New at MP2K Magazine, 6/17/2002

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In this issue: Microsoft's first commercial MapPoint .NET client, updated technology on MSN MapPoint, a couple new articles, new products, and a new Q/A forum on MP2K.

This week's contents:
   - a summary of recent articles and news
   - continuing contest: .mbd circus
   - the latest tip: google-ing the mappoint newsgroups

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New MapPoint Forum on MP2K
A replacement for our question and answer section has been developed and is now live. Explore and participate in our new discussion forum

Tracking P.F. Chang's in the Midwest
A popular Asian-themed restaurant has opened dozens of locations throughout the U.S. This article demonstrates a simple MapPoint/Access application showing P.F. Chang's locations in Illinois and Indiana

MapPoint Graticule COM Add-in
This article describes a Visual Basic 6 COM add-in for MapPoint 2002 that draws parallels and meridians at spacings of 15 degrees on any MapPoint .ptm map. Geographers commonly refer to this grid as a graticule

New GPS Add-in For MapPoint
Tom Thomas has released GPS Plus for MapPoint 2002, a custom GPS tracking tool that reads data from a GPS device and plots the data in MapPoint 2002

Magellan Ingenierie Announces TourSolver
This product was developed exclusively for Microsoft MapPoint 2002 in co-operation with Navigation Technologies

The First Commercial MapPoint .NET Customer
Dollar Rent A Car implemented MapPoint .NET to power the location finder on their website

MSN MapPoint Upgrades
The update adds support for European address matching, new map content (i.e. the same maps as MapPoint 2002, not 2001 as before), improved usability, route highlighting, turn by turn route maps, and more

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is a project marketplace for GIS professionals to post projects and bid for work. In it's first weeks, has attained a membership of over 1,000 GIS professionals. It has extensive resources to review RFPs and other projects, as well as links to statewide bid websites. is a complete source for information on worldwide GIS projects. Post your projects for FREE! Go to


We are assembling a feature on how to use MapPoint with Access and looking for submissions of simple tips, code examples, examples of solutions, and anything other news about integrating Access and MapPoint. Send submissions in MDB format to[AccessContest]. All submissions will be credited and one winner will be awarded a free full copy of MapPoint 2002. See a current article at for help in getting started.

The deadline for submissions is July 31st.


Google's acquisition of's discussion service and subsequent achievements in tracking down the most obscure sources of USENET archives has positioned themselves as the premiere search engine for newsgroups. The Microsoft.Public.Mappoint newsgroup has amassed thousands of posts since it launched in mid-1999 and discussions cover many common questions in depth, thanks to frequent contributors Gilles Kohl, Tinker, and many more. I personally find it an invaluable resource.

To use the service, go to, put "microsoft.public.mappoint" (without the quotes) in the newsgroup line ("Return only messages from the newsgroup") and fill in the keywords for your query at the top.

Finally, consider writing for us. A description of a recent solution or project you've worked on, an innovative code sample, a tutorial, anything is welcome and will be reviewed and edited for publication. Join the ranks of the MP2K Authors! We welcome Rich Born as the latest contributor.

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Eric Frost
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