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Tuesday - November 1, 2012
MapPoint 2013 North America and Europe Now Available
MapPoint 2013Welcome to another issue of the MP2Kmag Update. Hope your Fall Season is going well! Both versions of MapPoint 2013 are now available - MapPoint 2013 North America and MapPoint 2013 Europe. MapPoint 2013 sports a new, slick set of black and white buttons in the toolbar among more enhancements. See below for more details.

Included in this issue are two new articles published since our last newsletter, including an article showing how to bring dynamic maps into an Excel dashboard interface by automating MapPoint and pasting in map images triggered by some event such as a drop-down in Excel.

MP2K Magazine is your source for independent news and information about MapPoint and other Microsoft mapping technologies and we also host the popular web forum for MapPoint users and developers (

This Issue's Contents at a Glance
- MapPoint 2013 Enhancements
- Recent Forum Highlights and Recent Mapping & Technology News
- U.S. State Identification Game Using MapPoint & Excel
- Get Published in MP2K Magazine
- Excel MapPoint Sample Excel Application - Automating MapPoint and Pasting Map Images into Excel
- Map Accuracy in Bing Maps App, MapPointsing Import

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Eric Frost, Editor
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Microsoft MapPoint 2013 European maps provides detailed street-level maps and address-search capability for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In addition, MapPoint European edition provide some street-level coverage, but does not support address find, for Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Monaco, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Vatican City. More details.

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MapPoint 2013Features

MapPoint 2013 Enhancements

The first thing MapPoint users will notice upon upgrading to MapPoint 2013, is the new “metro” style UI and buttons. In working with users in classroom settings and over the phone, I find it much cleaner and easier to describe the buttons and people to find them. In retrospect, the color on the old buttons added visual clutter. Going forward, this is a big improvement in the toolbars.

MapPoint 2013 North America adds 150 thousand miles of new roads vs. MapPoint 2011 and the number of POI’s (business, restaurants, public transit stations, etc.) has increased by 30% to 2.5 million. I don’t yet have metrics compiled for MapPoint 2013 Europe, but it should be notable that the DVD image has increased from 2.5 GB to 3.5 GB. So, I’m not entirely sure what’s been added, but there’s an entire GB of new data in MapPoint 2013 Europe. We’ll post more details here as we learn more.

Pushpin NamesThe last big enhancement in my view is the ability to show “Name only” in the balloons. In past releases, MapPoint has gradually added the ability to Show/Hide datasets, then Show/Hide Balloons, but the last piece that was missing in my view was the ability to just show the Name in the balloon without the multi-line balloon popup.

Anything I missed or have questions about the new features in MapPoint 2013 (both versions)? Please post here. I will also be posting information in this thread about what’s in that new 1 GB of data in MapPoint 2013 Europe as I find out.

Recent Forum Highlights

Windows 8Here are some higlights from MapForums over the last few months. If you are not familiar with it, MapForums is an active community of MapPoint and other mapping software developers and users. If you are heavy or even occasional user of MapPoint and other mapping software, it would be worth your time to Introduce Yourself and post your nagging questions, share solutions, and get connected with others in your industry or using MapPoint in similar ways.
Have a MapPoint Question or have Mapping or Technology News to share? Register for free and then post in the appropriate forum section:

MapPoint Desktop, Bing Maps, Articles, News & Announcements, MapPoint Consultants & Companies, MapPoint Add-ins, General Chat & Introductions, MapForums Downloads, MapForums Store
MapPoint Game
State Identification Game Using MapPoint 2013 Now Available for Download

We have built a new game using MapPoint 2013 and Excel. During the course of the game, the program zooms to ten different U.S. states and given a choice of three answers, asks you to identify the state. The game turns off all labels from the map, thus making it a challenge to identify the state based on the shape of the outline, surrounding state, and other features.

How well can you do on your first try? You might find it harder than you think!

We will be discussing all of the code used to set up and put together the game in the coming month. For now, we invite you to download the game and give us your feedback. What other nifty features or enhancements do you suggest we make to the game? A timer for instance? Also, are you interested in helping out to extend the program by contributing code? Let us know! The link to download and discussion area for this game are here.

Large MapPoint MugGet Published in MP2K Magazine

If you have a MapPoint presentation, neat programming technique, or would simply like to share the ways in which you are using MapPoint technology or any other ideas, contact us to discuss how we can turn your knowledge into an article and share your experience with the rest of the MapPoint community of users and developers.

Thanks to Marvin Hlavac for allowing us to use the picture on the right of his Maltese puppy eating from the MapPoint mug.
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Excel MapPoint Sample Excel Application - Automating MapPoint and Pasting Map Images into Excel

This article shows a relatively simply way to control MapPoint and paste map images into Excel based on some event or changes in Excel, bringing powerful mapping capability into Microsoft Excel Dashboards.

"I would posit that more than 50% of the work done with MapPoint also involves Excel in some capacity. To some degree, this is by necessity and design. MapPoint does not have it's own, built-in Table Viewer and Editor such as other mapping software like MapInfo Pro and ArcGIS."

"Also, MapPoint does not have it's own VBA scripting editor, thus necessitating anything else to make the COM calls. This could be as simple as interpreted Python scripts, or the latest .NET. In any case, that job (automating MapPoint) often falls to Excel's macro/VBA facility."

"This article came about in response to a request for help with MapPoint in the forum. Originally seeking to automate a MapPoint map embedded into Excel, we decided this would not be the ideal solution as the image that results in Excel and the embedded document is closed, often does not look good."

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Map Accuracy in Bing Maps App, MapPoint

This article is not meant to be an exhaustive exploration of mapping app accuracy, but purely some anecdotal observations that map errors exist all over the place.

"Given the press and discussions about the Apple's new mapping app in iOS 6 and Apple's CEO recommending people use Bing Maps among others, I, of course, fired up my Bing Maps app on a friend's iPhone 5 and started panning around my neighborhood."

"While the Bing Maps app is arguably the best and most mature iOS 6 mapping app right now, I still managed to immediately spot some errant labels: "Magnificent Mile" on Navy Pier, and "River East" on the Jardine Water Filtration Plant just to the north."

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Look forward to upcoming issues in which we focus on recent MapPoint and Bing Maps news and share forum highlights.

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