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Eric Frost
Company MP2K Magazine
Email website(AT)
Eric is Editor and Publisher of MP2K Magazine and is a part-time student in University of Chicago's evening MBA program. Eric recently finished the MP2Kmag Guide What's New in MapPoint 2004.

The Texas Bluebird Society Uses MapPoint to Split up and Prioritize a Mailing List January 17, 2013
Developing the State Identification Game January 8, 2013
Setting up the State Identification Game January 7, 2013
Automating MapPoint and Pasting Map Images into Excel - Part 1 of 2 October 17, 2012
MP2Kmag Talks with Fresh Logic Studios March 27, 2006
Getting Started with the Virtual Earth Map Control August 2, 2005
Investigating the MapPoint Web Service 3.5 SDK February 27, 2004
Updated Street and POI Data December 7, 2003
Automating MapPoint with Perl September 8, 2003
Creating a Grid Over Iraq In MapPoint March 24, 2003
Map-In-A-Box Puts MapPoint Maps Into MapInfo October 1, 2002
Tracking P.F. Chang’s in the Midwest June 11, 2002
Automating MapPoint with the .NET SDK May 8, 2002
10 Second Tutorial: Screenshots! December 7, 2001

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