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 Friday, May 21, 2004
What's New at MP2K Magazine 
Much of space in the last several issues covered the MapPoint Web Service and MapPoint Location Server. In this issue, in a sense we get back to our roots in focusing on MapPoint 2004 and we are delighted to report what is probably the most significant and coolest "hack" to be announced since 2001. That year MP2Kmag published Gilles Kohl's article on calculating the latitude / longitude of a pushin and (my favorite) an article from Walt Cygan on exporting drawing objects to MapInfo's mif/mid Interchange format.

This year - in this issue - we preview a GPSBabel library that James Sherring has been working on for reading and writing directly to Streets & Trips, AutoRoute, and MapPoint .ptm files. This will enable developers of other software to import and export directly to these format and many other things - for instance web developers could create .ptm files on-the-fly for clients to download. The possibilities are endless. If you are not a developer and this fails to excite you, don't worry there is more.

This month we also have an article from Greg Slayden of the MapPoint User Experience Team who writes on the various boundaries and codes in MapPoint 2004 for United States, Canada, and Europe. It's a very practical article for helping you understand the capaibilities of MapPoint and get the most out of the software. Finally, Mike Mueller shares his experiences working with MapPoint as a cost-effective platform for use in routing for emergency services as a volunteer firefighter.

Activity in the MapPoint forum has again set records for the month and there are now 1,200 registered users. Welcome Richard Marsden (aka winwaed) as a moderator.

Rounding out this issue is some information on changes to MapPoint Web Services and possible changes to MapPoint 2004 licensing, the latest MapPoint News and the past month's discussion forum topics. For the first time this month posts of "significance" are highlighted.

Eric Frost
Editor, MP2K Magazine
MapLinx Pro
MapLinX Pro: The Ultimate Database Tool
for Microsoft MapPoint!

MapLinX Pro is a full-fledged add-on query tool that is seamlessly integrated with MapPoint 2002/2004. This scalable solution is designed to meet the needs of any sized business, whether you are a single proprietary user or part of a large-scale global enterprise it can help you provide extensive business intelligence capabilities including the ability to geocode, query, map and analyze corporate information upon virtual maps with minimum effort.


SourceForge.netRead and Write Directly to MapPoint Binary Files

James Sherring has written a tool for reading and writing directly to .est (Street & Trips) .axe (AutoRoute) and .ptm (MapPoint) files.
st2gpx is a command line tool which converts both ways between MapPoint family files and GPX (an XML standard for GPS/mapping data). Conversions with other data formats are then possible using GPSBabel. st2gpx can read and write pushpins (including lat/lon for all pushpins), routes (stops but not turn-by-turn directions, read-only) and shape/text objects created using the drawing tools.
Possible uses of st2gpx include:
 - Import data from gps receivers into MapPoint/Streets&Trips/AutoRoute, such as waypoints and tracks,
 - Trace a road-trip route using drawing tools in Streets&Trips/AutoRoute and upload to your GPS receiver as a track (leave the laptop at home!),
 - Export pushpin data from Streets&Trips/AutoRoute (a feature normally only available in MapPoint),
 - Geocachers use st2gpx to import a set of geocache waypoints, create an optimised route between geocaches, and load that route to a GPS receiver,
 - Import/export shape data, e.g. import GIS data for buildings, geographic features,
 - Import pushpins with pushpin icons defined in the import file,
 - Import/export bulk data when the COM APIs are too slow (st2gpx is very efficient).

The st2gpx is somewhat constrained by the GPX XML file format, so James has also developed a C++ library libmappt for reading and writing the MapPoint family files directly. This library allows applications to access many more parts of the file structure such as creating text labels for free form shapes (this is not normally possible using the drawing tools in the MapPoint interface). James reports that an updated and much improved version of st2gpx based on libmappt will be released in the next few weeks.

MapPoint Licensing Changes

NWFusion reports that the MapPoint web service will start to become available under Volume Licensing terms: "... on June 1, Microsoft will add to its volume licensing price list MapPoint Web Services, an XML-based Web service that allows developers to integrate location-based services into applications" (though sources tell us they have the date wrong, the actual date is July 1st).

Also, we have heard rumors that Microsoft is weighing licensing changes for MapPoint 2004 including lowering the threshold for ISV agreements and possibly doing away with 10-pack PIP licensing. MP2Kmag hears that public announcements regarding changes may be made in 1-2 months.
MapPoint 2004MapPoint 2004 North America - Low Clearance Price

Our remaining inventory of MapPoint 2004 North America is now being offered for just $237.99, this is more than 20% off the full retail price. There will never be a more ideal time to pick up a copy. You must click here to take advantage of the special offer.

In North America and traveling to Europe or have a need for European maps? We have a limited number of copies of AutoRoute 2004 for $37.99 each; to order click here. Free shipping to North America only.

New Eastside Blue Cross-Blue Shield Tower
The New Eastside Feed
Windows Live Local


Greg SlaydenUsing Geographic Codes to Import Data into MapPoint 2004

Greg Slayden of Microsoft shows how to use standard geographic codes (FIPS, NUTS, ISO-3166, and Canadian SGC) to import data files into Microsoft MapPoint 2004

"One of the great strengths of Microsoft® MapPoint® 2004 is its capability to display your custom data on a map. Any data in which a row represents a piece of geography lends itself to map display. When custom data is displayed on a map it can provide users with insight that no table, chart, or graph can match.

