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FlyteComm Announces FlyteTrax II

The next generation browser-based flight tracking and weather display system from Flytecomm utilitzes Microsoft's MapPoint technology and offers nine detailed map options that continuously update aircraft position and flight status.

"It is exciting to see FlyteComm build real-world solutions that demonstrate the power and ease of integration of XML Web Services in general, and Microsoft's MapPoint Web Service in particular," says Rik Temmink, MapPoint Group Business Development Manager. "Instead of spending their resources on acquiring map data and running hard-to-manage and expensive Geographic Information Systems, FlyteComm chose to focus its efforts on its core domain expertise and rely on Microsoft's hosted XML Web service for maps and other location content."

Read the full press release here.

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MapPoint C# Sample Code and Examples

MPDemo is a program written by Wilfried Mestdagh that shows you how to use the most important API features using C#.

Using this application you can check out what you want to do and step with the debugger through it to see the code.

The code is written using separate classes in separate files as much as possible. Events are used at the places where a GUI update is needed.

You will get lifetime free upgrades of the source, even if the price will raise in future. Note that you must have Microsoft .NET version 2 installed to run the executable.

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