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Virtual Earth Video - 12/19/05
From MP2Kmag - "Learn how the MapPoint team contructed virtual earth in record time after getting the go ahead in this eye-opening video. As a special treat, see Steve Lombardi in a butterfly suit."

Getting Started with the Virtual Earth Map Control - 11/2/05
From MP2Kmag - "Eric shares a very bare-bones example of adding the Virtual Earth control to a web page leaving it to the reader who can hack away with Javascript and html to create a more fully-fledged implementation."

Making online connections the Microsoft way - 10/1/05
From The Seattle Times - "But unlike Google, Microsoft plans to encourage users to add content. Starting this fall, an avid hiker, for example, can post a layer on Virtual Earth showing the best trails. A parent could point out child-friendly restaurants in Bellevue. Future versions of Virtual Earth would allow users to post reviews of restaurants, parks and other locations..."

Microsoft's Maps Product May Not Reverse Drop in Market Share - 8/26/05
From Bloomberg - "To keep Microsoft's team ready for the 100-day deadline, Lawler introduced daily morning `scrum' meetings, named for the rugby huddles that determine who gets possession of the ball. Program manager Larry Wall, as `scrum master,' maintained a list of tasks in priority order: if it couldn't be done in 100 days, it was scrapped."

Microsoft launches GPS killer - 7/26/05
From - "Microsoft claims to have gathered the information using special cars that have trawled the country to map the exact location of Wi-Fi networks. The software giant has collected the unique identifier, known as the Media Access Control address, which is broadcast by every Wi-Fi network."

Microsoft takes on Google with Virtual Earth - 7/26/05
From Linux World Australia - "Google released Google Maps in February, a time when Law said Microsoft already was working on Virtual Earth as the result of an idea sent to what he called the 'world's coolest suggestion box.' He explained that every year at Microsoft, employees can suggest a product or an idea they think should be developed and have the opportunity to present it to Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates. "

Virtual Earth First Looks - 7/25/05
From webpronews - "Wow! Virtual Earth is impressive. I just went to the website, clicked on the 'Locate Me' button, told it to find me using my computer's IP address, and it did just that in less than three seconds."

Gates Takes On Google With MSN Virtual Earth - 7/25/05
From Forbes - "But the company founded by the world's richest man is not known for watching from the sidelines. Thus, on Sunday night, Microsoft launched a seminal version of MSN Virtual Earth, a service linking its Web search engine and its blog program."

Microsoft Debuts Street-Level Search - 7/25/05
From InternetNews - "Virtual Earth, offered free as part of MSN, integrates with the local features of MSN Search, MapPoint technologies and aerial imagery from TerraServer-USA and provides users with expansive search results, according to the software giant."

Mapping new battleground for Microsoft and Google - 7/25/05
From Turks.US - "There are similarities between the recently launched MSN Virtual Earth, and Google Maps in that they both offer street-map and satellite views of addresses and driving directions to get to them."

Virtual Earth enhances Microsoft's position on the Internet World map - 7/25/05
From - "According to Virtual Earth marketing director Tom Bailey, the results don’t give to the point accuracy but are located within a 250-meter radius of the location being searched for. Travelers to areas unknown to them can make use of the service to find nearby restaurants, businesses, schools and utility establishments."

Microsoft launches 'Virtual Earth' beta - 7/25/05
From ZDNet Australia - "In the next beta version of the tool, slated for release later this year, the company plans to add bird's-eye-view imagery depicting cities, landmarks and other sites at a 45-degree angle. The feature will rely on technology from Pictometry International."

MSN Virtual Earth Goes to Beta - 7/25/05
From Microsoft Watch - "MSN is planning to release a refreshed version of Virtual Earth every four months, company officials said. The next beta release of MSN Virtual Earth, due this fall, is set to incorporate oblique, or bird's-eye, imagery licensed from Pictometry International that will add cities, landmarks and points of interest to the product. The fall version also will add support for the Apple Macintosh platform, MSN officials said."

