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MP2K magazine has received hundreds of questions about the attributes, features, and marketing plans for MapPoint since the products inception.

MP2K is pleased to invite you to join our active community by posting and answering questions in these pages. If there are any un-answered questions below, please take a moment to read them and feel free to post answers and comments.

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Un-answered Questions:

Andrew Simpson - June 1, 2004
Is it possible to enumerate the address file for a town in vb? For instance, in Bedford i would like to get all the street names. Thanks
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agnes mumbua - January 28, 2004
i have some coordinates which i want to insert in a i dont know how to go about it.please help me to do my work easier than doing it manually.thanks in advance.
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Mohit Karnwal - January 26, 2004
I am trying to draw a polygon on a MAP by selecting 4 points and get the selected area. Also, i need to put in the functionality for zoom in and zoom out. I have to do this in VC++. Need a sample application if someone has done this stuff before. Thanx Mohit
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Loyd - January 14, 2004
I have MapPoint 2004 I need to do ethnic population comparisons between the 1990 and 2000 census - but MP2004 only has total population and total household data for 1990. How do I get the rest of the 1990 census data? I have considered purchasing an old copy of MP2000 which has the 1990 data - but the data might not be readable by MP2004. Any idea about how to get the 1990 data? Thanks
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paul - October 15, 2003
I can not import any excel files. Keeps coming up file in unexpected format. any help here. I tried making the file .csv still the same result
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joanna Noble - October 10, 2003
Hi there does the new version of Mappoint (2004) allow you to enter postcodes for Northern Ireland?
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