New at MP2K Magazine, 11/26/2001

Dear MP2K Magazine Reader,

It has been a great couple of weeks for MapPoint users -- the Spatial Data Importer Sample was released and MapPoint Europe is finally available in North America.

First off, I would like to welcome Walt Cygan who joins us as a contributing editor. You can see a brief bio at Without further ado:

This week's contents:
    - a summary of recent articles and news
    - tip of the week: MapPoint on MSDN
    - contest round-up, a delighted winner

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MapPoint 2002 and High-end GIS Functionality Living in Harmony
BJ Holtgrewe, a Senior Product Manager/Technical Evangelist for MapPoint talks about the Spatial Data Importer
Spatial Data Importer Article on MSDN
An article about the spatial data importer developer sample on MSDN.
Reverse Geocoding, Pt. III
Walt Cygan, a frequent contributor of late, submits this solution for tackling reverse geocoding
Company Profile: Crime Prevention Analysis Lab
In what will be a continuing series, MP2K profiles a company actively developing a vertical-market application using MapPoint.

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Earlier this year, MSDN launched a MapPoint section which includes programming tips and a variety of information useful

MapPoint users. Recent articles include an article on the mif/shape importer, an ActiveX control example, and a download for the MapPoint default pushpins. You can see it at .


Mike Mattys of Databases, Etc. ( ) is the winner of our first contest, Embedding With Word. He reports: "MapPoint received and very happy." You can download and view his winning submission here:

The present contest is outlined at There are lots of ways to enter, but the December 1st deadline is approaching fast! Stay tuned for an upcoming Screenshot contest and many more opportunities to win free stuff.

Finally, we are encouraged by the hundreds of new MP2K Update subscribers since Jon and I started re-launching the site.. our success is dependent on your involvement. Feel free to forward to any MapPoint users who might be interested...

Eric Frost
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