Microsoft Guns for Google - 7/25/05
From Macworld - "In a later release of the product expected to come out before the end of September, Microsoft also will add a 'bird's eye' view of locations that lets users view aerial images not only from directly above but also from an angle, so they not only see the tops of buildings but also view them from the side, said Mark Law, lead product manager for Virtual Earth. Google Maps does not have that capability today."

Microsoft Puts the Earth on Your Desk - 7/25/05
From BIOS - "The new Location Finder is a separate client-side application based on technology developed by Microsoft Research. It apparently operates seamlessly with MSN Virtual Earth and turns a regular Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, tablet or PC into a location-determining device without the addition of any separate hardware."

Microsoft's Virtual Earth latest to connect map and search - 7/25/05
From The Seattle Times - "This is the year that online maps and Web search come together. Microsoft is launching an early version of MSN Virtual Earth, a mapping service that closely ties to its Web search engine and its Web log program. The release, at 9 p.m. yesterday, is the company's answer to a mapping service from search-sector leader Google that debuted earlier this year."

Bill Gates Demos "Virtual Earth"
From MP2Kmag - "Today at “D” Conference in Carlsbad, CA, Microsoft founder Bill Gates presented his vision of MSN Virtual Earth, an exciting new component of Microsoft’s Search vision that gives consumers a deeply immersive search experience where they see what it’s like to be in a location and explore what they can do there."

World News: Software and search engine giants race to launch 3D maps
From Telematics Update - "While traditional 2D maps are already available online, Google and Microsoft are planning to introduce interactive 3D versions of city maps. Scheduled for release this summer, MSN Virtual Earth will let users view images 50 - 100 feet above the tops of buildings in many urban areas."

Digitizing the Planet: Google Earth vs MSN Virtual Earth vs MapQuest
From XML Journal - "Just as Google has created Google Earth, so Microsoft's MapPoint Business Unit has created MSN Virtual Earth project."

Google, Microsoft compete to offer navigable 3-D maps
From Detroit News - "A war of the virtual worlds is gearing up between search engine company Google Inc. and software maker Microsoft Corp., as the two tech rivals race to bring competing digital versions of planet Earth onto the World Wide Web."

Spot me standing there?
From Hindu Business Line - "MSN Virtual Earth, which is expected to be online during summer, will provide users 45-degree angle views of buildings and street maps, allowing them to explore a certain area of choice. Users will be able to get not just straight-down aerial images because of this feature."

Search Engines Move Toward Satellite Future
From Washington Post - "Microsoft and Google are trying to move satellite imagery on the Web beyond the gee-whiz-look-at-my-neighbor's-house stage into something more useful. They want to use this technology to make their local search services more helpful and useful, which in turn would enable them to sell more ads."

Microsoft vs Google heats up
From Addict 3D - "Bill Gates kept the heat on Google yesterday by lifting the skirts on MSN's new local search and mapping service. Gates demoed MSN Virtual Earth - a new local search service which will combine local search with maps and satellite pictures."

Microsoft Previews Geo-Mapping Service
From Herald & Review - "Seeking an edge on Google Inc. in localized online search, Microsoft Corp. previewed on Monday a layered, geo-mapping service featuring aerial photographs and satellite images that it promised for later this year."

MSN Gets into City Mapping
From Turks.US - "A new service called MSN VIrtual Earth is being launched to take on Google's dominance of local Business Searching. Previewed Monday, the service is Geo mapping featuring satellite imaging and ariel photography."

Microsoft to offer new search service based on satellite maps
From - "Microsoft Corporation is introducing a search service this summer providing access to users to satellite maps to obtain information of a selected area."

Earth to Virtual Earth
From - "Eventually, Bailey said, the service will be supported by sponsored listings provided by Overture Services, Yahoo's pay-per-click advertising service. Listings come from MSN search, and over time, Bailey said, the company will incorporate its MapPoint service that powers the "find the nearest location" services of corporations including Starbucks and Marriott."

MS Preps 'Virtual Earth' Mapping Service
From BetaNews - "Microsoft is firing a shot across Google's bow with a new service called MSN Virtual Earth. Virtual Earth overlays satellite imagery of local buildings and neighborhoods viewed at a 45-degree-angle onto its MapPoint maps and directions Web site."

