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New at MP2K Magazine - 12/19/2003
We at MP2K Magazine wish all of you a safe and happy holidays, and a prosperous new year.

In this issue we highlight several new Gallery items, a tip from Michael Mattys regarding custom pushpins, and an excerpt from the MP2Kmag Guide to What's New in MapPoint 2004.

MapPoint 2004

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MapPoint 2004 Guide

What people are saying about the MP2Kmag Guide to MapPoint 2004:

"I think this is great!"
"I found the guide to be well written, clear, concise and very informative."
"This is great stuff!"

"Looks good.  I especially liked the coverage comparisons between MP02 and MP04."
"This is pretty amazing stuff.."

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Updated Street and Points of Interest Data
This excerpt from the first edition of MP2Kmag's Guide to What's New in MapPoint 2004 highlights the new data in the North American version

One of the MapPoint product’s interesting features is that it combines the street and other cartographic layers of a couple of the premiere digital street data providers, using the respective provider in the areas where each is most accurate. Navtech, located here in Chicago, constructed their database using a nationwide fleet of vans equipped with GPS units making their street data the most precise and appropriate for vehicle routing applications. To make the requisite number of miles driven manageable, Navtech concentrated on major urban areas and highways. Their coverage of small towns and rural areas such as township and county roads is somewhat lacking and inferior to GDT’s coverage which aims to have 100% coverage of the U.S.

Each release, the MapPoint teams make a “cut”, merging the two data sources together using GIS tools including proprietary algorithms. In my examination and observation, MapPoint 2004 appears to be much better cut than MapPoint 2002. Below are some examples where MapPoint 2002 had some problems in the coverage which are fixed in MapPoint 2004.

Read the full article, only on MP2K Magazine.

Updated Street and POI Data

TIP: Bitmap Editor for Custom Pushpins
From Michael Mattys of Mattys Consulting, "Here's a great bitmap editor written in Assembler. It has plug-ins to save as icons and other features. Also, don't forget that Irfanview has the ability to save your bitmaps as icons using your context menu in Windows Explorer. It will even ask if there is a color you'd like to be transparent before it saves."

Radius Drawing Demonstration Around Charlotte, North Carolina
This is a demonstration of the radius drawing capability of MapPoint 2004. MapPoint also has the capability of drawing drivetime zones showing the area within which a person could travel within a specified period of time.

Radius Drawing

OSGB Grid Accuracy in MapPoint 2004
The screenshots on this page illustrate how MapPoint 2004 improves the accuracy of OSGB grid reference locations. MapPoint 2002 had some known issues with OSGB coordinates.

The first picture depicts the OSGB grid coordinate "SH 73490 52410" in MapPoint 2002. The coordinate should be precisely at the intersection of A470 and Church Lane. The following image shows the same location plotted in MapPoint 2004.

OSGB Grid Accuracy

New Zealand Lord of the Rings Map
I was curious in what part of New Zealand the Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot, so I started mapping locations -- it is all over the islands.

My geographical knowledge not being all that it could be, I was also curious where New Zealand is located in relation to Australia (I knew it was east, but for some reason was thinking northeast-ish).

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Pushpin Tool

Working with pushpins in MapPoint? Get the MapPoint 2002 Pushpin Tool for just $75. The latest features include the ability to export lat/lon coordinates of pushpins to Excel and advanced find Pushpin functionality. Read more and purchase the tool here or go directly to paypal.


Based on the Web Services Management Framework (WSMF) specification CA created in conjunction with IBM, Tcherevik said WSDM automatically discovers, tests and monitors J2EE- and .NET-based Web services, sending real-time alerts in case of a problem.

Microsoft to Pull MapPoint 2002 Off MSDN
On December 15, Microsoft will retire a range of legacy products from its MSDN Subscriber Downloads service, which the company designed to provide developer subscribers with access to its latest technologies and products.

Steve Lombardi Discusses the Highlights of MapPoint 2004
"The basemap, demographic, and point-of-interest data in the product is all new. A mapping tool is only as good as the data that ships with it. MapPoint 2004 includes the latest data available from our data suppliers. We've also added consumer profile data, ideal for market analysis where understanding buying patterns and consumer behavior is needed."

Steve Lombardi

Hypercubed Announces Coordinate Exchange 0.6
Enhancements include better turn-by-turn route data extraction, the ability to import MapInfo data points, and improved GPS communication

GPS NavStar Version 3.0.0 Released
Mobile GPS Online announced the release of GPS NavStar version 3.0.0. GPS NavStar is an advanced GPS vehicle navigation system which uses MapPoint 

SwissCom Launches 'HotSpot Locator' with MapPoint
Building on the .NET application server and development platform, Swisscom recently introduced its HotSpot Locator, an application that quickly finds the nearest public wireless LAN hotspot and displays its location using the MapPoint Web Service. 

SARS Application To Be Extended With MapPoint
The Best In Show Enterprise application at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans is being extended with Microsoft MapPoint, to provide enhanced geographic reporting.

MapLinX Pro Advanced Query Tools Now Available
Linxoft Solutions Inc., creator of MapLinX Pro, a MapPoint Add-in tool for interactive query management and visualization of enterprise data from different data sources, recently announced the release of the software for commerical use.

Microsoft MapPoint Web Service Notice
A notification was recently sent out to MapPoint web service customers regarding an enhancement to their load balancing system. "Microsoft is in the process of enhancing the load balancing system for the MapPoint Web Service. For most of you, this change will be transparent. However, if you store the MapPoint Web Service IP addresses in your system’s firewalls—or those of your hosting company—you will need to update your firewalls as described below."
MapPoint Web Service

MSN Premium Service for Broadband
MSN's recently announced premium service for broadband subscribers will feature MapPoint traffic reports. Beta testing is slated to begin next week with thousands of customers. 

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Eric Frost
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