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New at MP2K Magazine - July, 2003
There have beens lots of questions and buzz in the forum regarding MapPoint 2004 and different release dates have been tossed around, here is the latest we have heard:

In my understanding, some months ago the MapPoint team had been unofficially targeting August. As of today in fact, some major on-line retailers list August 4th as the availability date. Sources now tell us the product is scheduled to be released in mid-September. You can't blame the retailers - we talked to a major distributor just last week who estimated that they expect to ship before the end of July.

What should you believe? I think if the product was going to become available next week or the one thereafter (Aug. 4th) you would have heard a lot more from Microsoft about it before now, I think the mid-September date is probably correct.

In other news, a reader spotted some openings in the MapPoint Team on Microsoft's Careers site. Go to for more information.

In this issue we are featuring an exclusive interview with Rik Temmink who until recently managed the MapPoint marketing team and now manages the MapPoint business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Pushpin Tool

Working with pushpins in MapPoint? Get the MapPoint 2002 Pushpin Tool for just $75. The latest features include the ability to export lat/lon coordinates of pushpins to Excel and advanced find Pushpin functionality. Read more and purchase the tool here or go directly to paypal.


Interview with Rik Temmink
MP2K Magazine recently conducted an in-depth interview with Rik Temmink. Rik managed the MapPoint marketing team from early 2001 until January of this year, and now manages the MapPoint business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

MP2Kmag: A lot has changed since we first made contact around the time MapPoint 2002 shipped in April 2001. What are the most memorable developments from your perspective?

RT: You’re right; the world of MapPoint looks quite different now compared to two years ago. First of all, the release of MapPoint 2002 with its extensive programming interfaces and more powerful functionality elevated the product to a new level. The MapPoint 2002 desktop application business has grown and is now several times larger than it was in 2001 and there’s no sign of a slow-down.

Read the full interview, only on MP2K Magazine.
Rik Temmink

GIS Grows More Accessible
"Microsoft Corp.'s MapPoint Web Service is an XML/Simple Object Access Protocol programmable system that allows developers to add location-based services to enterprise-class applications. Hosted by Microsoft, MapPoint Web Service could be used to enhance applications such as CRM."


MapPoint Apps in Web Mapping Contest
MapPoint Web Services applications took 1st and 2nd place in the Miscellaneous category in Direction Magazine's recent Web Mapping Contest. One of the applications uses the Lunar data that was recently added to MapPoint Web Services and the other is a personal locator using a mobile phone for input. Both applications were prepared by Microsoft employees.
Where is Steve?

2002 U.S. Estimates Data has been Released by the US Census
Free data for the state, county and incorporated places can be downloaded, with a demo copy of "PCensus for MapPoint" from Tetrad.

MapPoint 2004 Release Schedule
There was some discussion recently in the forum regarding the upcoming release of MapPoint 2004. One reader spotted an "Estimated Delivery Date" of September, 2003 for the availability of the MapPoint 2004 North American and European maps on Microsoft's Volume Licensing site.
  MapPoint 2004

MapPoint Reads Data from TracWise GPS Datalogger
There is a new GPS system that has extensive data logging functions called TracWise I. The unit is mainly intended for commercial and fleet vehicles and trucks, but it might also be useful in other fields.

Florida Community College at Jacksonville Teaches MapPoint
Beginning Aug. 2, FCCJ will offer "Introduction to Mapping Business Information," a training course for Microsoft MapPoint 2002.

Panorama Software Extends Business Intelligence Capabilities
Panorama Software recently announced the company is enhancing the business intelligence capabilities of Microsoft Office System by integrating Panorama's advanced analytics into Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, providing users with up-to-date, dynamic views of vital business information, which they use to make the best decisions that produce the best results. 

Mobile GPS Online Releases Laptop NavStar Version 2.8.0
Mobile GPS Online releases GPS NavStar version 2.8.0. This new release improved the vice alerts of driving guidance and can repeat several times at different distance to the turn point.

MapPoint ActiveX Wrapper for Delphi 5/7
GK Consulting recently released version 2 of their VCL component for Delphi 5 & 7. It is a wrapper component for the ActiveX that ships with MapPoint, allowing it to work under Delphi and exposing many of the more useful properties and methods. 

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Eric Frost
Editor and Publisher of MP2K Magazine

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