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 Friday, April 16, 2004
What's New at MP2K Magazine 
In last month's issue we spoke with Joe Francica about the upcoming Location Technology and Business Intelligence conference. The conference is now less than a month away. Included below are a set of links to find out more about the agenda, location, exhibitors, and travel information. By registering through MP2Kmag on this page you will receive $15 off the conference registration fee and receive a free large (actually huge) Seattle skyline / MapPoint coffee mug.

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A number of additional changes have been made to the MapPoint forums, the number of categories has been consolidated from more than eight to just six. The former "MapPoint Questions" forum is now "MapPoint Discussion" where you are invited to "Share general questions, solutions, news, discoveries, tips and inspired ideas!".

A brief forum statistics update: the community now numbers 1,124 registered users and there have been 6,525 posts. There were almost 100 new user registrations in the last month alone. The discussion forum is "open" in that you are not required to register for your convenience and you can also participate anonymously. We are presently looking for additional moderators for the forum, if you are already and active participant and think you would be a good candidate, drop us a note.

While not particularly newsworthy in the scheme of things, I would still like to thank MealService, meal scheduling software for Windows, for placing a link to us in response to our annoucement last month of the new link page. Already have a link to us or just placed one? Let us know and we'll place a link to you in return.

In this issue, we feature two new MapPoint Gallery maps and Chandu Thota takes a first look at the Microsoft MapPoint Location Server and demonstrates how to develop location-based applications and services using MapPoint Location Server and MapPoint Web Service. MapPoint News and the latest discussion forum topics complete this issue.

Eric Frost
Editor, MP2K Magazine
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MapLinX Pro is a full-fledged add-on query tool that is seamlessly integrated with MapPoint 2002/2004. This scalable solution is designed to meet the needs of any sized business, whether you are a single proprietary user or part of a large-scale global enterprise it can help you provide extensive business intelligence capabilities including the ability to geocode, query, map and analyze corporate information upon virtual maps with minimum effort. Learn more


New Gallery Maps and More
by Eric Frost, April 14, 2004

MapPoint ForumLocations of MP2Kmag Forum Participants

This gallery item shows the locations of the the last 50 people who registered in the MP2Kmag forum and reported a location. The map was created with this data and imported into MapPoint 2004 North America.

If you would be interested in playing with more of this data and would like an easier way of getting at it than copying and pasting all the information from the web site, let me know and I will prepare a spreadsheet for you with a single column. Your map or map series could be the next one to be featured in the map gallery.

Tax Days by StateNumber of Days Working to Pay U.S. Federal Income Taxes

Being as yesterday was Tax Day in the U.S. (today at press time), I decided to track down some tax data to map. What I came up with is some numbers showing the number of days per year taxpayers must work on average by state to fulfill their federal tax obligation. The data's source is the Tax Foundation.

Chandu Thota Blog

We happy to to have Chandu Thota's "MapTalk" blog on MP2Kmag though the magic of RSS publishing. Want to start your own start your own MapPoint Blog or syndicate your existing mapping-related blog to MP2Kmag? Drop me a line and let's set it up.
MapPoint 2004Clearance Moving Sale on MapPoint 2004 North America

For the next five days only until April 22nd, 2004. We are moving and would like to clear some stock of MapPoint 2004 North America full versions and are offering our remaining inventory for just $237.99, this is more than 20% off the full retail price. There will never be a more ideal time to pick up a copy. You must click here to take advantage of the special offer.

In North America and traveling to Europe or have a need for European maps? We have a limited number of AutoRoute 2004 for $47.99 each; to order click here. Free shipping to North America only.
Huge MapPoint MapsHuge Detailed Maps With MapPoint 2004

Michael Mattys of Mattys Consulting continues to explore ways to create huge map images with street-level detail using MapPoint 2004 (see John Washenberger's 2/20/03 article, "Discovering MapPoint Map Printing Capabilities"). The thumbnail image at the left shows Manhattan, NY at street-level. Download this zip file (1.5 MB) to see the full image.

Normally you can only print what is displayed on the screen (roughly 1 ft x 1 ft). With Michael's new method it is possible to print the entire area of Manhattan at 3.5 feet x 5 feet. While the tool for creating these maps is not for sale, Michael says he would be happy to do work for anyone who needs captures of a city at street level, the U.S., or a state.

MapPoint 2004/MLS Conspiracy Theory

If you follow the forum closely, you know there are some real gems and otherwise interesting posts appearing regularly, here's a new one:

"Microsoft's strategy seems to be very well thought out.
First Microsoft encourages fleet tracking companies to grow the market.
Second they add confusing language to the EULA which seems to restrict use for Tracking. (But they don't seem to enforce it. Hmmm, I wonder why?)
Third, they come out with a product that is directed right at business users, which is the core business of the fleet tracking companies.
Finally the coupe de grace, (this is my guess) Microsoft targets Fleet Tracking companies clients. (They even know who the MapPoint users are.) They starts enforcing the EULA and within 1-2 yrs, they are the only company left providing fleet tracking with MapPoint.
Ever feel like you've been taken?"

