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 Friday, February 27, 2004
What's New at MP2K Magazine 
We are happy to introduce a new look for the newsletter with this issue and we've also begun redesigning the site - rather than having a fixed width the layout will now expand with your screen size. Many additional improvements are planned on the site in the coming weeks including a new matching look for the forum.

In this issue, the primary focus is the new version of the MapPoint Web Service. A brief synopsis of the new features is followed by an editorial. Also included is an article outlining the steps to obtain an evaluation account, set up your computer with the right software, and run the Core Functionality samples both on your local computer and an ASP.NET web server.

Rounding out this issue, Leon Schell shares a previously unknown and undocumented method for obtaining the time zone in MapPoint 2004, very cool.

I hope you enjoy the new look and changes on the site, feel free to share this newsletter with friends and colleagues.

Eric Frost
Editor, MP2K Magazine
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What's New in MapPoint Web Service 3.5MapPoint Web Service

The latest incarnation of the MapPoint Web Service starts bringing South America into the fold with the inclusion of data for major cities in Brazil. This is now the third continent on which Microsoft is offering MapPoint. MapPoint desktop will users will probably see this new South American data incorporated into either MapPoint North America or MapPoint Europe rather than a third version being introduced at least for the time being until there is enough South American data for a stand-alone version.

As the MapPoint Web Service data is updated more often and contains more current data than the desktop version of MapPoint, the web service in turn slowly catches up to the desktop product in terms of functionality. In this version, find along route or Find Near Route functionality is added to the Find API, allowing developers to incorporate this into their MapPoint Web Service applications. One example I saw shows wi-fi spots within 10 miles of a cross-country interstate highway trip. Also, the number of locations returned by Find Nearby has been increased from 250 to 500 and the maximum radius for proximity searches has doubled to 100 miles.

Two new image formats, PNG and WBMB, are now supported natively aiding developers targeting Smartphone and Pocket PC's.

The Customer Service Site has been given a make-over. I don't have enough experience with it to give an adequate review of what's better, but certainly allowing automated, scheduled uploads of custom POI data rather than manual, interactive uploads has obvious appeal. A sample application demonstrating its use is included in the SDK.


MapPoint Web Service for All
by Eric Frost, February 27, 2004

Since the introduction of the MapPoint Web Service a couple years ago, I've seen several requests in various forums about how MSDN subscribers get the MapPoint Web Service. An MSDN subscription, as you may know, entitles the owner to obtain copies of Microsoft operating systems and business and productivity software. At the highest levels of the subscription (enterprise or universal?) virtually all Microsoft software products (including MapPoint 2004) are included in the subscription except Microsoft consumer software.

So a seemingly valid question to ask, and one many MSDN subscribers have asked, is where do I "download" the MapPoint Web Service or gain access to it? Of course the distribution model for web services is quite different from traditional methods of software distribution, and the MSDN method of distribution (monthly DVD shipments and online download access) is not applicable to a web service in which credentials are tightly guarded and monitored.

Up until now, MSDN subscribers are in the same boat as the rest of us, if they want to explore and learn how to use the MapPoint web service, they need to sign up for a 45-day evaluation account.

As web services as a software medium evolve, at some point Microsoft will have to make known how web services fit into the MSDN scheme of things, should MSDN subscribers be given any special rights or priveleges?

MP2Kmag has heard that one option that has been considered is to give MSDN subscribers 1-year, limited transaction accounts to the service, with possibly no commercial/non-commercial restrictions on its use. Whether or not it will happen or how the logistics might be handled, I do not know, but it would certainly make the technology much more accessible and enticing to Joe-developer.

Certainly it would be a smart move on Microsoft's part (assuming the engineers are ready for the load and the marginal costs are low) and it could do a lot to change the competitive landscape for mapping web services. Microsoft has always fostered a close relationship with the mainstream programmer, many of whom will not be aware of MapQuest's Enterprise Solutions or for that matter even heard of ESRI. In many shops the MapPoint Web Service may be the de facto - first and only - mapping service considered for such solutions.

In any case, it does look like the coming years will see an explosion in the use of location technology and Microsoft's thrust with the MapPoint Web Service seems to be with mobile devices (e.g. phones, Connected Car). I look forward to seeing what nifty mobile location-based services are brought to market this decade. Microsoft's moves with regard to MSDN and making the MapPoint Web Service more accessible to mainstream programmers may factor into how quickly they are developed.


Investigating the MapPoint Web Service 3.5 SDKMapPoint Web Service
by Eric Frost February 27, 2004

We take a look at getting started with the MapPoint Web Service including how to obtain an evaluation account, set up your computer with the right software, and run the Core Functionality samples both on your local computer and an ASP.NET web server.

"I started playing the the MapPoint Web Service SDK this month for what is now the third time in the couple of years that the MapPoint Web Service (originally known as MapPoint .NET) has been available.

"The marketing effort and support behind the MapPoint Web Service has only seemed to increase over the years unlike the MapPoint desktop product, and the sustained push by Microsoft gives the impression this is a product that will only increase in importance."

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Determining the Time Zone in MapPointMapPoint Time Zones

by Leon Schell, February 21, 2004

"A question that gets asked every once in a while is whether it's possible to display time zones in MapPoint. Using and experimenting with articles from John Washenberger and Gilles Kohl I have come up with the following solution.

"One way to get to the time zone information is to loop through POI's in a way described by John. Basically, you first determine the area you want to examine and then loop through that area using a longitudinal (east to west) loop nested within a latitudinal (south to north) loop. In the code example below, I will try to get the time zone information for Portugal, Spain and France, using latitudes ranging from 36 to 44 degrees N and longitudes ranging from 10 degrees W to 4 degrees E. Since looping through all POI's can be time consuming, I decided to include only major airports - I think it is fair to presume that every country or state you want to map at least has one major airport."

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MapPoint Location Server
Some information regarding the soon to be announced MapPoint Location Server product recently appeared in the MapPoint Web Service FAQ.

2004 - The Year Web Services Go Mainstream
From Directions Magazine - "If the last few years could be characterized as the maturation period for spatial databases, 2004 may well be recognized as the year that web services, supported by the underlying spatial databases, caught fire."

MapPoint MatchMaker Release 1.0 is Now Available
Allows users a way to compute the relative distances and drive times for multiple addresses simultaneously... sort of like "batch" file processing program for distances, with the source & destination distances stored in Excel spreadsheets.

Get the Austrian Toll in MapPoint 2004
"We have now checked our 'SpedSoft Austrian Toll' against the real invoices sent from Austria for traveling on their roads and it works all the way."

Wireless Industry Leaders Partner to Drive New Revenues
At 3GSM World Congress 2004, Microsoft announced a series of developments in its work with wireless industry partners to deliver new business value to customers via world-class software and popular services.

Zipcar Driven by MapPoint Web Service
From ADTmag - "Zipcar is not a Microsoft shop, he explained. Its servers run Linux with open-source middleware. Still, Russell said his search for map software led him to select MapPoint."

Sir Bill and His Dragons
From the Economist - "Having survived a gruelling battle with America's trustbusters, Microsoft now faces a showdown in Europe. Meanwhile, another battle looms on the horizon."

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