New at MP2K Magazine, 10/25/2001

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This issue was delayed a few days so we could announce that Microsoft's Spatial Data Importer developer sample is now released! We had seen much buzz in the newsgroup about it's appearance in Microsoft's download center and Microsoft said to expect a press release and related article on MSDN today. Busy-ness in our personal lives has delayed some articles (a close friend's mother died), but of course we still plan to bring them out in the next update. In any case, you'll see them on the site first.

This week's contents:
    - a summary of recent articles and news
    - gallery section updated, a reader contest
    - tip of the week: the MapPoint newsgroup

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Microsoft's Much Anticipated Spatial Data Importer Is Released
A new section has been launched devoted to covering Microsoft's Spatial Data Importer. A free MapPoint 2002 license may be in store for you, read on.
Using a DSN-less connection to a SQL Server database to get data for maps
Whether you are building a COM add-in or using the MapPoint ActiveX Control, you may need to access SQL Server data. Here are some ideas on doing it efficiently and flexibly. [ed. note: We have already received feedback "Walt´s article is absolutely great - superb wowowowow !!!!!!!!!!!!!"]
Reverse geocoding, another method
Gilles Kohl submitted this update to his previous article on reverse geocoding

A word from Directions Magazine
We've updated and added new features to our popular Company Directory. It's now even easier to find valuable company and product information--all in one place. Our GIS Company Directory is the most complete directory of its kind on the web.  Take a look,


This section has recently been updated, we invite you to send in your screenshots and related material.  Two of the best new contributions will receive licenses of Free advanced screenshot software, stay tuned for the announcement.


The only place on the 'net better than MP2K for up-to-the-minute MapPoint news and information is the MapPoint newsgroup. A frequest contributor, Klaus Oberdalhoff, spotted the Spatial Data Importer on Microsoft's Download Center and informed the group within 24 hours after it was originally posted and over a week before Microsoft's official posting on MSDN.

There are at least two ways of getting to the newsgroup. First, try this link: news://  If you are on Windows and have a default news reader (probably Outlook Express) this should work for you. Also, there is a web-based  interface on MSDN:

Lastly, we would like to welcome the 48 new subscribers since our first mailing (this is the second), the MP2K Updates are now being archived on-line at, share with anyone you think might be interested. See you on the newsgroup!

Jonathan Frost
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