I can't comment with any authority, but I think this is a mis-characterization of Microsoft. From what I know, they would be very happy not to have the fleet tracking EULA restrictions, these were forced into the product by NAVTEQ. 

To get another view of the market, I asked Dave Ransier of GeoMicro, a MapPoint competitor, for his thoughts about Microsoft's strategy and if fleet companies were in fact moving away from MapPoint due to the EULA changes.

"Microsoft continues to define it's products by getting closer to the customer. Making it easier and easier for developers within IT departments to get everything from Microsoft, rather than going to a third party integrator. Fleet guys must find ways to add value beyond the basic GPS location.

How intentional or coincidental these events are, only Microsoft knows.

The MLS seems to be more of a warning to other companies thinking of entering the market. It copies features typically offered by carriers or other LBS platforms. It is not really a product announcement as a business strategy announcement. I do remember hearing it would be released last year. Even if the MLS was ready last year (to coincide with the MP 04 EULA changes), they had to delay the release because no carrier had a GPS network except for Nextel. (I think we can safely assume that Nextel told them they were not interested, that is why they bought Autodesk.) Surely having only one carrier in Canada on board for the launch has to be a major disappointment.

From what we have been hearing, Microsoft has been telling [fleet companies] not to worry about the EULA. There is not a lot of pressure to change immediately. The small guy is in a bind. They simply can not afford to redevelop. If Microsoft enforces the EULA they will disappear quickly. The larger companies have strategies at various stages to address this issue.

One point that I do have a strong opinion on is that Microsoft agreed to that EULA because they didn't have a major issue with it. They had over a year to solve that problem.  They could have paid a higher royalty to make it worthwhile for NAVTEQ, used TeleAtlas data or even bought a map vendor. They ultimately agreed to the EULA because it fit into their plans. Blaming NAVTEQ is simply a convenient excuse.

Conclusion: The conspiracy theory sounds nice. But it was probably more external factors that drove Microsoft to the current situation. They are trying to make the best out of it and do what they always do - get closer and closer to the end user and sell them more stuff. Not unexpected."

What do you think?

Upcoming in MP2Kmag

In the next couple months, we will be working on integrating the Authors page with the MP2Kmag forum. If you are a regular in the forums and would like to submit a bio for inclusion in the new Biography listings, let us know and we'll set it up. Also, send us a photo.

Articles in the works include a MapPoint 2004 COM add-in for rendering solar eclipse data in MapPoint a library for reading and writing to Microsoft geography binary file formats.

Site developments include a MapPoint Wiki and long-overdue FAQ as well as two new RSS feeds - one of the forum and another which will be a combination of all the other magazine content including new newsletters, articles, new map gallery items, and more.

Finally, keep an eye out for the first ever MP2Kmag Reader Survey. Many cool prizes will be given away and your responses will be very valuable to us in providing you with a highest quality resource for MapPoint technology. Please take the time to complete the survey when you see the announcement.


Programming MLSProgramming with Microsoft MapPoint Location Server, Version 1.0

Chandu Thota takes a first look at Microsoft MapPoint Location Server and demonstrates how to develop powerful location-based applications and services using MapPoint Location Server and MapPoint Web Service

"Location-based services are services that are provided to a user based on the user's real-time location. These services can range from a simple service, such as listing nearby restaurants, to more complex features, such as analyzing real-time traffic conditions and finding the least-congested route to a destination. For location-based services to work, a locatable device, such as a wireless mobile device, is usually necessary to identify the geographical location of the user. In essence, location-based services are all about identifying the best and nearest possible service based on where the user is, in real time.

"Developing location-based services conventionally is tedious and expensive because GPS hardware and software are required. But with the advent of Microsoft® MapPoint® Location Server, the need for expensive hardware and software to develop location-based services is history. Now you can develop powerful real-time, location-based service applications that target mobile devices such as Smartphones and Pocket PCs by using MapPoint Location Server and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework."

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MapPoint News

Pocket Streets for SmartPhoneMicrosoft Pocket Streets for Smartphone
From Geekzone – "Pocket Streets for Smartphone offers great map guide functionality right on your Smartphone. Locate addresses, intersections and points of interest or customize locations by inserting your own pushpins. Download maps of cities in the US, Canada and Western Europe from the Pocket Streets web site, or create your own maps using Microsoft desktop applications MapPoint, Streets & Trips or AutoRoute. Once your maps have been synced to your Smartphone you can access them when you need them most, when you are on the go."

