New at MP2K Magazine, 1/7/2002

Dear MP2K Magazine Reader,

I hope you've all had a wonderful Holiday season. It's been a few weeks since our last update, and the start of a fresh new year.. wishing you all a successful and prosperous one.

This week's contents:
    - a summary of recent articles and news
    - screenshot contest
    - a plethora of new utilities

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Fomatting Coordinates with DmsFormat
DmsFormat is a powerful routine that can format coordinates in thousands of ways, using a format string. This article describes how to use it, and provides the source code as well.
Linking to Weather Data From MapPoint
Chris Gebhardt shows how to link to web-based geographical data from within MapPoint
MapPoint 2002 For Dummies
Pre-orders are being taken for MapPoint 2002 For Dummies. It is expected to ship in less than two weeks.

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The screenshot contest continues. Thus far we have had two submissions, the latest from Jeroen van den Belt shows the distribution of Chess Server users over the past three months:, the other submission was from Gilles Kohl and shows the countries participating in the adoption of the Euro:

For information on the contest and creating screenshots see this article:


There's been quite a few new utilities recently.
Chun-Li Pu recently released version 1.3.3 of the popular Advanced GPS for Microsoft MapPoint.
This was contributed by Gilles Kohl. It iterates over all pushpins in a set you can specify by name ("My Pushpins" by default), and writes their names and coordinates to an ASCII file. See the Readme.txt file for more information.
This is the Spatial Data Import DLL plus the modifications that originally appeared at and exports drawing objects to MapInfo mif/mid format. Now for the first time, a DLL has been compiled for non-programmers to download directly.

Eric Frost
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