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MP2K is pleased to welcome B.J. Holtgrewe, co-author of the book MapPoint 2002 For Dummies, who will be joining us for a chat session tonight at 4:30 PM Pacific, details below.

We would like to congratulate the winners of the recent screenshot contest.. Gilles Kohl sent in a winning map showing the details of the recent European currency conversion, and Joe Francica submitted several nice maps showing things such as tornado severity, traffic counts, and population growth.. Those maps and others can be viewed in the gallery:

This week's contents:
   - a summary of recent articles and news
   - mappoint contest
   - tip of the week: mp2kmag chat

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MSN MapPoint and the MapPoint .NET Beta,
As you may have seen, MSN MapPoint and MapPoint .NET were announced in a big way this past month. This is being positioned as a competitor to the well-known MapQuest on-line mapping service.

Quick Review - Safe Software Feature Manipulation Engine for MapPoint 2002
Directions Magazine takes a look at Safe Software's recently added function to its Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) that has the ability to integrate a variety of geographic features with Microsoft's MapPoint 2002.

MapPoint Geography Challenged By Indian Group
An Indian activist group is developing a petition to change the representation of an area currently designated as disputed.

Company Profile: Info Touch
In our continuing series, MP2K profiles a company actively developing a vertical-market solution using MapPoint

Tech Ed Productivity Awards
The MapPoint Team asked us to tell you about the upcoming Tech Ed Business Productivity Awards, MapPoint as an Office product is of course eligible and they are hoping to see a MapPoint solution featured, there are many categories.

MapPoint 2002 For Dummies
MP2K is now selling MapPoint 2002 For Dummies, the only print documentation for MapPoint in existence.

Directions Magazine recently updated and added new features to the popular Company Directory. It's now even easier to find valuable company and product information--all in one place. The GIS Company Directory is the most complete directory of its kind on the web. Take a look,


Do you know someone who might be interested in using or developing with MapPoint or MapPoint .NET? Forward them this newsletter.. All new subscribers between now and March 15th are eligible to be awarded a free full copy of MapPoint 2002.


MP2K Magazine will be hosting a one hour chat session tonight and is pleased to welcome B.J. Holtgrewe, co-author of MapPoint 2002 For Dummies.. The session will start at 4:30 P.M. Pacific time (7:30 P.M. EST). The session is planned to be moderated and questions should be addressed to

Our chat service is available at See you there and bring questions!

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