, but feel free to register, put it through a test drive and report back to us on your likes and dislikes:

This week's contents:
   - a summary of recent articles and news
   - continuing contest: .mbd circus
   - the latest tip: microsoft knowledge base

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Geodesy: MapStuff Release version 0.9
Windsway Company is releasing some Geodesy oriented software as open souce code. This is not a complete application but rather a set of routines that you can use to build your own applications.

Merging Multiple Routes
In this article, Chip Pearson demonstrates a method to merge several MapPoint files in to a single "Master" route programmatically with VBA.

Another New MapPoint Forum on MP2K
This is still being tested and integrated into the site, but take a moment to register and give it a whirl.

MapPoint .NET Sample Application
A sample application written for the .NET Compact Framework has been published on

The Fundamentals of GPS
An article at Directions Magazine last week explains the fundamentals of GPS.

New GPS Add-in at The MapPoint Toolbox. Tom Thomas has released GPS Plus for MapPoint 2002, a custom GPS tracking tool that reads data from a GPS device and plots the data in MapPoint 2002.


We are assembling a feature on how to use MapPoint with Access and looking for submissions of simple tips, code examples, examples of solutions, and anything other news about integrating Access and MapPoint. Send submissions in MDB format to[AccessContest]. All submissions will be credited and one winner will be awarded a free full copy of MapPoint 2002. See a current article at for help in getting started.

The July 31st deadline is approaching rapidly.


The Microsoft Knowledge Base contains a wealth of MapPoint information. We've launched a new page already indexing many of the articles here: Stay tuned for further developments.

Finally, consider writing for us. A description of a recent solution or project you've worked on, an innovative code sample, a tutorial, anything is welcome and will be reviewed and edited for publication. Join the ranks of the MP2K Authors!

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Eric Frost
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