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New at MP2K Magazine - 6/20/2003
Lots of new MapPoint news to report.. a couple things to point out: I'd encourage anyone to try out the free trial of FlyteTrax II, just because it's pretty cool. I'm familiar with the service, I played around with it a year or two ago. It allows you to see real-time flight information in and out of airports, and now the information is super-imposed on MapPoint maps delivered via the MapPoint web service.

Secondly, for the first time that I'm aware of a mainstream GIS software company, Manifold, has integrated their wares with MapPoint to some extent and is touting it to their users in a product update. Of course there's been Map-In-A-Box from Mapping Solutions for MapInfo and now recently ArcGIS, but Map-In-A-Box has not been promoted by either MapInfo or ESRI. Manifold has a history of touting their use of Microsoft development technologies as one of their competitive advantages, it is not surprising they should be the first to start to integrate their product with a Microsoft geography product.

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In this issue we are featuring a technique from
Fernando Velasquez to make pushpins immoveable, a recurring question from developers in the forums.

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Pushpin Tool

Working with pushpins in MapPoint? Get the MapPoint 2002 Pushpin Tool for just $75. The latest features include the ability to export lat/lon coordinates of pushpins to Excel and advanced find Pushpin functionality. Read more and purchase the tool here or go directly to paypal.


Making Pushpin Locations Immoveable
Fernando Velasquez shares a solution for preventing a user from moving pushpins on a map.
Fixed Pushpin

Improving On The MapPoint Geocoding Algorithm

Rainer Barthels shares a method for getting better geocodes in MapPoint than the built-in routine by using the return values from FindAddressResults.

MapPoint Web Services and the Smarter Web
The web service version of MapPoint is one of many new technologies being incorporated into today's "High-IQ" web sites.

Universal Alphanumeric Postal Code Proposed
With backing from Microsoft Corp., a Toronto company's dream of a universal addressing system is taking a step closer to reality.

Microsoft’s Kashmir Map Prompts Online Confrontation
From the Daily Times: "Certain Indian extremists in the United States have launched a campaign to protest against an alleged error in India’s map published in the Microsoft MapPoint 2002 software."


FlyteComm Announces FlyteTrax II
The next generation browser-based flight tracking and weather display system from Flytecomm utilitzes Microsoft's MapPoint technology and offers nine detailed map options that continuously update aircraft position and flight status.
FlyteTrax II

Manifold 5.5 Update Includes Support for MapPoint 2002
If Microsoft MapPoint is installed on the same computer as Manifold System, Manifold can use the MapPoint geocoding engine to provide geocoding services to Manifold.

Outtask Integrates MapPoint Web Service
By integrating maps, driving directions, distance calculators and proximity searching capabilities, Cliqbook simplifies logistics for global travelers preparing for their next business trip.

Map-In-A-Box for ESRI ArcGIS Users
Map-In-A-Box offers cost-effective street data, geocoding and drive-time creation for ESRI ArcGIS users.

SEDONA Corporation Releases Intarsia V4.1
Intarsia v4.1, a CRM application, features built-in analytical capabilities as well as support for Microsoft's SQL Server database and Microsoft's MapPoint office mapping and data visualization application platform.

Mobile GPS Online Releases GPSTrackP
Mobile GPS Online recently released GPSTrackP, a vehicle tracking and management system that combines the low-cost passive data transfer of traditional tachograph-based systems with the tracking capability of GSM-based real-time tracking systems.

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