Microsoft Launches MapPoint Location Server
From Software Development Times – "In an effort to increase enterprise adoption of its mapping technology, Microsoft Corp. announced last month MapPoint Location Server (MLS), an extension of the MapPoint Web Service the company debuted in April 2002 that enables developers to incorporate real-time location data from cell phones into applications.

Storm Source to Release GPS.NET for the PocketPC
StormSource Software has announced that it will be releasing its “GPS.NET” software for the PocketPC. GPS.NET is a component which assists software developers with writing GPS-enabled applications. The component, currently available for Visual Studio and Visual Studio.NET, boasts over 80 methods in 20 classes in a 100Kb assembly to perform virtually any GPS-related task, from calculating the distance to any point on Earth, to writing applications which require highly-precise positional measurements.

Software Review: Pocket Streets for MS Smartphone
From – "Pocket Streets has been available for Pocket PC for quite some time, but most MS Smarphone users have no prior experience with the Pocket PC platform."

Chandu Thota's BlogMap Goes Global
"I have been getting emails and comments that the BlogMap should really be global to support blogs from countries other than USA. Now you can submit rss/atom feeds from any country to my BlogMap."

MapPoint Developer Channel on DevX
Microsoft has launched a "Vendor Development Portal" on DevX. More information on DevX Vendor Development Portals can be found in the Advertising Info section of the DevX web site.

Symbian Falters in Battle With Microsoft
From the Register – "The battle between Nokia and Microsoft to dominate the mobile operating system was thrown into sharp relief this week as both upgraded their software platforms."

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Microsoft and Technology News

Steve BallmerMicrosoft's Midlife Crisis
From BusinessWeek – "Threats abound: Linux. European trustbusters. Key product delays. Can Gates & Co. restore growth? Would you invest your hard-earned dollars in a company like this? Its revenues soared an average of 36% through the 1990s, but now it's heading into miserly single-digit growth. It has long been a powerful engine fueled by major updates of its products, yet the next major one, an unprecedented five years in the making, isn't expected until 2006. The company hasn't made much headway in newer, promising markets. And its share price is stuck exactly where it was in mid-1998."

Microsoft's Innovation: 2004 and Beyond
From The Washington Post (registration required) – "We are really creating what I think is an "ecology" of intelligent computing devices that can make everyday objects much smarter and able to perform their functions. A lot of the advances on the cell phone front involve tying those devices into the broader computing environment -- the Internet, your PC, backend databases, your other devices."

Speech! Microsoft Launches New Server
From Software Development Times – "As anticipated, Microsoft Corp. launched Speech Server 2004 at the combined VSLive, Microsoft Mobile Developer Conference and Avios SpeechTEK events held here last month. Bill Gates demonstrated how Windows-based mobile devices can work with Speech Server 2004 and MapPoint Location Server to provide an integrated system for developing wireless applications."

Microsoft ResearchMicrosoft Research - The Company in 10 Years
From CNET TechNews – "We're focusing more on research than ever. We're building the technology that will enable computers to see, listen, speak and learn so people can interact with them as naturally as they interact with other people." -- Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect at Microsoft. In 2003, Microsoft spent over (all figures US) $4.6 billion on research and development. For a company that had revenues of $32.1 billion in the corresponding period, this is an impressive figure and to put in perspective, they spent $6.5 billion on sales and marketing during the same period. Clearly, R&D is important to the company.

GIS, Location Technology and Where they Fit in the IT Value Chain
From Directions Magazine – "GIS and location technology is not an industry. We are a technology sector. Writing in Geospatial Solutions Magazine last month, Frederic Corle, president of the Spatial Technologies Industry Association, continually referred to the “spatial technology industry.” If we continue to refer to ourselves like this, we'll remain a narrow segment of the IT marketplace. Spatial technology is comprised of a group of companies that sit within the value chain of the information technology (IT) infrastructure, just as databases and spreadsheets do."

McDonald's Chooses Wayport for New Wi-Fi
From Yahoo! News – "McDonald's Corp. has chosen Wayport Inc. to provide wireless Internet service in dining rooms and drive-through windows at several thousand of its U.S. restaurants. Wayport officials called it the biggest single deal yet to create wireless Internet "hot spots." They said the familiar golden arches will offer a reliable place for road-weary workers to download e-mail or surf the Internet.
An Executive Symposium About
Expanding the Role of Location Technology in Business

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
May 10-11, 2004

The Wharton School and Directions Magazine invite you to attend an executive symposium convened to discuss the applications of location technology and business intelligence. The conference will feature a single track with panelists from both industry and the technology community to focus on the competitive advantages afforded by location-based intelligence and geographic information.


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