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MapPoint .NET V3 to be released soon

According to the MapPoint .NET newsgroup, the public release of MapPoint .NET version 3.0 is expected in the first week of November. After several requests in the past month, an exclusive preview of the feature list was finally made available to MP2KMag for our readers.

Microsoft writes, "MapPoint .NET, Microsofts platform for Location Based Services (LBS) and Location Based Business Intelligence is about to take a major step forward in early November with the release of version 3.0. Already the only Location platform in the industry able to meet the rigid uptime demands of Wireless Operators while still providing the rich feature set necessary to easily bring Location Intelligence to the Enterprise, MapPoint .NET V3 will raise the bar with new features and improvements, many of which are optimized for mobility. Reverse Geocoding, a map render style optimized for small devices, and construction information integrated into driving directions are all new for Version 3 and are good examples of features that are in demand by developers of mobile applications.

  • Reverse Geocoding - Given a Latitude/Longitude coordinate, you can now request additional information about that location including Street Address and other geographic entities such as County.
  • Small Map Style Among the 27 new styles introduced in 3.0, Small Map optimizes labeling and other map attributes for devices with limited screen real estate.
  • Construction information - Routes and directions now include construction incidents that could lead to closures or delays."

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Programming MapPoint in .NET

Chandu Thota's New Book from O'Reilly Press
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The first and only book in print on programming MapPoint technologies. The book includes sections on Microsoft MapPoint, the MapPoint Web Service, MapPoint Location Server, and Virtual Earth. The books is 354 pages chock full of programming examples and map screenshots. For example, the book spends 40 pages discussing in depth the various Data Map styles in Microsoft MapPoint, dissects the DisplayDataMap method in detail, and has a number of examples of importing data from various sources. There are over 100 pages on the MapPoint Web Service including sections on the Find, Route, and Render API's. Take your MapPoint programming to the next level!

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