Search Microsoft's Virtual Earth with pictures
From Interactive Investor - "MSN executives said they have an advertising sales team to reach out to local merchants, but they'll also be incorporating Yahoo's sponsored search listings into the MSN Earth service."

MSN's Virtual Earth To Provide Detailed Local Searches
From - "High-fidelity images captured by a fleet of small planes will be added to the service in the fall, said Stephen Lawler, general manager of Microsoft's MapPoint business. "You can really establish that what-is-it-like-there kind of feeling," Lawler said."

Gates unveils MSN Virtual Earth
From The Industry Standard - "Microsoft Corp.'s MSN division will add to its search engine in about two weeks a local search index for finding business directory listings, and later on will enhance this local index with MSN Virtual Earth, a new free service that will pinpoint places in maps and satellite images . MSN Virtual Earth was demonstrated for the first time on Monday."

Microsoft's Virtual Earth Offers New Look at Location Search
From NewsFactor - "Trying to keep pace with its competition's latest Internet technologies, Microsoft is offering a new look at location searches with the introduction of MSN Virtual Earth."

MSN's Virtual Earth To Provide Detailed Local Searches
From E-Commerce Times - "Seeking an edge on Google in localized online search, Microsoft previewed yesterday a layered, geo-mapping service featuring aerial photographs and satellite images that it promised for later this year. MSN Virtual Earth will offer detailed local search results that include actual glimpses of the pizza joints and coffee shops rather than just the rooftop views satellite images allow."

Gates Debuts 'Virtual Earth' Search Service
From - "Greg Sterling, an analyst at the Kelsey Group, told TechNewsWorld that MSN Virtual Earth is attempting to roll up what Google has done with Keyhole, what Yahoo has done with layered mapping, and what A9 has done with photos into one advertising-supported venue."

MSN VS. Google: Searching Earth
From WebProNews - "Bill Gates announced the launch of MSN's Virtual Earth mapping tool yesterday in a continuing effort to expand its MSN product line as part of the ongoing battle with Yahoo and Google to capture the search engine services market."

Microsoft Previews MSN Virtual Earth Geo-Mapping Service
From CIO Today - "Seeking an edge on Google in localized online search, Microsoft previewed a layered, geo-mapping service featuring aerial photographs and satellite images."

Microsoft Chairman Gates Rolls Out Mapping Service
From Forbes - "Stephen Lawler, general manager of Microsoft's MapPoint business, was quoted in The Associated Press as saying: "This is a game-changing kind of imagery for the Internet and for this kind of search experience we're trying to create.""

Microsoft to add aerial, satellite photos to search tool
From USA Today - "MSN Virtual Earth will offer detailed local search results that include actual glimpses of the pizza joints and coffee shops rather than just the rooftop views satellite images allow, the company said. It also will let people layer multiple searches — say grocery stores and dry cleaners — onto a single map."

Gates unveils MSN Virtual Earth
From PC Advisor - "Microsoft's MSN division will enhance its search engine in the next couple of weeks by adding a local search index for finding business directory listings. Later, the company will supplement this with MSN Virtual Earth, a free new service that will pinpoint places in maps and satellite images."

MSN Unveils Plans for Local Maps, Search, Ads
From - "Microsoft's plans for local reveal plenty of opportunities for advertisers and sponsors."

Microsoft vs Google heats up
From The Register - "Speaking at a conference in Carlsbad, California, Gates said Google would struggle as competition over search moved away from its interenet sweet spot to new technologies and new platforms."

Meet MSN Virtual Earth
From - "Although Yahoo! was the first to offer a comprehensive local search service in October 2004, Google Local has been running hard to catch up, says PC Pro. "MSN currently has no local search facility at all and as such is a glaring hole in its service."

Microsoft joins Rochester firm to offer online maps
From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle - "Microsoft has purchased a five-year license to Pictometry's library of unique aerial images, which are taken at 45-degree angles. Pictometry has images of 8 of the top 10 largest metro areas in the United States; the library covers an estimated 25 percent of the U.S. population."

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