"The MapPoint ImPORT 66,73,167,23,131,103">Utilizing MapPoint for Emergency Services

Mike Mueller of the Lannon Fire Department in Wisconsin discusses the opportunities and challenges in implementing MapPoint 2004 for a small village's volunteer fire department

"With much assistance from the MapPoint and Access help files and newsgroups, I learned how and added a lot to the form. Upon opening, it centers on a pushpin for the fire department. After pressing the search button, you can enter an address and it will add the 'target' pushpin and then recenter and zoom to the set. The next button added in the route for the quickest way there. I showed it to some of the officers and they were really liking this, but our department has a low budgeted (< $100k) and does not have the computer to do this. It took some time to think about how to overcome this, and while pondering this I expanded on the program to include more command buttons to route to the various hospitals.

"I had one of those Eureka moments, and I added in one simple button that eliminated the problems: a print button. Instead of sending to a laser or inkjet printer, it sends it to the fax printer. I could now sit at work, hear the call on my pager, and have the directions sitting on the fax machine at the fire departmnet waiting for the responders. Wow! would be an understatement of what this means."

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MapPoint News

Action EngineAction Engine Announces Application Support for Microsoft's MapPoint Location Server
Ron Jasper, EVP of marketing and business development for Action Engine said, "By supporting leading technologies like MapPoint Location Server and MapPoint Web Service, Action Engine is driving the industry and enabling wireless carriers to take full advantage of existing infrastructure and location technologies to rapidly deploy value-added, revenue-generating data applications and services to their mobile subscribers."

Small Businesses Fuel Economy With Help From Technology
"We're seeing that technology is leveling the playing field between small businesses and their larger competitors," said Cindy Bates, general manager of Small Business for the U.S. Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners Group at Microsoft. "Today more small businesses are realizing that technology can open new doors for them to compete more effectively and operate more efficiently in ways that were only available to larger companies a few years ago."

2004 North American Gaming Almanac
Research and Markets announced the addition of 2004 North American Gaming Almanac to their offering. The North American Gaming Almanac covers nearly 1,500 casinos, card rooms, racinos, horse tracks, dog tracks, and casino cruises in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. A map file is also included on the CD displaying all North American gaming properties geographically on a map. Different types of gaming properties are identified with color-coded icons. Property details can be viewed by clicking on each icon. The map file can be opened using Microsoft MapPoint software.

NMEATool to Draw TomTom/NMEA GPS Log in MapPoint
Grossman IT announced GITMapPointCreateTrack - a small tool to convert GPS logs in NMEA format (e.g. created with TomTom Navigator) to a track in Microsoft MapPoint version 2002 or higher. Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 is required and the tool is presently freeware.

Microsoft Announces Volume Licensing Changes
From CNET News - "Microsoft also said Wednesday that it has added two online services--MapPoint Web Services and Microsoft Office Live Meeting--to its July lineup of products available under volume licensing."

Microsoft Keen to Think Small
From Silicon - "Microsoft said it will partner with the US Small Business Administration to sponsor a set of programs and a show, dubbed Microsoft Across America, designed to make technology more accessible to small businesses. The show will travel across the nation and attempt to better inform small businesses about Microsoft's products, including its Office Small Business Edition 2003, MapPoint, Retail Management System and Windows Small Business Server 2003 applications."

Review of the Plenary Sessions at the Location Technology & Business Intelligence Executive Symposium
From Directions Magazine - "Shaun McMullin, field service technology specialist for DHL/Airborne Express and J. Patrick Moore of Integral GIS talked about using Microsoft’s MapPoint to develop a relatively inexpensive routing system fairly quickly – Directions readers will learn more about their next steps as the two plan to provide an update article in late June."

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Microsoft and Technology News

Webby AwardsMap24 Wins Webby Award for Technical Achievement
Internet mapping technology fans will appreciate, winner of this year's Webby Award for technical achievement. The Webby Awards are considered the “Oscars of the Internet“ and winners in recent years have included the likes of Google, and Microsoft. The site appears to stream vector data to a lightweight client in the browser.

These last two stories require subscriptions, but for what it's worth, I would recommend both publications. The WSJ article includes quotes from both MapInfo and ESRI and discusses exactly the type of service now being offered with the MapPoint Location Server.

A Kinder, Gentler Microsoft?
From The Economist (subscription required) – "Microsoft is not only settling law suits, but turning companies that it has not even offended into new allies. On May 3rd, it announced a huge cross-licensing agreement with Siemens, a German electronics giant, that will give the two companies access to many of each other's patents. This week it announced another cross-licensing deal, this time with SAP, the leading provider of high-end business software."

GPS Tracking UseOn the Road Again, But Now the Boss Is Sitting Beside You
From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) – "Developed in the 1970s for military use, GPS relies on a cluster of satellites orbiting 12,500 miles above Earth. The satellites emit coded signals, which a ground-based receiver can pick up to triangulate its own position. GPS trackers remained expensive niche products through much of the 1990s largely because they were difficult to use and it was expensive to relay location data from a moving truck back to a company's home base. Now, thanks to the spread of cheap cellular-phone service, the devices can send the information as easily as a commuter can make a call from the road."
Pushpin Tool
Working with pushpins in MapPoint? Get the MapPoint 2002/2004 Pushpin Tool for just $75. The latest features include the ability to export lat/lon coordinates of pushpins to Excel and advanced find Pushpin functionality. Read more and purchase the tool here or go directly to paypal.

Affordable volume licensing now available for organizations wishing to distribute the Pushpin Tool to 5, 10, 20, or 50 or more users.


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